Best VPN service for Romania

Romanian nationals, visitors to the country on vacation or business, and those considering moving to the country may all benefit from a solid Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection. The program protects your online activity, allows you to securely pirate files, unblocks geo-restricted streaming media sites, and enables you to use public wifi without worrying about security.

Additionally, Romanian people traveling abroad may use a VPN to access their favorite television stations and online banking services from home.

The VPN services we propose in this post give a diverse selection of server locations. This implies that you may get a Romanian IP address even if you are presently located in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, or China.

Our selection of the best VPN for Romania is based on the following criteria:

  • Comprises a vast network of servers located across the globe, including those in Romania (for those wanting a Romanian IP address).
  • Provides access to geo-restricted streaming services.
  • Provides a quick and dependable product with less downtime.
  • Utilizes strict encryption measures to ensure that your location stays concealed.
  • Allows for simultaneous connection of several devices.
  • Provides superior customer service.

Is it necessary to use a free VPN in Romania?

You may come across adverts for free VPN services, but we recommend approaching them skeptically. Yes, they seem to be attractive since they do not require a credit card and are often plug-and-play. Nevertheless, they are more than meets the eye.

Free VPN services must earn money to cover employee wages, server maintenance, and other business expenses. Additionally, the proprietors want a profit. Some do this by relentlessly bombarding you with adverts or by unethically harvesting your data for profit. As a result, they are disinclined to supply a premium product. As a result, you may anticipate a restricted selection of servers, lax encryption standards, bandwidth throttling, data restrictions, and a dearth of customer assistance. Additionally, some services have intentionally installed malware on consumer devices.

If you want to watch geo-restricted media services, connect to public wifi, or access prohibited websites safely and securely, free VPNs are often not a good choice. Your position will be revealed far more quickly than you anticipated, and your connection will be insecure.

What are the advantages of utilizing a virtual private network (VPN) in Romania?

Romania’s internet freedoms are a mixed bag. On the one hand, the nation is a signatory to EU legislation governing user data privacy. VPN firms register there to benefit from the fact that they are not subject to obligatory data retention rules, which is a plus. On the other hand, the first symptoms of internet censorship surfaced in 2015, when the government determined that gambling websites should be limited and regulated.

Activists claim that this order establishes a precedent for increased monitoring and surveillance of Romania’s internet environment and that similar directives should be repealed. Human rights activists have even raised the matter, claiming that it violates people’s basic rights to freedom of speech.

According to Freedom House, Romania’s press is only “partially free.” While the research does not go into depth, this score demonstrates that ordinary individuals do not have access to their basic rights and that the press engages in some self-censorship.

Additionally, torrenting and downloading pirated media are forbidden in Romania. This implies that if you are discovered engaging in that behavior, you will face severe consequences. Using a VPN conceals your identity on the internet, so avoid downloading torrents via an insecure connection.

DISCLAIMER: PrivacyExplore does not advocate the use of a VPN to illegally access or download anything. Please examine local legislation in advance if you are unsure of the implications and get professional guidance from a local lawyer.

Suggestions for using a VPN in Romania

Whether you live in Romania or are there for business or pleasure, using a VPN can significantly improve your online experience.

How to configure a virtual private network (VPN) in Romania.

  1. The first step is to choose a provider who appeals to you. We’ve emphasized the most important topics in each mini-review, but our complete user evaluations are included at the conclusion to help you make a more nuanced choice.
  2. Once you’ve selected a VPN provider, proceed to register for the service using your preferred method of payment.
  3. Following successful payment authentication, you will often receive a confirmation email straight from the VPN provider. Continue by downloading the appropriate app for your device.
  4. Once the installation is complete, restart your device.
  5. Utilize the login credentials provided by the provider. Connect to a server in Romania (to get a Romanian IP address) or from an international location (for a non-Romanian IP address).
  6. Now that your internet connection is encrypted and confidential, you may view any information you like.

In Romania, it is possible to access Netflix libraries.

While in Romania, logging into Netflix will immediately show the local library of content. This is true even if the original account was registered in a different nation, such as the United States. If you want to access your regular content collection while traveling overseas, you must first connect to a VPN server. For example, to safely view US Netflix, you must connect to a US VPN server before accessing the Netflix website or app.

Netflix prohibits VPNs in accordance with copyright agreements it has with its video production partners. As a result, not all VPNs work with the service. We’ve highlighted the ones that were mentioned in our mini-reviews, but you can always contact customer care if you have any questions.

Watching Romanian television and using Romanian financial services while traveling

Romanian residents living abroad may find it advantageous to get a local IP address in order to access local television content or their online banking accounts. This is only possible with the use of a VPN.

Romanian television broadcasts a variety of programming, including news, entertainment, and sports. TV1, TV2, PRO TV, and PRO CINEMA are just a few of the prominent networks. Certain geo-restricted services limit access to their live feeds to Romanian IP addresses. That is when a VPN comes in handy.

Banking and financial institutions would not generally limit access to their systems to just Romanian IP addresses, but their filters would be on high alert for an unusually large number of requests from outside the country. That is because this may be the work of hackers, which is something they want to prevent. It’s prudent to access your bank account first using a VPN to create what appears to be in Romania since this will prevent your account from being reported. The last thing you want to happen while on vacation is to get locked out of your account.

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