Best VPN service for Nintendo Switch

There are several reasons why you may choose to utilize a VPN in conjunction with your Nintendo Switch. Perhaps you’re attempting to circumvent regional limits or prevent your ISP from restricting your bandwidth. You might be interested in defending yourself against DDoS assaults. In any case, a VPN is an excellent option.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) encrypts and directs your internet traffic via its secure servers. Each time you connect to a server, you’ll be assigned a new IP address, concealing your real IP address (and location). As a result, you may enjoy more online privacy and anonymity while still gaining access to geo-restricted content.

While there are several VPN services available, not all are worth your time or money. Indeed, only a select few are compatible with the Nintendo Switch. The VPN we suggest fulfills the following requirements to be considered the best VPN for Nintendo Switch:

  • Compatible with routers since the Nintendo Switch store does not include any VPNs.
  • High-performance servers and limitless bandwidth.
  • A global network of servers located in dozens of countries.
  • Installation is quick and simple for novices.
  • Utilize robust security mechanisms and state-of-the-art encryption.
  • Provides privacy protection with a stringent no-log policy.

Best VPN for Nintendo Switch


Our best option for a Nintendo Switch VPN is NordVPN. It operates a large network of thousands of servers in several countries, with nearly 2,000 of those servers located in the United States. This makes it quite simple to unlock region-locked content globally. It unblocks a variety of popular streaming services, including Hulu, which is the only one compatible with the Nintendo Switch. You may use a single NordVPN account to encrypt multiple devices simultaneously.

When utilizing NordVPN, you may connect to a variety of specialty servers. This includes obfuscated servers, which come in handy if you live in a nation with limited internet access. If you need help, you may contact their support via live chat 24 hours a day. NordVPN adheres to a rigorous no-log policy and encrypts your data using 256-bit AES. Additionally, there is security against DNS and IPv6 leaks, as well as a kill switch capability.

NordVPN is compatible with the Nintendo Switch when used with certain routers (you can purchase a pre-configured router or configure a compatible router yourself). Additionally, apps for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, and Android TV are available. Chrome and Firefox browser extensions are available.

How to connect to a VPN on your Nintendo Switch

While the Nintendo Switch console lacks built-in VPN settings, you may manually set one up using your current network. To set up a VPN on your router, follow the steps below:

Configuring your router with a VPN

To begin with, determine whether your router is compatible with the VPN protocol. To do so, look at the router’s user manual or look inside the router’s box. Alternatively, go into the router’s web interface and search for VPN settings; this may be called VPN Client.

If you discover that your router supports VPN protocols such as OpenVPN, l2TP, or IKEv2, you’ll need to search for a guide relevant to your router model, since the procedure varies somewhat across models. However, you’ll normally need to log into your network and visit the router’s control panel before entering the VPN server’s credentials.

Take note that the majority of ISP-issued routers do not enable VPN settings. If your router does not enable VPN connections, another option is to acquire a pre-configured router from a third-party provider such as FlashRouters. This is more convenient than manual configuration, but also more costly.

Why do I need a VPN for my Nintendo Switch?

There are a variety of reasons why you should utilize a VPN in conjunction with your Nintendo Switch device. To begin with, your ISP may be restricting your bandwidth. You’re likely to notice this as a lag, whether it’s gaming or streaming. The best VPNs, on the other hand, provide limitless bandwidth, enabling you to game without limitation.

Additionally, utilizing a VPN on your Nintendo Switch enables you to access geo-restricted content. This might be localized Nintendo Switch shops that provide access to more titles or better pricing. Additionally, they may help with third-party applications such as Hulu, which are otherwise only accessible in the United States.

Finally, but certainly not least, a VPN provides several security advantages. It may safeguard your online privacy, particularly by masking your IP address and shielding you from hackers and DDoS assaults. Additionally, a VPN may protect you from your ISP monitoring your activities and recording your data. This enables you to browse, game, and stream anonymously.

Is it possible to utilize a free VPN with the Nintendo Switch?

Because the majority of free VPNs are incompatible with routers, it’s doubtful you’ll find one compatible with your Nintendo Switch. Additionally, there are other reasons why we do not suggest using a free VPN on any device. To begin with, free VPNs often provide limited bandwidth and may restrict your connection, resulting in subpar performance. This is especially apparent while gaming or streaming.

The usual free VPN service offers a small number of servers in a few regions. This complicates the process of unblocking certain geo-restricted content. In terms of security, free VPNs do not provide enough protection against DDoS assaults. They often lack advanced encryption and may even record and sell your personal information to other parties. Needless to say, free VPNs are best avoided if you want a fast and secure VPN that works with Nintendo Switch.

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