Discover what your government is hiding from you

Are you curious about what your government is concealing from you? That is all we will discuss in this post.

We are no longer in the Stone Age or the Dark Age; we are in the Internet age. The era of virtuality, in which everything is conducted online, whether meeting individuals or conducting commercial transactions. However, this has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. It is the era of virtual private networks (VPNs). It safeguards your online privacy, defends you from online threats, and combats internet censorship.

Recently, a report from a reputable source stated that around 27+ countries spy on their citizens. Government snooping on their citizens is not new! The public is well aware of this, but what is worrisome is that these governments have enlisted the assistance of internet companies such as Google and Facebook.

That means that if the government suspects you of doing anything illegal, they may simply get access to all of your online actions since Facebook and Google both offer very accurate location services that can readily follow you. This allows the government to easily locate and track you.

The government, on the other hand, cannot access your private information, like messages and postings. As a result, you are secure on that side.

How detrimental is this?

Not only do Google and Facebook monitor your location and other information, but hundreds of other websites do the same thing. They just use your IP address to monitor you. IP addresses often provide the precise location of the computer that is connected to the internet. As a result, if you use any of these websites, they can always determine your location. Additionally, hackers who have access to government servers may see all of your personal information.

How can you defend yourself?

The only way to answer this issue is through the use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN). By using a VPN service, you can protect yourself since the majority of websites monitor users based on their IP address, so you will be completely anonymous. Because each time you connect to a VPN service from any location around the globe, your IP address will remain identical. As a result, you are always secure.

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