Best VPN for Bilibili so you can watch outside of China

Are you seeking a way to legally view Bilibili in another country? In this article, we’ll demonstrate how to stream live and on-demand content from Bilibili, one of China’s most popular video-sharing websites. Additionally, we’ll discuss how to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to circumvent regional limitations and watch securely from any location around the globe, as well as the best VPN to use.

When you connect to the internet, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may observe which websites you visit and make informed guesses about your actions based on your traffic analysis. However, when you use a VPN, your network communication is encrypted and rendered unreadable. This not only improves your online security but also makes it more difficult for ISPs to justify connection throttling. Additionally, VPNs allow users to circumvent geo-blocking by connecting to servers located around the globe. This implies that regardless of your location, you’ll be able to access region-specific streaming services.

However, each VPN service is somewhat different. For instance, some may place a premium on high-speed connections, while others may place a premium on strong security features. There is no such thing as too much research when it comes to internet safety. To identify the best VPN for Bilibili, we searched for the following features:

  • Capable of unblocking a variety of popular streaming services.
  • High-speed connections and a huge server network are available.
  • Utilize both strong encryption and additional security mechanisms.
  • Maintains as little data as possible, preferably none.

How to watch Bilibili from abroad using a VPN

It’s simple to protect your streaming and unblock geo-restricted streaming sites, even if you’ve never used a VPN before. Simply follow the instructions outlined below.

  • Join the VPN mentioned below (we recommend using NordVPN).
  • Install the VPN software, ensuring that the version you download is compatible with your device’s operating system.
  • Establish a connection to a server at the specified location. Since Bilibili’s content is not geo-restricted, you may select the server closest to you for the lowest latency.
  • Consider loading a video. You should have no trouble streaming content.


While NordVPN only has servers in several countries, they are numerous (currently just over 5,000). The service is fast enough to view live HD content from sites like Bilibili without significant buffering, and it has great unblocking capabilities. NordVPN can unblock Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and, through its Chinese servers, Youku.

Additionally, this service includes a range of additional capabilities that enable you to customize your security configuration. There are 256-bit encryptions, dual VPN and Tor over VPN support, DNS and IPv6 leak prevention, and a program-specific kill switch. This VPN allows bitcoin payments and does not record any information that might be used to identify you, allowing you to stay anonymous during the enrollment process.

NordVPN offers clients for Mac OS X, iOS, Windows, and Android. On Linux computers and certain wireless routers, this VPN may be manually deployed.

Is it possible to watch Bilibili using a free VPN?

While free VPNs claim to offer the same level of protection as their premium counterparts, the reality can’t be further apart. Almost always, free services struggle to keep up with user demand, resulting in network slowdowns, intermittent connections, and laggy video. Additionally, some have implemented monthly data limitations, rendering them unreliable as a long-term method of streaming television. As more platforms tighten their geo-restriction policies, free VPNs are gradually becoming ineffective at unblocking region-locked content.

Because free VPNs do not charge their customers upfront, they have had to discover other revenue streams. The great majority of them put advertisements on websites you browse, but others go much further. They can develop a thorough consumer profile around your actions by storing tracking cookies on your device, which may later be sold to the highest bidder without your knowledge. Rather than keeping your actions private, this profit-driven strategy results in your information being shared with anybody willing to pay a sufficient fee.

Regrettably, the dangers do not stop there. According to a 2016 assessment of free Android VPN applications, several did not encrypt any user communication at all. Additionally, the survey discovered that over 104 (38%) of the 283 examined applications attempted to actively install malware on the user’s device. Even if you use a well-known provider, your security is not assured; we recently saw a large free VPN selling its customers’ bandwidth to help in the operation of a botnet.

To ensure the safety of yourself, your system, and your personal information, we recommend using a reputable VPN with a track record of protecting its customers’ privacy.

What distinguishes Bilibili from other websites?

The Bilibili service includes what are known as “barrage subtitles.” Rather than appearing in a window to the side of a video, comments are superimposed directly over the video. As you might expect, this complicates following the action during particularly exciting sections of a video, but it does contribute to developing a strong sense of community. Of course, if you find these subtitles distracting, you can always turn them off.

While Bilibili is completely free to use, you must register to leave comments or upload videos. Additionally, users can download mobile games such as Fate/Grand Order or purchase tickets to select live events such as concerts or exhibitions. It’s worth mentioning that, despite the site’s diverse collection of Japan-related content, you must pay in Chinese yuan. This might be perplexing because both currencies are denoted by the same symbol (¥).

What is available on Bilibili?

Bilibili is a massively popular video streaming and sharing website in China. It has an ever-growing collection of user-generated videos in every imaginable genre, as well as an equally diverse variety of live broadcasts. The following is a sampling of the video categories available on Bilibili:

  1. Art and music (including live paintings and performances)
  2. Gaming and eSports
  3. Daily vlogs
  4. Short films
  5. Anime and fan animation
  6. Tutorials
  7. Fashion
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