Best VPN service for Hotstar Star Sports

If you attempt to access Star Sports through the internet from beyond the Indian subcontinent, you will be met with considerable resistance. You will be denied access to the service in Europe, and you will be required to pay again in America. Discover how to access your Star Sports subscription on Hotstar from any location.

Star Sports is a network of specialty sports channels operated by Star India, a 21st Century Fox subsidiary. The channels are distributed across the Indian subcontinent through satellite. India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Afghanistan, and the Maldives are the stations’ primary markets. The channels are also accessible through the Hotstar website.

To view Star Sports online, you must either be a satellite TV subscriber or purchase a Hotstar membership. Even if you pay to view it, you will not have global access to the service. You can only watch Star Sports on Hotstar if you live in one of the service’s home markets. As a result, if you are a subscriber, your access will end the moment you leave the country.

To watch Star Sports on Hotstar from locations such as the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom, or Germany, you must create the illusion that you are still in your native nation on the Indian subcontinent. A service called a VPN may make your device seem to be connected from a different location, therefore unblocking Hotstar from overseas.

Best VPN for Star Sports

A VPN connects your computer to the websites you browse, including the Hotstar website. Not all VPNs, however, are ideal for this purpose. You should narrow your search to a VPN that meets the following criteria:

  • Servers in India or another of Hotstar’s native countries.
  • Rapid video streaming speeds.
  • Simple to assemble and operate.
  • Provide dependable, consistent, and consistent service.
  • Security and privacy policies that are robust.

To meet these criteria, we’ve suggested the best VPN for Star Sports on Hotstar. Additionally, these services may provide access to a variety of additional geo-restricted websites from overseas.


NordVPN is an excellent solution for Indians who travel and want to enjoy entertainment from their homes. This VPN will give you access to Hotstar Star Sports channels as well as Netflix’s Indian video collection.

NordVPN connections are fast enough to broadcast video over the internet from India to anywhere else around the globe. NordVPN maintains 20+ servers in India. The corporation operates over 5,000 servers across several countries.

You may configure the service manually on your router to cover all devices in your household. A connection from your router to a VPN server counts as one of the service’s multiple concurrent connections. For Linux machines, you may set up the VPN manually. NordVPN develops VPN client software for Windows, Mac OS X, macOS, Android, and iOS. Additionally, you may use the browser extension on Chrome or Firefox. The browser extension tunnels just the traffic from your browser, allowing you to access Hotstar from overseas but leaving all other apps on your PC vulnerable.

NordVPN customer assistance is available through live chat. That desk, however, is not always staffed. At other times, you may submit a support request through the user area of the NordVPN website or send an email to the help desk.

When you subscribe to NordVPN, you get a money-back guarantee. This should provide you with the confidence to test the system risk-free.

Regional limits on Hotstar

Outside India, Star India restricts access to its content on the Hotstar website. This is because it only covers the cost of the rights to broadcast athletic events in certain nations. It makes no difference where the media servers are situated. Contracts for media rights are always negotiated with reference to the location of the video’s viewer, not the location of the video’s broadcast.

The firm is not deliberately being tough. It is required to restrict access to its movies to those residing in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Afghanistan, and the Maldives. If it does not, it may face a breach of contract lawsuit. These duties to restrict viewership also include the detection of VPNs. Thus, if you are not using a VPN, you will not only be unable to view sports on Hotstar, but you may also be unable to access them even with a VPN.

How to use a VPN to unblock Hotstar

VPNs circumvent Hotstar’s regional limitations by concealing its customers’ real whereabouts. Each device connected to the internet is assigned a unique identifier, called an IP address. Each address may be located using internet databases that catalog the locations of IP address ranges.

All that is required of the Hotstar media server is a check against one of those databases. When it gets a video request, it examines the originating IP address. If the address is inside the left area, the server returns the video stream’s code. If the request originates from a location outside the Hotstar service area, the server returns an error message page. As a result, if you do not have a VPN, you will receive an error notice.

This message differs according to your location. If you are in North America, you will get the notification “Hotstar videos are not available in the United States of America.” To see films accessible in the United States of America, visit

If you then visit the US site, you will be prompted to purchase a new membership. Your usual India-based Hotstar membership will not operate on this site.

If you are located in Europe, you will receive the following message: “ is currently unavailable in Europe.” The letter attributes the website’s closure to new European data protection regulations.

When you use a VPN, the client software installed on your device redirects all of your internet traffic. As a result, if you connect to an Indian server, your entire internet activity will appear to originate from an Indian IP address. As a result, when you request a Star Sports video stream from the Hotstar server, the server will provide a video code rather than an error notice.

If you choose to subscribe to Hotstar USA, you will have the same issue while traveling overseas. Outside of North America, it is not possible to access the US version of Hotstar. As a result, when you return to India, you will have an active Hotstar membership that you will be unable to access. However, if you subscribe to a VPN, you may access Hotstar USA from anywhere on the globe by setting it to a server in the United States.

Purchase a VPN

If you are currently subscribed to Star Sports in India, it seems a little arrogant for Star India to demand that you pay again to access the US version just because you are traveling. If you go to Europe, you will have no legal access to Star Sports. A VPN will resolve your issue since it conceals the fact that you are temporarily abroad in the country. Even when traveling, you might as well look at home.

Not all VPNs can bypass Hotstar’s access limitations, and you might spend a lot of time and money testing out every VPN available. You may come across complementary VPNs. However, such firms will be unable to help you since they lack the funds necessary to invest in detection and avoidance technologies.

The VPN in our guide provides refund guarantees, so you won’t have to worry about paying for an extended service time just to discover that the system is inoperable. You may test this VPN for free and still get a refund if you are dissatisfied with its performance.

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