Best free trial VPN service

Users are registering in droves to utilize virtual private networks (VPNs). There are several options, so it may be beneficial to test a few free VPNs to choose which one you like.

Our suggestions take the following variables into account:

  • Service reliability and speed.
  • Strong encryption and the absence of logs.
  • Numerous server sites globally.
  • Capacity to safely access platforms such as Netflix while traveling.

VPN with the best free trial


NordVPN is our top-rated VPN provider overall. It outperforms all competitors in our performance tests, has a comprehensive set of security protections, and does not keep logs. While it does not provide a free trial, you may essentially test it for free by signing up and then requesting a refund via the money-back guarantee. This also means that if you’re just getting started with the service, you won’t be restricted by server choices or bandwidth restrictions.

By default, NordVPN employs 256-bit encryption with complete forward secrecy, as well as a kill switch and anti-IP address leak security. The kill switch will cause your internet connection to terminate if your VPN connection is lost for whatever reason, therefore preserving your data.

NordVPN provides safe access to numerous Netflix libraries, as well as a plethora of other websites, like BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and Hulu. It maintains a massive network of over 5,000 servers in several countries, which ensures that you’ll have lots of possibilities.

NordVPN is headquartered in Panama, which exempts firms from bulk data retention rules. However, this would be irrelevant given that NordVPN retains no records of user data at all. This provider accepts Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

What about unrestricted VPN access?

There are certain VPNs available online that do not require you to sign up with a credit card. They’re not difficult to locate and, theoretically, seem to be free to use. Our suggestion is to avoid such fraudsters since they will inundate you with intrusive advertising and will implant tracking cookies to harvest your surfing data.

If you opt to use one of these free VPN services, you face a significant chance of getting malware and experiencing a crowded and inconvenient surfing experience. There is a limited selection of servers, and download speed and connection stability are far from guaranteed.

What became to NordVPN’s free trial period?

As of 2019, NordVPN no longer provides a free trial of their service. However, you can still sign up and benefit from the money-back guarantee.

NordVPN claims to have withdrawn its free trial offer in response to misuse. Numerous respected VPN providers have followed suit, substituting money-back promises with free trials. This prohibits criminals from signing up for a VPN service without providing payment information and utilizing it to disseminate malware, spam, and phishing emails anonymously.

Why would you want to utilize a VPN?

The internet was conceived as a project with the goal of eroding information boundaries and bringing the globe closer together via vastly improved connections. These idealistic values are under danger from a trend toward repression and a campaign against net neutrality.

Utilizing a VPN significantly mitigates these dangers. Your private information is not for sale to the highest bidder—a characteristic that helps search engines and social networks make billions in advertising income—and government agencies or hackers cannot eavesdrop on what you do online.

And it’s obvious that netizens are taking notice. VPN use is increasing rapidly around the globe, with estimates indicating that 16% of US adults use the program to surf the web. Adoption rates are considerably higher in other regions of the world: 41% of internet users in Indonesia, 39% in Thailand, and 36% in Turkey use VPN software.

Government limitations on content and access to social media networks, however, do not always deter users from checking in. Such individuals just use VPNs to maintain a comprehensive experience. Edward Snowden and Wikileaks’ troubling discoveries have pushed the subject of online privacy and security into the mainstream, with people gradually realizing that the internet’s core freedoms are in grave danger.

Free trial VPN FAQs

Are free VPN services secure?

Be cautious of any VPN that claims to be “free.” There are many VPNs that do not charge a fee and often earn money in other ways. They may monitor your online activities and sell the information to marketers, insert advertisements into your web browser, or deliver malware payloads. They often lack the degree of security and privacy provided by premium VPNs.

Is it possible to watch Netflix using a free trial VPN?

It is VPN-dependent. Certain free trials may not offer customers full access to the server network of a VPN service. Trial users may not be able to access Netflix because servers capable of safely accessing Netflix may be unavailable to them. Certain VPNs are completely incompatible with Netflix.

We suggest a VPN that provides fully functional trials that provide all users with equal access to their networks.

How can I terminate a free trial VPN?

It is VPN-dependent. Generally, you may access the VPN website using the same credentials that were used to create the account. Somewhere in your account settings, there should be a link to cancel. If not, you may need to contact customer care through a message or email.

How long will my free trial VPN period last?

In an ideal world, you’d assess the program over a period of at least 1-3 days of surfing to see if it meets your requirements. Is the VPN unreliable during busy hours? Is it difficult to connect to servers located nearby? Is the connection regularly lost?

If the trial lasts just a few hours, it’s almost impossible to have an understanding of these diverse elements.

Is a credit card required for VPN free trials?

The finest trials are ones that simply require an email address and no additional commitment from the user. However, not every VPN service is that kind. At the same time, individuals may be hesitant to just hand out sensitive information. If a free trial is offered without conditions, it is typically an indication that the corporation is confident in the product’s ability to live up to expectations.

If you do decide to provide your credit card information, be careful not to read the small print. Most will immediately charge your card after your trial period ends. Therefore, if you are dissatisfied and neglect to cancel, you have squandered a few bucks for no reason.

Are VPN trials restricted in any way?

Certain free trial programs restrict certain features, such as bandwidth limits, and give far fewer server options. That is essentially self-defeating—if you are dissatisfied with the software’s speed and connection during the trial period, why would you purchase it? Seek those who provide a pure version straight up front.

The last thing you want is to be surprised. Your credit card was charged because of your rampant torrent downloads during the free trial period. Otherwise, your free trial plan is limited to two hours rather than two days due to data constraints. Before you sign up, ensure that you understand what you’re getting yourself into. It’s likely that your amiable VPN provider slipped, with some severe consequences for minor offenses. They’ll be mentioned—generally at the bottom, tucked away in some legalese—so don’t disregard them, or skim over them.

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