Best VPN service for Uplay

There are many reasons to use a VPN in conjunction with Uplay. To begin with, they encrypt your communication and provide you with a new IP address, obscuring your actual location. This is especially beneficial if you’re a streamer on sites like Twitch, since streamers are often subjected to targeted harassment in the form of doxxing and swatting.

Additionally, VPNs enable you to connect to servers located across the globe. As a result, you’ll get access to region-exclusive events, the ability to play games before they’re officially published in your country, and the ability to buy titles at the best possible price. If you want to take a vacation from gaming, you can also use a VPN to unblock geo-restrictioned streaming services such as Netflix or BBC iPlayer.

Everyone should, in principle, play games while connected to a VPN. There is just one issue: not every service is capable. To be appropriate for gaming, your provider must excel in all areas, not just one, such as speed or security. To guarantee that you get a high-quality, flexible service, we only suggest a VPN that fulfills the following criteria:

  • Allows users to connect to servers located in a number of different countries.
  • Provides consistent, dependable speeds that are fast enough to allow for lag-free gameplay.
  • Compatible with Uplay and other comparable services.
  • Includes a slew of sophisticated security features.
  • Does not keep track of any personally identifying information.
  • Provides applications for the majority of the main operating systems.

Best VPN for Ubisoft Uplay


With over 5,000 servers in several countries, NordVPN provides its customers with lots of options. Additionally, it promises fast speeds and does not impose any restrictions on your bandwidth. This means you may use Uplay indefinitely without fear of stuttering or suddenly getting booted from matches. This VPN enables you to protect multiple devices simultaneously.

Security is a significant strength of this business. It protects your data with 256-bit encryption, a kill switch, security against WebRTC, DNS, and IPv6 leaks, and an integrated ad-blocker and malware scanner. Additionally, you may pay in bitcoin and connect to one of the multi-hop or Tor over VPN servers if you want even greater privacy. NordVPN is a no-logs provider, which means that it cannot disclose any information about your activity under any circumstances. 24/7 live chat support is available.

NordVPN offers applications for Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, iOS, and Android. Manual setup is available for a limited number of internet routers.

How to securely game on Uplay using a VPN

Have you never used a virtual private network (VPN) before? They’re easier to make than they seem! To view, browse, and play games securely on Uplay, follow the instructions below.

  1. To begin with, choose a VPN service. NordVPN is recommended.
  2. Download and install the Windows application for your service. Due to the fact that the majority of providers allow for numerous connections, you are free to install the VPN on any other device you regularly use.
  3. After that, log in and connect to a server in the nation of your choice. If you’re just concerned with increasing your security, the location you select is irrelevant; nevertheless, you’ll often benefit from faster speeds from neighboring servers.
  4. Uplay will now experience a short loss of connectivity. You should be able to play games normally after it reconnects. To ensure that everything worked well, return to the shop and check to see whether the currency has changed. If not, try a different server or contact your VPN service provider directly for assistance.

Best VPN for Uplay: FAQs

Is it possible to use Uplay with a free VPN?

While it is possible to connect to Uplay using a free VPN, we do not recommend it. To begin, these services offer fewer servers and a higher user base than premium VPNs, which means you’re likely to have very sluggish connections. Additionally, they are often banned by region-specific services, which may prevent you from gaming at all when online.

Additionally, there are significant security concerns here. With a premium VPN, you have complete control over the kind of data kept and how it is used. However, there are no such restrictions when it comes to free services. Do you want to provide access to an unknown organization to Uplay, a platform that stores your financial information? To ensure your safety when gaming, we suggest utilizing a no-logs VPN with a robust security feature set.

Is it possible that my Uplay account may be suspended for using a VPN?

Ubisoft provides a very thorough response to a question about VPN use on Uplay. The short explanation is that, although it would prefer that you do not use VPNs, it would not actively attempt to prevent you from doing so.

However, Ubisoft’s conditions of use section 5.24 expressly prohibit the use of VPNs and proxies to circumvent geographical limitations. If discovered, you may face a warning or complete account ban, depending on the severity of your conduct. In other words, you do so at your own risk if you want to access region-exclusive content on Uplay.

Will a VPN slow down my connection to the point where it becomes unusable for gaming?

Whatever you do, the majority of VPNs will slow down your internet connection to some degree. While some providers are quicker than others, you may anticipate a speed decrease of approximately a third while using a VPN.

Here’s the good news: although it’s true that gaming requires a high-speed connection, it’s much less data-intensive than many people think. Indeed, Rainbow Six: Siege, a fast-paced, competitive team-based shooter, recommends an upload speed of only 512kbps. As such, unless your internet connection is already very sluggish, you should have no difficulty gaming when using a VPN.

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