Here are a few tips to help you get Instagram unblocked at school

Social media blocking on schools and work computers is not new. We’ve all experienced it: we want to see what our friends are posting on Instagram and to keep an eye on our likes, but we’re refused access. It’s not as nice as it sounds.

Occasionally, social media platforms are blocked for more severe cases, such as government censorship.

In any case, I think you should be allowed to use Instagram freely if you so want. That is why I am devoting this post to all of the methods for unblocking and operating Instagram.

Here are five ways to unblock Instagram:

  1. Utilize your mobile data.
  2. Employ the services of a proxy server.
  3. Instagram may be accessed at http.
  4. Utilize URL shortening services.
  5. Utilize a VPN.

How to unblock Instagram at school or work

If you are unable to use Instagram from your school or office, you may encounter the following issues:

  1. Your school or place of employment is strict;
  2. Your government is conscientious;
  3. Due to their strictness, they have blocked access to Instagram.

No need to be concerned; this is the end of your troubles. Utilize the techniques and methods below to access the wonderful world of Instagram from any location.

Method 1: Unblock Instagram using mobile data 

The simplest method is to use your phone’s data to access Instagram. However, this method works only if your school’s Wi-Fi network is configured to restrict social networking websites.

Using mobile data is also not the optimal option. Instagram is well-known for its liberal use. This is particularly true if you like viewing Instagram stories. Additionally, depending on your data plan and ISP, you may suffer speed reductions after using a specific number of your plan’s MBs.

Method 2: Using proxy servers to access Instagram

Proxies mask your IP (Internet Protocol) address, which means that your internet service provider is unaware of your location. Although not the most secure solution, proxy servers are simple to use: just type the name of the proxy server provider into Google and you’ll discover a plethora of free proxy server providers.

All you have to do is copy and paste the URL into the proxy web page (e.g., The proxy will then take care of the remainder of the work for you.

Note: Using a free proxy server is not a secure option since the data is not encrypted. Proceed with caution if you decide to give it a try.

Method 3: Access Instagram via http 

By removing the s from HTTPS, you may be able to use Instagram at school or work. The majority of websites now use HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure), a secure variant of HTTP. The little lock next to the web address indicates whether or not a website is safe (or URL).

Bear in mind that this is an insecure protocol, so avoid sharing any personal information when connected through it.

Method 4: Using URL shorteners to unblock Instagram

This is another technique for circumventing less complex website filters.

By entering the phrase into your browser’s search box, you may locate different URL shortening providers. The service’s name is self-explanatory: it shortens a website’s URL to make it seem like a different website. With any hope, this technique will direct you to Instagram.

Method 5: Unblock Instagram using a VPN

If you want to access Instagram, your best option is to use a VPN. This is true for limitations in schools and workplaces, as well as for country-wide restrictions. The latter may be difficult since governments such as China closely monitor VPN usage and spend considerable effort attempting to ban it.

This is not an issue for a VPN such as NordVPN, which utilizes disguised servers. Therefore, ensure that you choose a VPN with the appropriate characteristics!

Because this is the most dependable technique for unblocking Instagram, I’ll elaborate on it more.

How to unblock Instagram using a VPN

Instagram unblocking with the use of a VPN is a simple procedure.

  • Step 1. Visit the website of a VPN provider (e.g., NordVPN) or search for an app in the app store.
  • Step 2. Install VPN.
  • Step 3: Select a plan and register for an account.
  • Step 4: Access your account.
  • Step 5. Select a server and establish a connection.

Which server you select is entirely up to you. If Instagram is banned solely on Wi-Fi networks, use a local server to guarantee the fastest connection possible. If you’re in a country that restricts access to Instagram, select the next closest country that does not.

How to access Instagram Music from anywhere

If you’ve followed my advice and successfully unblocked Instagram at school using one of the methods listed above, congratulations! However, you may still have one last puzzle piece. Due to music licensing agreements, Instagram Music is not accessible in the majority of countries. (It’s always about licensing these days).

The fortunate few live in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, France, and Germany. However, you, too, may be fortunate. You probably already know where this is heading, but I’ll explain anyway. A VPN is required to access Instagram Music.

Adhere to the five stages outlined above, but keep in mind a few critical points:

  • Select a server in one of the countries listed above (for the fastest connection, select the server that is nearest to you).
  • Before connecting to a VPN server, uninstall the Instagram app and reinstall it once connected. Why? Because Instagram records your location the first time you check-in, if you do not complete the reinstallation procedure, a VPN will not function.

Don’t be deterred by Instagram’s blocking

The takeaways for unblocking Instagram from school are as follows:

  • If your school or business employs basic website blocks, you may access Instagram by turning on mobile data, utilizing the http protocol, or using URL shorteners.
  • If you want to access Instagram and Instagram Music in the most effective manner possible, you should utilize a VPN.
  • If you’re feeling adventurous, consider using proxy servers (again, be cautious).

Naturally, we’re prejudiced, but we always suggest the VPN choice above since it’s about more than unblocking Instagram. A VPN provides a plethora of functions that improve your online privacy and security. Additionally, it enables you to circumvent restrictions and gain access to additional streaming content.

So why not give NordVPN a chance?

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