Best VPN service for Indonesia

Indonesian people use Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to access the internet inside their nation. If you’re going to or relocating to Indonesia, it’s critical to select a reliable VPN service to safeguard your online privacy. We showcase the top VPN for Indonesia that provide robust security features as well as the ability to access your favorite websites and streaming services from outside.

One explanation for the high number of VPN users in Indonesia might be the country’s regular blocking of prominent websites such as Reddit, Vimeo, Netflix, and Imgur for spreading filthy and obscene content. The Indonesian government is vehement in its opposition to pornography and pro-LGBT propaganda. In one case, it even caused social networking app LINE to delete some stickers from its marketplace.

Indonesia’s internet, according to internet advocacy group Freedom House, is only “partly free,” with frequent suspensions of content and arrests of bloggers mentioned as issues.

That is why we suggest that you use a VPN to access the internet in Indonesia. It’s a fantastic piece of software that conceals your real location by routing internet traffic via a third-party server. A VPN encrypts data traveling to and from your computer, keeping inquisitive surveillance agencies like the NSA and would-be hackers at bay.

Additionally, for people in Indonesia seeking access to geo-restricted foreign content such as US Netflix, BBC iPlayer, or other popular streaming services, a VPN is an excellent option.

A VPN is also an advantageous choice for expats residing in Indonesia who want to access domestic media content such as BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Hulu, ESPN, or BeIN Sports.

How to choose the best VPN service for Indonesia

With so many VPNs available, it may be difficult to determine which one is best for you. The VPN we mentioned has been thoroughly studied and tested against certain criteria to ensure it is the best VPN for Indonesia. Our VPN suggestion is determined by the following criteria:

  • Service responsiveness and dependability.
  • Strong encryption parameters.
  • There are no use logs.
  • Easily unblock geo-restricted content.
  • Indonesian servers.
  • Android and iOS applications.

Best VPN for Indonesia


NordVPN is one of the more established VPN companies, having been in business for over a decade. This expertise has aided it in acquiring a large user base and continuously fine-tuning the product.

Additionally, the organization does not maintain any information about users—this means there is no information about users’ browsing patterns, server preferences, or time of connection. It has received governmental demands to pass over consumer data in a few of these situations, but due to this policy, it has been unable to comply. Advocates for privacy will be thrilled.

NordVPN maintains over 5,000 servers in several locations, with choices for anti-DDoS, video streaming, double VPN, and Tor over VPN connectivity.

Due to the fact that two servers are located in Indonesia, local folks may find this to be a convenient method of accessing content when going outside.

It circumvents Netflix’s VPN restrictions and works with both Hulu and BBC iPlayer.

Nord’s encryption standards are among the industry’s strongest—it defaults to 256-bit AES protocol encryption with 2,048-bit SSL keys. Protection against DNS leaks is enabled.

It is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, and Android.

How we discovered the best VPN for Indonesia

Numerous reasons exist for why you would want a VPN in Indonesia. We understand how infuriating it may be to encounter geo-restricted and government-censored internet information daily. Additionally, you risk getting fined for your online activity. The good news is that a VPN covers all of these concerns and more, as shown below.

  • Global network: Access to a worldwide network of servers enables you to access even more online content! This implies that you will be able to circumvent both geographical and censorship-based constraints. Indonesia’s finest VPN features servers in dozens of countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia.
  • Speed: Not all VPNs provide sufficient speed for streaming and torrenting. We’ve evaluated the fastest VPNs available and found that they all provide unlimited bandwidth. They allow you to broadcast in 1080p HD and, in some circumstances, 4K without experiencing latency or buffering. If your ISP is throttling your connection, you may even see faster speeds as a consequence.
  • Unblocking: With so many websites prohibited in Indonesia, you’ll need a VPN with robust unblocking capabilities. This way, you’ll have unrestricted access to social media, streaming services, and more. We tested the VPN mentioned on this page and discovered that it functions effectively, even with the notoriously difficult-to-unblock Netflix!
  • Security: A VPN encrypts your data, making it impenetrable to hackers and snoopers. Additionally, you should be safeguarded against leaks. While many VPNs provide these security elements, the best VPN for Indonesia also includes additional features. While some have dual VPN servers, others include password managers and ad blockers.
  • Privacy: Concerned about Indonesian government surveillance? Consider a VPN that maintains a no-logs policy. This implies that you are the only owner of your data. We analyzed over 100 VPN logging policies to determine which ones best safeguard your privacy (and which ones are best avoided!). Notably, some VPNs allow Bitcoin as a form of payment.
  • Ease of usage: You do not have to be a computer whiz to utilize a VPN! Indeed, the VPN mentioned in this article have user-friendly applications and, in some instances, browser extensions. The whole procedure, from registration to setup, should take no more than a minute. Even better, they all provide round-the-clock live chat and email service.
  • Value for money: Most VPNs do not provide all of the following. Even fewer check all the boxes while remaining reasonably priced. Our research has led us to discover those that provide all of the features you’d expect from a VPN while being reasonably priced. Make sure to take advantage of our VPN discount codes to save even more money!

To determine if a VPN provides all of the above (and to what degree), we conducted our own tests. Our VPN testing approach encompasses all aspects of VPN performance and security, allowing us to assist you in locating the best VPN for your requirements.

Is it necessary to utilize a free VPN?

