Best VPN service for Brazil

Want to maintain your privacy when traveling to or from Brazil and yet have access to streaming TV and movies from your home country? Brazil’s best VPN safeguards your privacy and enables you to access region-restricted internet content.

Whether you’re on vacation in Brazil or live there and want to go overseas, a VPN is an excellent investment.

A VPN enables safe access to content that is geographically restricted, such as streaming services and online banking. This implies that when traveling outside Brazil, you may watch Brazilian streaming channels such as Globoplay, Band, SBT, Record, Gazeta, Rede Brasil, Sling TV Brazil, and Netflix Brazil. Visitors visiting Brazil, on the other hand, may reclaim access to content from their home countries, including Netflix US, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and Amazon Prime Video.

Additionally, VPNs safeguard your privacy when traveling. Internet service providers and hackers operating in public Wi-Fi hotspots will be unable to track your activity.

Best VPN for Brazil

Our suggestion for the best Brazilian VPN was whittled down using the following criteria:

  • Provides server hosting in Brazil.
  • Can safely access geo-restricted content, such as Netflix, both within and outside Brazil.
  • Rapid transfer rates and dependable connections.
  • Encryption that is strong and backed up by extra security measures.
  • Maintains no personally identifiable records of user activities.


Our top suggestion for a Brazilian VPN is NordVPN. This Panama-based service focuses on anonymity and operates a network of over 5,000 servers in several locations, including more than 20 servers in Sao Paulo. The service’s lightning-fast speeds and ability to safely access information from major websites make it perfect for streaming. These include Netflix in the United States, Hulu, HBO, Amazon Prime, and GloboPlay, among others.

With 256-bit encryption, a kill switch, and DNS leak prevention, NordVPN meets or exceeds expectations regarding security. When using a VPN, no records are stored at all, not even of your internet use. The basic package allows for the simultaneous connection of multiple devices. With many rivals providing five or fewer, this is an attractive feature for families or individuals with many devices.

There are apps available for Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Linux, Android, and Amazon Fire TV.

How to use a Brazilian VPN

Utilizing a VPN is simple, regardless of whether you’re flying to Brazil or spending a vacation overseas. How to begin:

  1. Subscribe to the VPN mentioned above. NordVPN is our preferred provider.
  2. Download and install the VPN client for your smartphone from either the official app store for your device or the provider’s website.
  3. Launch the VPN application and log in.
  4. Choose a server. For example, if you wish to unblock GloboPlay, pick a server located in Brazil.
  5. Connect by clicking the Connect button. The connection will be complete in a few seconds.

That concludes our discussion! You now have enhanced protection and privacy, as well as the ability to unblock region-locked content from all around the globe!

The process behind our VPN testing: how we selected the best VPN for Brazil

Each VPN that we suggest is evaluated by PrivacyExplore reviewers based on real-world experience, professional analysis, and multiple empirical tests. Our mission is to provide the most thorough, accurate, and informative reviews available on the web. Regarding VPN for Brazil, we focus on the following:

  • Security and privacy: We scrutinize each VPN’s privacy policy, evaluate its encryption system, and test it for a variety of data breaches to guarantee that your data is never compromised.
  • Speed: We do speed tests and keep track of connection times to VPN servers located across the globe.
  • Streaming: We’ve conducted hundreds of in-house tests to determine whether VPNs are capable of consistently accessing popular streaming services such as Netflix.
  • Customer support: As a secret shopper, our reviewers call each VPN’s customer service to find out their response times and quality of response.
  • Ease of use: VPN applications should be simple to use regardless of your level of technical skill.
  • Servers in Brazil: The VPN we suggest has servers in Brazil, allowing you to access region-restricted content when traveling outside the country.
  • Privacy: We examine each VPN’s privacy policy and terms of service for any wording or omissions that might imply the gathering of personally identifiable information when using a VPN.
  • Value for money: We analyze the rates of top VPN providers, as well as their money-back guarantees and invoicing policies.

Our assessment does not end there. All of the above are part of our comprehensive VPN testing process.

Is it possible to use a free VPN in Brazil?

