Best VPN service for Firestick and Amazon Fire TV

The Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick are excellent portable, plug-and-play devices that make streaming your favorite video content to your television simple. They provide on-demand access to hundreds of hours of video content from Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu, among others. Kodi enthusiasts also prefer the Android-based Fire TV operating system.

Regrettably, most of that content is geo-restricted, which means you can’t watch channels on the Firestick when traveling. Due to content licensing agreements, video libraries are restricted and local athletic events are blacked out due to exclusive broadcast rights. Users of Kodi who stream content from popular add-ons may need a method to conceal their behavior from their internet service provider.

All of these difficulties may be resolved by adding a VPN to your Firestick. A VPN service, short for a virtual private network, encrypts the Fire TV’s internet connection and passes it via an intermediate server in the user’s chosen region. This may be used to alter your IP address, and therefore your apparent location, to gain access to geo-restricted content in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, or anywhere else around the globe. Encryption significantly enhances your privacy and conceals your activities from prying ISPs.

Not all VPN providers provide Firestick applications. A separate set of instructions is available for setting up VPNs on Amazon Firestick and Fire TV devices.

Selection criteria for VPN services

To aid you in selecting an Amazon Fire TV VPN, we’ve distilled our best VPN for Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick into the following categories:

  • VPN client is accessible through the Fire TV app store or as an Android APK file for direct download (which makes installing much easier).
  • There are a few applications that will not degrade performance.
  • Rapid streaming and dependable performance.
  • Compatibility with all available Kodi add-ons.
  • Bonus points for safely accessing services such as Netflix and Hulu.

Best VPN for Amazon Firestick and Fire TV


NordVPN has launched an official Fire TV app, which is available directly from Amazon for the Firestick and Fire TV Cube. Simply search for NordVPN and it should come up as the top result.

NordVPN’s servers are geared towards ultra-fast streaming, and the Android app securely accesses US Netflix and Hulu. The service situated in Panama adheres to a real zero-logs policy and adheres to stringent security requirements. A single subscription provides multiple concurrent and very dependable connections. Additionally, the company’s website has tutorials for a variety of router firmware.

How to use a VPN on a Firestick

Setup is simple if your VPN provider makes its software accessible via the Amazon Fire TV app store. Simply register, download, install, sign in, and connect.

However, most VPNs do not have applications available on Amazon’s Fire TV app store. Installing a VPN from a third-party provider on an Amazon Firestick is not difficult, but it is a little tougher than installing one on a desktop, laptop, or smartphone. Since Fire TV lacks Google Play access, you’ll need to manually download the Android app’s APK file or sideload it from another Google Play-connected Android device. Our Amazon Fire TV VPN setup guide includes thorough instructions for numerous alternative options, as well as a Fire TV Kodi setup lesson.

It’s worth noting that the original Fire TV Stick is not compatible with VPN applications. If you’re using an earlier version, you’ll need to set up the VPN on your wireless network rather than on the device itself. Alternatively, you may use your Android smartphone to connect to the VPN and stream videos to your Firestick. All Fire TV and Fire TV Stick 2nd generation and later models should support VPN applications.

Controlling the Firestick mouse input

Certain VPN applications are incompatible with the Fire TV remote and require the use of at least one mouse. The obvious answer is to attach a Bluetooth mouse, which the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick support in their latest versions.

Another approach is to utilize Mouse Toggle, an iOS and Android application. The mouse toggle transforms your smartphone into a mouse for controlling your Fire TV. It costs $2.99, which is less than the cost of purchasing an actual mouse. To begin, you must enable ADB Debugging in the Fire TV’s settings. The software comes with instructions, and you can be up and running in just five minutes.

Watch our video guide to learn how to install and manage Android VPN software that is not accessible via Amazon’s Fire TV app store. This example demonstrates how to utilize NordVPN’s older apps:

Additional options to unblock geo-restricted content on Fire TV

Once your Fire TV is configured with a VPN, your newly allocated IP address should allow you to access the majority of regionally restricted content. Certain applications and streaming sources, on the other hand, may demand additional actions.

