Best VPN service for Warzone

Call of Duty Warzone has established itself as the undisputed king of free-to-play Battle Royale video games. If you like the thrills of this multiplayer battle arena shooter, you’re definitely also familiar with the agony of getting slain seconds before receiving the dub.

Fortunately, there is a way to get paired with easier opponents, allowing you to blast through lobbies again. The solution is to use a VPN for Warzone.

A Virtual Private Network, or VPN, is an internet service that masks your IP address from the websites you visit. By connecting to a VPN server before playing Warzone, you may deceive the game’s servers into matching you with inexperienced players. Additionally, you can prevent your ISP from restricting your internet speed, which has a significant impact on your chances of winning a game.

Not all VPNs are fast enough to enable lag-free Warzone gaming, and not all VPNs provide access to more accessible Warzone lobbies. To help you, we’ve identified the best VPN for Warzone that will operate flawlessly. Once you’ve finished reading this essay, the only remaining issue is whether you’ll be able to sleep at night after slaying a slew of newbies!

Later in this article, we will discuss how we test and propose VPN for Warzone. The following sections detail some of the key factors we considered to ascertain the best Warzone VPN:

  • Superfast connections ideal for multiplayer games such as Warzone.
  • Servers located across the globe are available to assist you in finding easier lobbies.
  • Windows applications for playing Warzone on desktop PCs (or a Mac running Windows on Boot Camp).
  • Customer service is exceptional, as is the value for money.

Methodology for VPN testing in Warzone

There are around 100 consumer-facing VPNs available, and not all of them are suited for playing Warzone. Many have outdated applications, unreliable servers, sluggish applications that create latency, and a dearth of functionality. As a result, the vast majority of VPNs are inappropriate for multiplayer gaming.

We have extensive VPN testing techniques to guarantee that we only suggest VPNs that are acceptable. We evaluate the VPN’s performance by measuring its server speeds, as well as looking for IP, DNS, and WebRTC leaks to guarantee the VPN tunnel is providing you with anonymity. Additionally, we investigate behind the scenes to guarantee that the encryption is up-to-date.

The following is a list of the things we look for while evaluating and recommending Warzone VPN:

  • Apps are available on all platforms. To play Warzone, you’ll need a Windows-based computer. Additionally, we cover how to play on a Mac in this article. To ensure that your VPN is effective, we have suggested only providers that offer applications for all major platforms. In that way, you may use it to increase your privacy while using public Wi-Fi on your mobile devices—or to watch more Netflix at home.
  • Features that are dependable in terms of privacy and security. To begin with, a VPN is intended to protect users from tracking and surveillance. We’ve chosen VPNs for Warzone that use AES encryption, prevent DNS leaks, and have a kill-switch to turn off your internet connection if the VPN goes down. This justifies our suggestions for torrenting and other vulnerable internet activities.
  • Excellent value for money. There are hundreds of VPNs available, but just because they are more costly does not always mean they are better. We’ve picked providers on this list that offer the finest features at an affordable price. There is no need to pay extra.
  • Customer service is exceptional. Whether you’re new to VPNs or a seasoned veteran, having someone to speak to is always beneficial. We suggest VPNs that provide live chat and email support so that you can obtain assistance when you need it most.
  • A log-free policy. Everything you do when connected to your VPN should be private. We only suggest VPNs with a privacy policy that guarantees they will not monitor your online activity and will automatically remove your session data when you quit.
  • Servers that are lightning quick. The most critical aspect of playing games like Warzone is having low latency and quick speeds. We’ve picked the fastest VPN on the market, as well as several that are lightning fast despite their low prices. It’s ideal for high-definition streaming, video conferencing, and playing your favorite Battle Royale games.
  • Bandwidth is limitless. Along with fast servers and VPN protocols, you’ll need a VPN that won’t obstruct your ability to play Warzone. That is why we only propose a VPN that provide unrestricted bandwidth and do not impose data limits.

How to use a virtual private network (VPN) in Warzone

The most difficult element is locating a VPN that is both fast and stable enough for Warzone. We’ve done the legwork for you in this tutorial by locating a super-fast VPN with no-lag servers.

We’ll walk you through the process of subscribing to and setting up a VPN in the sections below. Following that, we’ll discuss how to get easier Warzone lobbies.

