Here are some awesome things you can do with Google Drive

On April 24, 2012, Google Drive was launched. It’s as though a new age of file storing and transmission has begun. Additionally, it enables users to modify spreadsheets, presentations, and documents and functions as a cloud drive for all users that have an account. Additionally, the Google ecosystem demonstrates that it has more than a million active users.

This cloud drive is a component of Google Apps that provides file storage. Google Drive is also a cloud storage service comparable to pCloud and Dropbox. However, Google Drive has a search engine function that enables users to quickly find and retrieve their files.

Here are some of the fantastic features of Google Drive!

Save map layers

This function enables you to store a large amount of data at many levels. It is ideal for business people that attend many conferences.

Make use of the most current things

Would you like to continue from where you left off? Google Drive has a folder for recently opened or edited items, which makes it simple to locate the file you’ve opened or edited.

Highlighted all critical elements

You may mark the document that you always open with a star. Additionally, this may be used as a bookmark for documents.

Easily share files amongst people

Where are the flash drives? Google Drive has a sharing function that enables you to share a document with another Google user. You may quickly share your paper with others by simply entering their Gmail address. When sharing a file with another user, you should use a VPN to ensure that the data cannot be opened or taken away.

Restrict the sharing of your papers

After sharing a document with another user, you may add a control to your own. You can prevent someone from sharing your file.

Download and install a driver’s software or mobile application

You may access the cloud drive simply by installing software on your PC or mobile application.

Construct a Google Form

A Google Form is a Google tool that allows you to build a survey form for others to complete. You may either pose a question or provide a full-text box.

Doodle anything

Google Drawing enables you to create flowcharts, diagrams, and more. You may draw anything you want.

Examine the document’s contributors’ efforts

Once you’ve opened the document, you’ll be able to see who else has opened it concurrently. You can see the additional words they’ve added.

Convert all of your uploaded documents to Google Docs

Google Drive has a built-in utility for converting files that are not supported.

Use DriveTunes to organize your music files

DriveTunes should be manually activated. It will automatically locate and play all of the music on your disk.

Modify the color scheme of the folders

Confused by having a large number of folders? Change their colors to make them more visible.

Displays history of revisions

This section displays all revisions made by users who have been granted permission to do so. The revision history shows which words they removed or which ones they added.

Easily get a shared URL

If you want people to see your work but not download it, you may give them a link to it.

Utilize folders to organize files

Google never limits the number of folders you may create on your disk.

Incorporate the folder into a website

You may also include your files on your website. Embed your folder on your website so that it is visible to visitors as well.

Distribute photographs

You can simply create backups of your pictures on your disk.

Research instrument

When you’re having difficulty deciding what to include in your paper, you may simply do research.

Optical character recognition graphics

Google Drive has an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) capability. It enables you to do a word search inside the document.

Include remarks

Each person who has access to your document may leave a comment on the whole document.

Capable of dealing with huge files

Do not be concerned about backing up the whole document. Simply configure the automatic backup and a notice will appear once the backup is complete.

Capable of opening a variety of document types

Google Drive supports a variety of file formats, including Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator files.

Google Drive may offer a slew of great features, but the most critical function is the ability to backup critical data. Each time you do a backup, you should ensure the security of your internet connection. NordVPN is a program that may assist you in protecting your cloud storage accounts, such as Google Drive.

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