How can internet filters be bypassed without a proxy?

Internet filters can be beneficial because they can help employees save time by preventing access to sites such as social media platforms. Additionally, having uncensored access to the internet can be dangerous, particularly for children and businesses whose secure data could be compromised if employees access certain sites. However, it may be infuriating when adult users come across sites they believe are secure and want to access but are unable to do so because the site has been filtered, for example, by a workplace.

While some individuals have found that using a proxy allows them to access restricted websites, as internet filters get smarter, many proxy servers are becoming ineffective. Fortunately, even if you lack administrator privileges for the internet filter, you can still circumvent it and visit blocked websites without using a proxy. All you need to do is locate the website’s IP address, which is accomplished as follows:

Command prompt

By typing ‘Command Prompt’ in your computer’s search box and hitting enter, you may open your computer’s Command Prompt.


When the command prompt appears, enter the command ‘ping’. Ensure that you substitute ‘websitename’ with the URL of the website you are attempting to visit.

Internet protocol address

The Command prompt will display an IP address, a sequence of digits, and spaces that you must copy.

Internet browser

Copy and paste the website’s IP address into the URL box of your web browser. Internet filters do not restrict the IP addresses of websites, which means you will be able to visit the website you requested.

To increase your chances of accessing blocked websites, you should consider connecting to a VPN. VPNs obscure your activity from businesses and their internet filters, allowing them to see only an encrypted connection accessing data. As a result, the internet filter will be unable to restrict your access, unless all VPN connections are blocked, which is extremely improbable.

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