Modify the DNS settings on your Fire TV

Certain customers, especially those who utilize their Fire TV devices in conjunction with a VPN configured on a virtual or physical router, have had difficulties altering their location to access geo-restricted content. This might be because the Fire TV is transmitting DNS queries outside of the VPN tunnel.

The answer is to modify the DNS settings on your Fire TV. Consult your VPN provider to see if they have a DNS address that you can use. If not, we suggest contacting OpenNIC to get a DNS address for your preferred country.

You’ll need your WiFi router’s IP address. Typically, this is or

For your DNS address and router’s IP address at hand, follow the following steps:

  1. When you join your WiFi network for the first time (or if you are already connected, use the Forget Network option), click on Advanced in the menu where you input your WiFi password.
  2. Enter the IP address of your router but alter the last number. There may be anything between 2 and 255 that has not previously been given a value between 2 and 255. is an example.
  3. Enter your router’s IP address under “Gateway.”
  4. Enter 24 in the Network Prefix Length field.
  5. Enter your main and alternate DNS addresses under DNS1 and DNS2.
  6. Connect with a click.

On Fire TV, you may change your time zone.

To view geo-restricted content, your device’s timezone may need to be set to coincide with the country from where you’re streaming video.

How to change your time zone on a Fire TV is as follows:

  1. Scroll down to the Home menu and choose Settings.
  2. System > Time Zones.
  3. Select the Time Zone and then the appropriate country’s time zone.

Change the nation of your Amazon account

Certain types of content, such as Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Instant Video, may require you to switch your Amazon account to the United States of America or another country. To do this, go into your Amazon account using a web browser and follow these steps:

  1. To manage your content and devices, go to Your Account > Manage your content and devices.
  2. Navigate to the Settings tab.
  3. Click the Change button under Country options.
  4. Enter your United States of America mailing address. If you lack one, just Google the address of a hotel or something similar.
  5. Select Update.

FAQ about VPN for Firestick

Is Kodi compatible with my Firestick?

Yes! The Amazon Fire TV Stick is quite popular among Kodi users. Our instructions on how to install Kodi on a Fire TV Stick is available here.

How many Firesticks may be used concurrently?

There is no restriction on the number of Fire TV Sticks that may be purchased under a single Amazon account, but there is a limit to the number of devices that can stream simultaneously. Amazon Prime Video supports a maximum of two concurrent streams, regardless of whether they are on Fire TV Sticks or other devices.

Other streaming services impose their own limitations. Netflix, HBO, and Hulu, for example, all restrict users to one watch at a time on their basic subscriptions. However, you may watch Netflix on one Firestick, HBO on another, and Amazon Prime on a third.

Do you need a Firestick for each television?

Since Fire TV Sticks connect to the HDMI connection on your television, you will need one for each television in your home. They may, however, all be associated with the same account. Notably, some smart TVs come pre-loaded with Prime Video and other streaming applications.

Is it legal to use a VPN with a Firestick?

Yes, using a VPN on Fire TV is legal in all but a few places where VPNs are prohibited. Take note that using a VPN to circumvent geographic restrictions may violate the terms and conditions of a streaming service.

Which applications are the greatest for using on a Firestick for TV?

Here are some of our favorite Firestick applications and the regions in which they are available:

  • ExpressVPN (global)
  • Kodi (global)
  • Netflix (global, but video libraries vary by country)
  • BBC iPlayer (UK)
  • Hulu (USA)
  • HBO Max (USA)
  • Disney+ (USA)
  • Paramount+ (USA) 
  • Crunchyroll (global, but video libraries vary by country)
  • Cinema APK (global)
  • CatMouse APK (global)
  • Typhoon TV (global)
  • CyberFlix TV (global)
  • Stremio (global)
  • Spotify (global, but music libraries vary by country)
  • Crackle (USA)
  • CraveTV (Canada)
  • Sling TV – (USA)
  • FuboTV – (USA, Canada, Spain)
  • Pluto TV (24 countries)

Are there any VPNs that are completely free for Firestick?

Free VPNs often have data use restrictions, making them unsuitable for streaming. Additionally, security standards are often lax and speeds are subpar. We urge you to stay with premium VPNs. If you really want to avoid paying for a VPN, check out our list of free VPNs for Firestick.

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