Best VPN service for Cyprus

It’s infuriating to run across limitations while attempting to access a certain website or online service. You’ve probably seen this when using a streaming service or a news website. Copyright and licensing are the most often cited reasons for geographic limitations. Fortunately, you may circumvent geoblocking by changing your IP address using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Indeed, we’ve identified the best VPN for Cyprus that enables you to do just that.

So, what is a virtual private network (VPN) and what does it do? A VPN, in its simplest form, is a service that establishes an encrypted tunnel between your device and the internet. As a result, you’re safeguarded from hackers, snoopers, and internet restrictions. Additionally, connecting to a VPN server gives you a new, temporary IP address. This enables anonymous online browsing and access to content that would otherwise be region-locked and inaccessible in Cyprus.

It’s important to evaluate your VPN requirements. Are you looking for a reliable method of unblocking geo-restricted websites and services? Perhaps you need high-speed streaming or very robust security and privacy safeguards. In any event, the VPN mentioned on this page has the following features:

  • Numerous servers located around the world, including Cyprus.
  • For streaming, lightning-fast speeds and a limitless amount of bandwidth are required.
  • Encrypt your files and include a kill switch.
  • Does not retain any records that may be used to identify you.
  • 24 hours of live chat and email support available.
  • Allows you to connect to at least five devices concurrently.

Best VPN for Cyprus


NordVPN offers several servers in Cyprus and a global network of more than 5,000 servers. Needless to say, this simplifies the process of gaining access to region-locked content. This VPN provides unrestricted bandwidth and does not throttle your connection. As a result, you may browse and watch uninterruptedly. Indeed, NordVPN unblocks a slew of content-blocking services, including Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Additionally, you’ll be able to protect multiple devices simultaneously via a single account.

Users have a plethora of server location options. They may, however, use specialized servers, such as those designed for P2P traffic, Double VPN, or Onion Over VPN. The last two choices provide an additional layer of protection. In terms of security, you can anticipate 256-bit AES encryption, DNS and IPv6 leak prevention, and a kill switch. Additionally, NordVPN adheres to a rigorous no-log policy.

NordVPN may be accessed through a desktop, mobile, or tablet application for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, or Android TV. Additionally, you may use Chrome and Firefox browser extensions. However, for usage with routers, a manual installation is needed.

How to use a virtual private network (VPN) in Cyprus

While VPNs may seem complex, you may be surprised to find that they are very simple to use. Indeed, here are some detailed directions on how to proceed:

  1. Join the VPN suggested in this article. We suggest NordVPN in particular.
  2. Download and then install the correct VPN for your device (or browser extension, if you want).
  3. Open the VPN app before connecting to a server in the country from which you want to unblock content.
  4. Navigate to the website or service to which you’re trying to gain access. The content should be unblocked at this point!
  5. Are you still encountering geoblocking? Clear out the cookies from your browser. Otherwise, contact the customer support team for your VPN.

Best VPN for Cyprus: FAQs

Why am I required to use a VPN in Cyprus?

If you live in Cyprus, you’re undoubtedly interested in obtaining a VPN to enable you to access geo-restricted content from outside. This might be a streaming service like Netflix or BBC iPlayer that verifies your location through your IP address. You might even be on vacation in Cyprus and want to use your internet banking account from afar. However, due to security concerns, your bank may flag foreign logins. By utilizing a VPN to alter your IP address and impersonate your location, you can circumvent such limitations.

Cyprus is classified as a free country by Freedom House, with a score of 94/100 in its Freedom in the World 2020 report. Indeed, the nation has no limitations on internet access. Despite this, you may want to use a VPN in Cyprus to protect your data. The best VPNs use advanced encryption, safeguard against data breaches, and do not retain identifying records. This is especially critical when connected to insecure public WiFi hotspots. In short, using a VPN in Cyprus enables you to access more content while maintaining increased online security.

Is it possible to use a free VPN in Cyprus?

To begin, it’s worth noting that the majority of free VPN services do not provide servers in Cyprus. Indeed, the typically free VPN has a much smaller server network than the top premium VPNs. This creates several complications. To begin, having a limited number of servers results in a greater user load on each of them. This results in decreased browsing and streaming speeds, as well as latency and buffering problems. Second, it results in fewer IP addresses, which may restrict the quantity of content that may be unblocked.

Another reason to avoid free VPNs is that they do not provide enough privacy protection. They lack critical security features like encryption and a kill switch. Some earn money by bombarding you with irrelevant and unsuitable advertisements, while others collect and sell your browser history. If you wish to surf the web anonymously in Cyprus and elsewhere, you should avoid free VPNs at all costs and instead go for a privacy-focused VPN service.

Which Cyprus television stations am I able to access using a VPN?

If you’re traveling outside of Cyprus, you may still watch Cyprus TV stations such as Alpha TV, ANT1, and RIK 1 from your home. Simply connect to a VPN server in Cyprus to get a Cypriot IP address. After that, you’ll be able to view television programs including Se Fonto KokkinoVourate Geitonoi, and Mi Archizeis Ti Mourmoura.

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