Best VPN service for Kazakhstan

It’s easy to lose sight of the fact that some of our favorite services are unavailable in other parts of the globe. The issue is that many individuals forget about this until they are in another nation. For example, you cannot access BBC iPlayer from outside the United Kingdom, and similarly, you cannot watch Qazsport or Balapan TV from outside Kazakhstan. Naturally, with the proper VPN, unblocking geo-restricted services from overseas is simple.

This works because the majority of region-locked platforms utilize your IP address to determine your location. By connecting to a VPN, your IP address can be changed since your data is routed via a server in another location. Even better, your VPN traffic is encrypted, which means that it cannot be read by the government, your company, or your internet service provider. With these capabilities, a VPN enables you to access geo-restricted streaming services and bypass country-wide internet restrictions.

When buying a VPN, it’s critical to avoid falling for marketing hype. For example, rather than selecting a service that claims to be the quickest, we suggest choosing a more balanced one, emphasizing security, speed, functionality, and unblocking ability equally. In this manner, you can be certain that your VPN is capable of dealing with almost anything. With this in mind, the following are the factors we considered to determine the top Kazakhstan VPN:

  • Provides connectivity to at least one Kazakhstani server.
  • Is quick enough for high-definition live streaming.
  • Allows you to access some of the most popular geo-restricted services when traveling.
  • Provides robust security measures that ensure the privacy of your actions.
  • Does not maintain any logs that might be used to personally identify you.
  • Has applications for a variety of OS systems and mobile devices.

Best VPN for Kazakhstan


NordVPN provides over 5,000 servers located in different countries, including Kazakhstan. It’s especially well-suited for streaming because of its exceptional unblocking capabilities and consistent speeds. In other words, you should have no problems watching Netflix or Astana TV. Best of all, this VPN enables simultaneous connections of multiple devices, making it a great option for families.

This VPN prioritizes user security. To begin with, it employs almost 256-bit unbreakable encryption. Additionally, there is a kill switch, DNS and IPv6 leak prevention, and an automated ad and malware blocking function. The service maintains no records and accepts payments in bitcoin. Do you still need assistance? You may contact support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through live chat or email.

NordVPN provides applications for Mac OS X, iOS, Windows, Android, and Linux. If you want, you may set it up manually for certain internet routers.

How to use a VPN to remain safe online

While VPNs may seem complex at first glance, they are very easy to use. Here’s how to use a VPN to surf securely in Kazakhstan (or anywhere else):

  1. The first step is to choose the appropriate provider as suggested above (we recommend NordVPN).
  2. Following that, download the provider’s app. Given that the majority of VPNs support multiple concurrent connections, you may as well install it on any device you use often.
  3. Log in and establish a VPN connection. Bear in mind that if your objective is to circumvent country-wide internet restrictions, you cannot utilize a server located in your present location.
  4. Once linked, your data will be secured, allowing for safe browsing. Additionally, you should be able to access geo-restricted services from the country in which your selected server is located. If not, delete your cookies or contact the support staff for your VPN.

Kazakhstan VPN FAQs

Is it safe to use free VPNs?

There is no reason why a free VPN could not be as secure as a premium one. But the truth is that many free services lack fundamental security features such as encryption, rendering them largely insecure. That’s not to mention the hundreds of malware-infected applications that masquerade as VPNs to infect your devices.

It is much safer to utilize a reliable VPN with an established track record of privacy protection than it is to use a free one. Additionally, since premium VPNs often offer bigger networks and fewer users, you will not be vying for resources with other users as you would with a free VPN. As a result, you’ll notice quicker speeds, reduced buffering, and a more fluid surfing experience.

Is it possible to watch Kazakh television online?

You may watch all types of Kazakh television online. Indeed, several of the country’s most popular networks provide free viewing. In most instances, you are not required to establish an account beforehand. The following are a handful of the most prominent Kazakh networks that broadcast live:

  • Kazakh TV
  • Qazsport
  • Astana TV
  • Balapan
  • Gakku TV
  • Channel 31
  • Khabar 24

Why should I use a virtual private network (VPN) in Kazakhstan?

The Kazakh government has a history of deliberately slowing internet connections, banning a wide variety of online content, and punishing individuals who express opposing views under draconian defamation laws.

Previously, it has restricted access to news websites, social media platforms, and messaging applications during protests. This complicates coordination and hinders people from reporting on what occurs during demonstrations or even verifying their safety.

For these reasons, using a VPN to be anonymous while in Kazakhstan is a smart option. This is particularly true for journalists and activists since prison time is a distinct possibility if you say the wrong thing in the wrong manner.

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