How to configure a Warzone VPN:

Choose a Warzone VPN from the suggestion provided in this article. We suggest NordVPN because it is fast and offers an excellent Windows client, which means reduced latency.

  • Subscribe to the VPN by visiting their website.
  • Install the VPN client for Windows on your gaming PC or laptop.
  • Connect to the VPN and establish a connection to a server to get access to simpler lobbies (more on this below).
  • Launch Warzone on your PC and compete against simpler opponents—without the annoyance of ISP throttling.

How to use a VPN to access Warzone lobbies more easily

If playing Warzone lobbies with opponents at your skill level or below is a dream of yours, you’ve come to the correct spot. While many individuals assert that it is essential for you to face sweaty opponents, the fact is that some gamers just want to have fun (and win the odd round). Below, we’ll explain how to utilize a VPN to boost your chances of winning.

How does it function?

Activision has not publicly discussed how it matches Warzone lobbies. However, the majority of gamers think that Activision’s matchmaking algorithm will force you to play against more difficult opponents based on your skill level and prior experience. This process is referred to as Skill-Based Matchmaking (SBMm).

A VPN enables gamers to have an easier time connecting to another area of the planet. By accessing Warzone servers from different regions and at different times of day, you may discover matches that are not overrun with high-level players.

There is no hard and fast rule about using a VPN to discover easier games. However, if you connect to a nation where it is still morning (or between 9 and 5 a.m.), you should be able to connect to simpler lobbies.

Consider if the nation has a huge player population and the time of day while looking for simpler Warzone lobbies using a VPN. This will usually direct you to non-sweaty lobbies.

FAQs about Warzone VPN

Which nations are the most active Warzone players?

Each day, roughly 2 million players play Warzone, according to PlayerCounter. Each day, the top five nations that play Warzone are as follows:

  • United States – 31.18%
  • United Kingdom – 5.60%
  • Germany – 4.85%
  • Canada – 4.06%
  • Brazil – 3.30%

Is a Warzone VPN capable of lowering my ping?

Certain gamers do make use of a VPN connection to reduce their ping. They often do this by connecting to a VPN server located near the gaming server.

Whether or not a VPN reduces your ping is dependent on a variety of circumstances, including how your ISP currently routes your data to the Warzone server. As such, it is worthwhile to try a VPN connection to a server that is geographically close to you, geographically closer to the game server, or directly between you and the game server to see whether any of these alternatives improves your ping.

At the end of the day, there is no assurance that a VPN will reduce your ping (and it could even increase it). However, if the VPN establishes a different route to the endpoint (the Warzone server) than the one established by your ISP, the VPN may increase your ping. As a result, a little trial and error is worthwhile.

On the other hand, even the fastest VPNs (such as the ones suggested in this tutorial) can slow down your normal internet connection to some extent. If you already pay your ISP for sluggish internet connections, the encryption and routing offered by a VPN may significantly slow down your internet. This additional delay should not be a problem for anybody who pays for fast internet, since the VPN should only slightly slow down your connection.

The good news is that we provide a money-back guarantee on all of our suggestions. This enables you to evaluate the VPN’s ability to reduce your ping without jeopardizing your money.

Is it possible for a Warzone VPN to circumvent ISP throttling?

Yes. If you suspect that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is restricting your connection while playing Warzone, a VPN may undoubtedly assist.

A VPN’s encrypted tunnel stops your ISP from monitoring your internet activity. This significantly complicates your ISP’s ability to limit your bandwidth depending on your activity. As a result, you should be able to play Warzone automatically without your ISP restricting your bandwidth.

What is the best way to play Warzone on a Mac?

At the moment, Warzone is only accessible to Windows users, which means that you’ll need to install Windows on your Mac using Boot Camp. This will require around 200 GB of free storage space. The following are the basic setup instructions:

  • On a Mac, launch Boot Camp Assistant. Alternatively, you may create a Windows Virtual Machine using Parallels Desktop.
  • Download and install the Windows 10 ISO image with Boot Camp Assistant.
  • To install Windows, follow the installation instructions.
  • Once Windows 10 is installed, connect to the internet and download Warzone to play like a normal Windows user.
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