Can I use NordVPN with BBC iPlayer? Find out here

BBC iPlayer is geo-restricted and cannot be accessed from outside the United Kingdom. If you attempt, you will often see one of two errors: “This content is not available in your location” or “BBC iPlayer only works in the UK. Sorry, it’s due to rights issues”. The explanation for this is straightforward: the network is only permitted to broadcast the majority of its content in the United Kingdom.

Generally, it is rather simple to circumvent this kind of geographic ban by utilizing a Virtual Private Network to change your IP address (and therefore your apparent location) (VPN). However, since the BBC’s iPlayer is one of the most popular streaming sites in the United Kingdom, the BBC has an incredibly robust VPN detection mechanism. As a result, many services (even well-known ones) will simply not operate. Indeed, even if you are allowed to watch live content, BBC iPlayer may restrict you from streaming or downloading on-demand episodes for offline viewing.

Are you looking for the abbreviated version? NordVPN works well with BBC iPlayer and has no discernible difficulty accessing any of the platform’s content. However, this is not the only VPN we suggest; ExpressVPN and CyberGhost also function just as well.

Is NordVPN compatible with BBC iPlayer?

With over 500 servers in the United Kingdom, you’d expect NordVPN to perform rather well with major British streaming services. However, we’ve seen VPNs unblock services on desktops but not on mobile devices in the past. A comprehensive examination was necessary to fully appreciate NordVPN’s capabilities.

To begin with, we attempted to access BBC iPlayer using a desktop device. With the first server we tested, we were able to access all parts of the service. Indeed, NordVPN guarantees that any of its UK servers will function, which eliminates the need for trial and error.

Following that, we installed the BBC iPlayer app on an Android phone and repeated the tests. Again, there were no complications. Notably, even though NordVPN’s help center states that you can only download content from specified servers, the one we tried was not included in this list.

Finally, we attempted to access the iPlayer using the browsers on our phones (Firefox and Chrome). There is one minor exception here: the mobile version of the BBC iPlayer website does not allow you to download content regardless of whether you are using a VPN; instead, it directs you to the app. Nonetheless, we were able to watch it live and on-demand without incident.

How to access BBC iPlayer from outside the United Kingdom using NordVPN

Not sure where to begin? Simply follow these instructions to encrypt your internet traffic, conceal your true location, and access BBC iPlayer from any point on earth.

  1. To begin with, visit the NordVPN website and create an account (remember, you can save by using our exclusive NordVPN discount coupon).
  2. Install the app on any device from which you typically stream, and then log in.
  3. Connect to a NordVPN server in the United Kingdom.
  4. Clear your browser’s cookies and cache before attempting to view a video on BBC iPlayer. It should load immediately, but if not, try switching servers and retrying, or see our guide on resolving BBC iPlayer issues. Alternatively, you may contact NordVPN’s support team through live chat, who should be able to assist you in determining what went wrong.

FAQs about streaming with NordVPN

Will a free VPN allow me to access BBC iPlayer while traveling?

The majority of free VPNs are completely incapable of unblocking BBC iPlayer. Indeed, several paid services struggle to do so. Additionally, free providers often have smaller networks, which means that each server is shared by a greater number of users. This often results in very poor rates, which is not desirable for live broadcasting. You may even discover that your free provider restricts your monthly bandwidth to a certain amount; this not only forces you to budget your usage but is often used to coerce you into paying for unlimited bandwidth.

Which channels are available on BBC iPlayer?

BBC iPlayer now allows you to view live and on-demand content from eleven television stations and one radio station. These include the following:

  • BBC One
  • BBC Two
  • CBeebies
  • BBC Three
  • BBC Four
  • Radio One
  • BBC Scotland
  • BBC News
  • CBBC
  • BBC Parliament
  • BBC Alba
  • S4C

How fast does BBC iPlayer need my internet connection to be?

According to the BBC’s requirements, consumers should have a minimum download speed of 5 Mbps to watch live HD television and 1.5 Mbps to see the standard-definition video. However, the quicker your speeds are, the better. This is because a sluggish connection increases the likelihood of buffering and stuttering, and your stream may even fail to load entirely.

How many concurrent connections does NordVPN support?

NordVPN, at the time of this writing, supports multiple concurrent connections. However, by installing it on your home router, you may circumvent this restriction and safeguard any devices connected to your network. NordVPN supports a wide variety of router firmware and offers comprehensive router setup manuals to help you.

Is NordVPN equipped with a kill switch?

Numerous VPNs have a kill switch that prevents data transmission in the event of an unexpected connection loss. NordVPN is no exception, and its kill switch may even be configured to automatically terminate certain programs upon connection loss. Additionally, users may use an internet kill switch, which disables internet access entirely unless NordVPN is connected.

What kind of logs does NordVPN maintain?

In a nutshell, none. NordVPN does not record your source IP address, selected server, browsing history, or connection timestamps on desktop devices. Its mobile applications do keep the advertiser ID associated with your device, which might theoretically be associated with you. That being said, your phone’s settings menu may reset at any moment.

Numerous VPNs now claim to be privacy-conscious, but few have been able to prove it. That is why NordVPN engaged PricewaterhouseCoopers AG, a renowned auditing agency, to demonstrate that it adheres to a no-logs policy. Not once, but twice, most recently in July 2020, PwC verified this.

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