We’ve discussed several excellent paid services, but you’re sure to stumble across a slew of free options throughout your search. While these are undoubtedly enticing, there are often complications associated with free VPNs.

On the practical side of things, you may have to struggle with lengthy wait times, a restricted server network, and bandwidth limitations. While these instances are infuriating, they do not reflect the worst-case scenario.

Serious difficulties arise when free services compromise your privacy. Numerous providers allegedly engage in unethical business tactics with regard to their free services’ consumers. Certain websites monitor user behavior, activate tracking cookies, insert adverts into your web browser, and even include malware. The provider was discovered to be selling idle bandwidth from its free users to clients through a third-party firm.

Brazil VPN FAQs

How can I use a VPN in Brazil to access Netflix?

Netflix’s collection of programs varies per region.

Regardless of where you first created your Netflix account, if you are in Brazil, you will be immediately taken to the Netflix Brazil collection. That is, unless you are connected through a VPN. When you connect to a VPN, your connection is tunneled via a server located in the area of your choosing. This replaces your Brazilian IP address with one from the VPN server’s country of origin.

For instance, if you’re in Brazil and want to access your home Netflix collection, just connect to your VPN through a server in your home country. Similarly, if you are located outside of Brazil and want to access the Brazilian Netflix catalog, you may choose a Brazilian server.

Netflix is pushing back on VPN usage, making it more difficult to locate a VPN that works. Wherever specified, the provider in this article should be able to provide; nevertheless, you may need to contact customer service to determine which servers to use.

Why should I use a VPN in Brazil while using public wi-fi?

Any wireless network that does not need a password or other kind of authentication poses a security risk regardless of where you are in the globe, and Brazil is no exception. Hackers may hack these hotspots or create their own decoys to snoop on or even attack anybody who connects to them. A frequent ruse used by hackers is to create a bogus wifi hotspot, wait for users to join, and then steal their data.

If you’re going for a large tourism event, your concerns are likely amplified. In the run-up to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, the nation saw around 90,000 cyber intrusions during a 30-day period. As such, participants of the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio were cautioned against a repeat of the incident.

The most straightforward option is to use a VPN. The encryption used by the VPN prohibits hackers from reading or utilizing any data they intercept. Simply ensure that it remains connected during your wifi connection, since it only takes a few seconds for your information to be compromised.

How can I get optimal VPN performance?

Brazil’s internet speed has a less-than-stellar reputation, so you may immediately notice that things are a little sluggish. While the best VPNs should not significantly slow down your connection, there is a potential that certain servers may cause a lag. There are a few methods to prevent this.

To begin, selecting a server that is geographically near to you, if practicable, should help speed things up.

Certain providers give thorough information on their websites or inside their apps regarding which servers are operating at maximum capacity or are the quickest for your specific area.

Numerous VPNs have included modern protocols like Wireguard and Lightway, which have been shown to be much faster and more efficient than previous protocols such as OpenVPN and IKEv2. NordVPN, Surfshark, and ExpressVPN have all seen considerable speed improvements as a result of updated protocols.

If you continue to have performance difficulties, you can always contact your VPN customer service for assistance in locating the fastest servers.

What are the privacy laws in Brazil?

Brazil lacks comprehensive data protection legislation. Unlike in Europe, there are no regulations requiring ISPs to gather personal data about their customers. This is not to suggest that Brazilian citizens and tourists enjoy perfect privacy.

An ongoing WhatsApp battle has sparked worries about privacy and censorship across the nation. Although a brief restriction on the service in 2015 was swiftly lifted, the service was blocked numerous times afterwards.

Among the government’s other intrusions into privacy and censorship efforts are suggestions to mandate ISPs and select websites to use political filtering. Additionally, it has been recommended that infractions of website terms of service be penalized by up to two years in jail.

Additionally, the government wants judges to have the authority to compel the blocking of websites and services, as well as the authority for law enforcement to identify a user’s IP address without a court order. If these ideas are implemented, consumers will still be able to retain their privacy and evade censorship using a VPN.

Yes, it is absolutely legal to use a VPN in Brazil. You remain, however, accountable for any crimes committed while connected.

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