Digital Safety & Security

What does a VPN do to protect you from viruses?
The best way to create a strong password
How safe is your data in cloud storage?
Online payments: How to make secure payments
Ransomware: what is it?
What you can do to prevent your email from being hacked
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What is social engineering and how do you protect yourself from it?
How to protect yourself from man in the middle attack
Best practices for cyber hygiene to deter cybercriminals
How to protect yourself from fileless malware
How to secure your data while working from home
Phishing attack: what is it?
Safety tips when using public WiFi
The best way to avoid your school WiFi tracking
How to shop online safely
The best way to stay safe on social media
Tips for securing your online digital life as a nomad
Here is how not to get hacked in a coffee shop
How secure is your email?
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