Best VPN service for Brunei

When traveling in Brunei, you may encounter a variety of difficulties. For example, geographic limitations may prevent you from accessing your preferred streaming platforms or online services. Fortunately, there is a simple method to circumvent these restrictions: connecting to a VPN server located in your own country.

This is because VPNs effectively mask your IP address and replace it with the IP address of the server you’re connected to. This implies that if your selected server is located in the United States, it will have an American IP address, allowing you to access US-only websites from anywhere in the world. Additionally, it’s worth noting that VPNs encrypt your data, rendering it unreadable to other parties. This is especially advantageous in Brunei, where the government monitors people’s internet use for “subversive” content.

Selecting a VPN does not have to be difficult. Rather than spending hours pouring through technical specs and attempting to determine if one service is superior to another, we suggest just testing a VPN that achieves a balance between speed, security, and unblocking ability. In this manner, you can be certain that it will be capable of handling most everyday situations. With this in mind, here is our top VPN for Brunei that has to satisfy the following criteria:

  • Provides access to a diverse array of servers located around the globe.
  • Is sufficiently quick to transmit live video with no discernible buffering.
  • Can assist you in safely accessing popular geo-restricted services when traveling.
  • With cutting-edge security measures, it keeps you secure from monitoring.
  • Maintains no records containing personally identifiable information.
  • Offers applications for all the main operating systems.

Best VPN for Brunei


NordVPN is an excellent option for travelers, regardless of whether they are in Brunei or elsewhere. It operates thousands of servers in several countries and integrates with a wide variety of streaming services, including Netflix, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime Video. Additionally, this is the fastest VPN we’ve tested, so you won’t experience latency, buffering, or inconsistent connections. Multiple concurrent connections are allowed per account.

Additionally, this business does not scrimp on security measures. It is equipped with an automated ad blocker and malware scanner, as well as a configurable kill switch, 256-bit encryption, and security against DNS, WebRTC, and IPv6 leaks. Additionally, there are obfuscated servers that provide an extra degree of security. NordVPN adheres to a strict no-log policy, making it an excellent choice for privacy-conscious users. Additionally, 24/7 assistance is available through email and live chat.

NordVPN supports the following operating systems: iOS, macOS, Android, Windows, and Linux. Alternatively, you may secure all of your devices simultaneously by installing it manually on compatible internet routers.

How to use a VPN to protect yourself online

It’s much simpler to remain anonymous online than you may believe. Simply follow these measures to safeguard your safety and personal information while in Brunei.

  1. Begin by registering for the VPN mentioned above (we recommend NordVPN).
  2. Install the VPN on any device that you regularly use. The majority of services enable you to connect multiple devices simultaneously, although this limit varies by provider.
  3. Log in and establish a VPN connection. To unlock geo-restricted content, you must use a server located in a particular country (for instance, a US server is needed for Sling TV).
  4. That’s all; you should now be able to browse freely without fear of being watched. If you have difficulties, switch to a new server or contact your VPN’s customer care staff for assistance.

Brunei VPN: FAQs

Are VPNs legal in Brunei?

VPNs are legal across the majority of the globe, including Brunei. This is welcome news since reliable reports (from the US State Department, no less) indicate that the government monitors private conversations in search of “subversive” subjects of discussion.

Is Brunei’s internet censored?

Brunei’s government severely restricts access to the internet, but its methods are uneven, and these prohibitions are often bypassed. For example, international news organizations are usually allowed, unless they have reported negatively on the Sultan. However, as a general rule, gambling services and pornographic websites are completely banned, as is the case in countries such as the UAE.

However, a much more pernicious issue is self-censorship. The state controls the primary broadcaster, and the Sultan’s family owns many of the biggest publications in the nation, making it very difficult to express oneself freely. Indeed, there may be serious repercussions for what would be considered small violations elsewhere in the world; individuals can face years in jail for criticizing the Sultan or publishing any “malicious” remark, even if they remove it shortly afterward.

Given the country’s extensive internet monitoring and harsh criminal consequences, we highly urge you to always utilize a VPN while in Brunei.

Why would I need a VPN while on vacation?

VPNs are beneficial for much more than unblocking your favorite streaming services when traveling. For example, you may utilize them to ensure your safety while using public WiFi networks (which are rarely as secure as they should be). Additionally, since your traffic is encrypted, the government, your employer, or anyone else monitoring the network cannot read it.

Additionally, you may fake your location using a VPN. This is advantageous for situations such as using your online banking service from a foreign country without accidentally activating automatic fraud-prevention measures. To log in without getting locked out, just connect to a server in your home country; this will alter your IP address to one that links to your home country, making it less likely that the bank will notice you’re traveling.

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