Here is how to watch Disney+ in the Philippines

Disney+ is gradually becoming offered in more countries. However, we do not yet have an official date for its introduction in the Philippines. This not only delays the release of popular series like Loki and Wandavision in the Philippines, but also stops tourists from accessing a service they pay for while on vacation. The good news is that accessing your typical streaming services when traveling overseas is simpler than you would imagine.

Use a reliable Virtual Private Network (VPN) as a solution. This alters your IP address, fooling Disney+ (and other geo-restricted services) into believing you’ve returned home to a location where Disney+ is accessible. For example, regardless of your true location around the globe, you may use an American server to recover access to a US content collection.

How to securely watch Disney+ with a VPN

Are you unfamiliar with VPNs and unsure how to get started? No problem: we’ve included a step-by-step setup guide below. You’ll soon be able to stream Disney+.

  1. To begin with, choose the VPN mentioned below (we recommend NordVPN).
  2. Create an account and then install the app on any device used for streaming. Most providers allow for at least five concurrent connections, so it’s OK to watch on many devices.
  3. Connect to a server in your native country, such as an American server, using the VPN software. This prevents Disney+ from recognizing that you’re truly in another location, allowing it to show your normal content collection.
  4. Now, just play videos normally. If you encounter any difficulties or content does not load properly, erase your cookies and retry. Alternatively, you may contact your VPN support staff to determine which server you should use for Disney Plus.

Each VPN is unique, which means that some are more suited to Disney+ than others. Naturally, we’re here to ensure that the service you pick is capable of handling all of your daily chores, not simply streaming. That is why we utilized the following criteria to determine the best VPN for streaming Disney+ in the Philippines (more on these later):

  • Numerous servers are accessible in regions where Disney+ is offered.
  • Compatible with Disney+ and comparable subscription streaming services.
  • Consistently fast download speeds and stable connections.
  • Built-in security and privacy tools.
  • Has applications for all major operating systems.

How we selected the best VPN for Disney+

Certain VPNs are better than others at streaming Disney+. Indeed, a significant percentage of providers are unable to access this service at all. To narrow the field to the top best VPN for Disney+, we assessed and rated contenders using the following criteria:

  • Server selection: The more countries covered by your VPN, the simpler it is to connect to a server located near the Philippines, hence reducing latency. Additionally, a bigger network enables you to possibly access many Disney+ libraries.
  • Potential for streaming: We choose VPNs that are compatible with a broad variety of services. That is why we gave preference to individuals who could safely access Netflix, YouTube TV, Hulu, and Sling TV. After all, having other viewing alternatives is never a bad thing.
  • Security: A VPN’s mission is, in part, to keep you secure. That is why we sought providers that offer 256-bit encryption, DNS and IPv6 leak prevention, a kill switch, and a no-logs policy. This is only the beginning; several of our best VPNs provide a slew of additional security and privacy features.
  • User-friendliness: The simpler a VPN is to use, the better. We value features such as streaming-optimized servers, live chat assistance 24 hours a day, and multi-platform compatibility. Some of our best VPNs have even eliminated connection limitations altogether, removing the risk of leaving some of your devices vulnerable.

Disney+ streaming in the Philippines: FAQs

Can a free VPN unblock Disney+ in the Philippines?

Generally, free VPNs are not a good option. With many users and very tiny networks, you’ll often suffer extremely poor speeds. Additionally, the majority of free providers only provide servers in high-demand countries such as the United States, which are often blocked by large streaming sites. In other words, there is a strong possibility that you won’t be able to use Disney+ at all.

Additionally, these services pose substantial security threats. If a paid VPN service compromises your system with malware or makes false claims about its security, you can expect its competitors will brag about it. However, if a free VPN receives negative attention, it may just change its name and reappearance as if nothing happened. To ensure your safety, we suggest sticking to trusted no-logs VPNs rather than opting for a free service.

When will Disney+ become available in the Philippines?

Unfortunately, although the company’s Wikipedia page indicates that Disney+ would be available in the Philippines in “Early 2022,” a deeper examination of the source shows that this is not the case. At the moment, there is no sign that Disney+ will debut in the Philippines.

It’s probable that it may be one of the many nations into which Disney+ extends this year, particularly given the service’s recent debut in South Korea, Thailand, and Taiwan, but Filipino fans remain in the dark until Disney makes an official announcement.

What is available on Disney+?

Disney+’s programming varies according to your area, but its original series are accessible worldwide. Here’s a short look at some of the most popular games on the platform:

  • Star Wars: The Book of Boba Fett
  • Just Beyond
  • The Beatles Get Back
  • Loki
  • Wandavision
  • The Mandalorian
  • Foodtastic
  • Intertwined
  • Among the Stars
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