How can I use IMO anywhere and how can I protect myself from cyber-attacks?

IMO is a globally recognized internet video call and chat application. The IMO service is widely utilized in nations where WhatsApp, Viber, and Snapchat are prohibited. As a result, it was extensively utilized across Asia. However, several nations have prohibited IMO service. Additionally, some fraudsters are now obligated to breach IMO accounts to satisfy their objectives, such as extortion. As a result, this post will be quite beneficial for you in terms of learning how to secure your IMO account and use it from anywhere on the globe.

How to unblock the IMO from countries that have been sanctioned?

IMO is used by millions of people worldwide and has been prohibited in countries such as Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iran, Egypt, China, Jordan, Kuwait, and North Korea. When in Europe or America, you may use IMO freely. However, if you are a visitor or a resident of one of those countries, the only way to access IMO is through the use of a VPN. However, VPN services are plentiful, and you should be familiar with how to use IMO from these countries via a safe VPN.

Without anxiety, you may use a superb VPN such as NordVPN for this reason.

This is the most recent, unseen, and secure network connection available. It safeguards you completely. NordVPN encrypts your internet connection. You may use an IP address from the United States of America, Canada, Europe, or any other nation with no limitations. As a result, nothing can prevent you from using IMO from any location on the planet.

Do you know that your IMO account can be hacked without any technical knowledge?

Your account may have been hacked without the use of any technological hacking tools. If this has occurred to you, take the actions outlined below. You may have received a call or message from a known or unknown source informing you that you may have received a code in error and should return it. This is the IMO code associated with your phone number. Many victims of this scam give this code to the hackers, resulting in the loss of their account.

This occurs when an outsider provides your phone number despite the fact that you already have an IMO account and the verification code is given to you since the outsider does not have your phone number. This individual stole the verification code directly from the owner. Many people do this unintentionally. You may quickly terminate your account by providing them with the code. However, you may wipe your account data, and when you reopen the IMO app, you will be prompted for your phone number. Once the number is provided, you will be able to receive your verification code. However, if someone has hacked your account, as previously stated, you must exercise caution, as they may have committed heinous crimes using your account.

Is it theoretically possible for anybody to hack?

IMO accounts are tough to hack, in comparison to other online chat programs. However, a skilled hacker is capable of doing so. However, you can safeguard yourself by using a VPN. You can only be hacked if you utilize an open WiFi network or if you are publicly visible. However, by encrypting your data using a VPN, you can ensure your safety.

How can you determine whether your IMO account has been hacked?

Regrettably, unlike Telegram, IMO does not provide a way to show active sessions. As a result, you cannot determine if there is any suspicious activity associated with your account. If you have any doubts, the only thing you can do is delete or re-verify your account.

Suggestions for protecting your IMO account from cyber-attacks

These steps might help you safeguard your IMO or other online chat app account.

Take caution before granting permission

You should not install any third-party applications on your phone other than those from Google Play or the App Store. When you allow third-party applications to be installed, anybody may be able to access your data.

When installing third-party applications on your phone, check to see if they request unnecessary rights to use the app. If anything seems dubious, do not install it.

WiFi network available for free

When traveling, avoid connecting to every free Wi-Fi network accessible due to the fact that cyber attackers might be located anywhere. If you use a VPN to connect to any open free Wi-Fi network, you should not be concerned.

Maintain your gadgets only for your own use

By reserving your equipment for personal usage, you may avoid complications. Because when you allow people access to your smartphone, which has facts about your IMO chats, calls, and photographs, any of their actions might be detrimental to your image. If you do not often log into your IMO account, use caution while lending your smartphone to others.

Secret IMO techniques you’ve never heard about

The IMO messaging program has a plethora of easy and hidden features that we may use.

Change the background color of IMO

  • To alter the background color of a person, click on him or her.
  • Right-click in the upper-right corner Chilean slash
  • Make the backdrop whatever color you choose.

Enhance your profile with background music

  • Simply click on your profile picture.
  • Navigate to the music widget and click.
  • Choose any music that appeals to you and save it.

Disable the option “Last seen”

  • Navigate to your account’s preferences menu.
  • Select the options icon.
  • Select privacy from the menu.
  • The last time you were seen will be deactivated, and you will be visible only if you are online.

Although IMO is comparable to other chat apps, it enables you to conduct audio calls even when your connection is weak.


If you intend to utilize the IMO service from any country, you will be unable to do so. However, using NordVPN, you can access IMO from anywhere around the globe. We propose NordVPN for its cutting-edge technology. VPNs may also be prohibited in some countries. However, you should not be concerned about NordVPN. It is rapidly gaining popularity due to the fact that it delivers a very trustworthy and valued service.

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