How do I use Apple Music anywhere?

Apple is one of the world’s most successful firms. They first entered the market through the Apple computer, which sparked a technological revolution. Their trade name became well known among the public due to their instantly recognizable emblem. Apple claims that their technology is “alien” in origin. In comparison to other companies, they are at a greater stage of technological development. At the moment, the Apple corporation has diversified its offerings to include an Apple automobile, a smart home, an Apple TV, and an Apple iPhone. As a result, the trading market has become very competitive. The iPhone is their most popular product because it has a much more effective UI-UX than other phones. It has grown in popularity because of its appealing looks and qualities.

The Apple Organization, which began with the centralization of the United States of America’s California, has expanded around the globe. The Apple Company develops new software daily because of the widespread use of Apple iPhones. Most individuals like to listen to music. As a result, they launched Apple Music, which enables iPhone owners to listen to music on any Apple device. However, in certain areas, it is now prohibited for Apple users. However, in this post, we will demonstrate how to access Apple Music from any location. Therefore, keep an eye on us.

Why is Apple Music prohibited in some countries?

Apple Music’s global user base continues to grow at a breakneck pace. However, depending on your nation or area of residence, you will be unable to download or purchase any content. Because some elements of specific applications, films, websites, and other content have limited access to particular countries. Apple Music is not accessible in every nation. Certain nations have been denied access to this service. One explanation is that certain nations are impoverished. Additionally, several nations have attempted to get it illegally. For these reasons, Apple has declined to provide Apple Music to some nations. There are three primary reasons why Apple Music is not permitted in some regions.

  • Conflicts between political ideologies and religious ideologies.
  • The primary emphasis has shifted to monetary worth.
  • Avoid concentrating your efforts on impoverished and tiny countries.

Countries where Apple Music is banned

Apple music has been prohibited in at least one or more nations on every continent. They claimed that, as of last month, Apple Music had tens of millions of paying subscribers globally. However, the majority of nations lack the capacity to create an Apple Music account.

Apple Music is prohibited in Syria, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, North and South Korea, Yemen, Iraq, Georgia, Bhutan, Bangladesh, and Myanmar. However, Apple Music is permitted in China. It represents a huge economic gain for the Apple company. Since Apple Music is not available for free, it should be purchased. Even if the majority of iPhone owners choose to pay a small monthly fee to get Apple Music.

Apple Music features


“Beats 1” is a 24-hour venue where you can listen to new music and interviews with your favorite musicians.


You will get personalized lists based on your preferences and listening habits. By keeping your favorite songs as a playlist that can be accessed as desired, you may listen to your chosen playlist again.


Apple Music is available on iOS, watchOS, Mac, and PC applications, and you can even use Android phones as third-party devices by establishing an Apple Music account through the Apple Music app.

Can you unblock Apple Music while traveling around the world?

It’s really easy to get a subscription when traveling or in a location that does not have access to Apple Music. All you have to do is get an IP address from a location where Apple Music is not blocked. Consider the United States or the United Kingdom as examples. To change an IP address in less than 30 seconds, the only straightforward method is to use a VPN. By using a VPN, you may instantly alter your current location.

By utilizing a VPN, you can connect to any other nation from anywhere on the globe. There are several VPN services available worldwide at the moment. However, the majority of their servers have been blocked in a number of countries. NordVPN is one of the greatest VPN services accessible at the moment. It has servers located across the globe, and if you use NordVPN, connecting to Apple Music will take just a few moments.

By changing your IP address to one in a country that has not banned Apple Music, you can establish an account and log in to the Apple Music app, where you can construct your own playlists and listen to your favorite music.

Is it compatible with Windows? What about the Android platform?

For Android users, there is a new, stable Apple Music app. As a result, the Beats Music Android app was decommissioned and replaced with the Apple Music app. This was Apple’s first release of an Android application. Apple Music is accessible through iTunes for Windows.

How much does Apple Music cost?

Apple Music is $ 9.99 per month for single users and $ 14.99 per month for households with six members. Students enrolled in approved colleges and institutions may make a monthly contribution of $4.99.

Apple Music: Finale

Apple Music has implemented limits in some areas due to the aforementioned reasons. Additionally, certain nations have imposed limits on Apple Music. They did so to halt money transfers from their nation to others. However, by using a VPN, you may access Apple Music from anywhere on the globe. We introduced you to NordVPN as the best VPN for Apple Music. You may use NordVPN for a variety of additional reasons in addition to Apple Music. It will safeguard you from cyber-attacks and hackers. As a result, if you’re looking for a VPN, NordVPN is the best option.

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