Some consumers may be persuaded to use a free VPN since there seems to be no financial transaction involved. Our suggestion is to stay vigilant and use extreme care.

VPN services that are provided for free are in the business of earning money. They invest hard cash in marketing, servers, employee pay, office space, and other operating expenses. In this situation, monetization is likely to occur through unknown users.

Numerous ostensibly free VPN services have been detected, installing and tracking cookies, mining the data, and selling it to third-party advertisers. You’ll be inundated with intrusive commercials that are almost certain to induce a migraine. Additionally, you incur the genuine danger of catching malware. At the same time, a free VPN will not protect your privacy or anonymity in the same way as a commercial VPN would. As a result, it is conceivable that your private browsing activities may be disclosed.

The VPN discussed in this article provides strong encryption standards and a diverse server network. The free ones provide just a sliver of the same benefits. We advocate avoiding these services in favor of paying a few extra bucks for a higher quality experience.

Several VPN services to avoid in Indonesia

Indonesia has significantly curbed internet freedoms, which is why the majority of individuals using a VPN there will place a premium on their online privacy and anonymity. Regrettably, there are a few VPN providers out there who have freely handed over customer data to authorities and generally done nothing to maintain a professional demeanor. We believe it is advisable to avoid them. Three such instances are as follows:


According to recent media reports, VPN company PureVPN partnered with law enforcement organizations to assist in identifying one of its customers. It did this by poring through extensive session records.

PureVPN and the FBI teamed up after an unidentified 24-year-old woman submitted a complaint alleging that she had fallen victim to an internet blackmailing plan. She accused her roommate, Ryan Lin, of plotting the assassination.

The FBI tracked the action back to PureVPN, which subsequently identified the perpetrator using their data. Ryan was detained. However, PureVPN’s ‘no-logs’ policy at the time casts serious doubt on its ethics.

Hola VPN

Hola, situated in Israel, is another VPN provider with lax customer care standards. The firm, which previously had a user base of around 50 million, is best known for its famous VPN plugin for Chrome. Surprisingly, it exploited this weakness by turning it into a massive botnet.

This meant that Hola users’ bandwidth was being used for purposes such as DDoS assaults and the dissemination of illegal content without their awareness.

Indonesia VPN FAQs

How can I obtain pornographic content in Indonesia?

In Indonesia, it is illegal to access pornographic information online. The bill’s passage sparked considerable backlash and debate, but it was affirmed by Indonesia’s Constitutional Court in 2010 and remains in effect.

As far as we are aware, there have been no arrests for pornographic viewing in Southeast Asia’s biggest nation, but it is prudent to exercise caution. Four ladies were arrested at a nightclub for allegedly dressing indecently. While such events are uncommon, we encourage you to be vigilant.

Using a commercial VPN—the one suggested above, should suffice. Simply connect to a server in Europe or North America—these countries are often the most tolerant of porn—and the rest should take care of itself.

Are Indonesia’s internet freedoms under threat?

Indonesia has more than 100 million internet users and is presently the world’s tenth-largest economy. The 2014 presidential election was largely seen as being dominated by social media, with individuals utilizing election-related applications to get real-time information. Regrettably, despite a thriving online community, the Indonesian government is hell-bent on policing talk and content.

In 2014, the Ministry of Communication and Information granted internet service providers the authority to prohibit “negative” information at their discretion, without prior government permission. These ambiguous criteria led to the countrywide suspension of Imgur, Reddit, and Vimeo.

Authorities also blacklisted 800,000 websites randomly, claiming worries about obscenity and gambling.

Another measure aimed at curtailing internet freedoms is the 2008 Act on Electronic Information and Transactions, which, as we previously said, sparked controversy but was later affirmed by the country’s highest court. Article 27 of this Act criminalizes “anyone who distributes, transmits, or creates access to libelous electronic documents or information, with or without intent to do so.” The Act has been slammed by human rights campaigners, privacy advocates, journalists, and others in civil society for its imprecise wording and confusing nature.

Our study indicates that there have been just one or two arrests in Indonesia for internet comments, but these rules are quite harsh. Utilize a VPN to ensure your safety.

Is it safe to use a free Indonesian VPN proxy?

It is not safe to use a free VPN or proxy service in Indonesia or anywhere else. Several reasons for this include the fact that many free VPN providers sometimes lack critical security capabilities. For instance, they may fail to adequately secure your data or safeguard you from leaks. Additionally, free VPNs and proxies may profit from recording and selling your surfing activity. As a result, the privacy and anonymity of your online activities are jeopardized.

Is torrent downloading safe in Indonesia?

Torrent downloads are not especially secure in any location. If you’re in Indonesia and want to torrent securely, you should use one of Indonesia’s best VPNs. In this manner, you may be certain that your internet traffic is encrypted for anonymous torrenting. This is critical if you want to avoid getting into trouble for downloading copyrighted content mistakenly or unwittingly.

Why are Reddit and Vimeo restricted to certain Indonesian Internet Service Providers?

In Indonesia, online information is regularly restricted, especially if it is obscene in nature. Since 2014, Indonesian internet service providers have been permitted to ban information at their discretion. That is why Reddit and Vimeo are restricted to certain ISPs in Indonesia—both include pornography, and ISPs have the authority to prevent people from accessing them. Of course, they cannot prevent you from using a VPN to access Reddit and Vimeo in the first place!

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