How do I watch YouTube videos without ads using YouTube Vanced?

YouTube Vanced is a well-known app that allows users to watch videos without being interrupted by advertisements. With the introduction of YouTube Vanced, the original YouTube app’s usage has decreased. Because when watching videos through the original app, advertisements are displayed, interfering with the enjoyment. That is not the case with YouTube Vanced. Additionally, you can experience the difference by installing the app. Today, we’re going to discuss how to watch YouTube videos without being interrupted by advertisements using YouTube Vanced. This, too, requires the assistance of a VPN. This was developed by Master T and his team at XDA.

What is the YouTube Vanced Application?

As previously stated, this allows you to watch videos without being interrupted by advertisements. While viewing videos and films on the original YouTube App, second-long advertisements occur. YouTube Vanced was created as a remedy to this.

Simply put, this has evolved into the current generation’s YouTube app. The developers accomplished this without causing any harm to the original application.

This app is identical to the original and includes specializations. We aim to debate them all, so please stick around until the conclusion.

You may make use of additional features in the YouTube Vanced app that are not available in the original app, and anybody who installs the YouTube Vanced app will not be prompted to install the original app.

Notable characteristics of YouTube Vanced

This software has all of the functionality found in the original YouTube, as well as additional capabilities.

Music playing in the background

Even if the screen is locked when viewing a video using this method, the video will continue to play in the background. When you return, it will be played going forward. This is a feature that is not included in the original YouTube app, since if the screen is locked while playing a video, the video will be paused and you must unlock the screen and reopen the app to resume playback. As a result, many people use this app to listen to music while doing daily tasks.

Ads block

The primary goal of designing this program was to allow users to view YouTube videos without being interrupted by advertisements. Through this software, you may now view YouTube videos without being interrupted by advertisements.

PIP (Picture in Picture) mode

While listening to music or viewing movies in the Vanced app, you may use any other app or do any other task on your phone. To do so, drag the video or music to the bottom of the screen. Even when viewing or listening, you may compose messages.

Resolution of Video

You may view high-definition videos in the same manner as with the regular YouTube app. As a result, there is no need to be concerned about the quality; they are identical to the videos in the original software.

Contemporary design

Unlike the previous software, this one allows you to choose whatever theme and color scheme you choose. The most well-known is Dark mode. This might be considered a clone of the original software, since YouTube Vanced is a modernized version of the original YouTube application.

The app’s primary features have been mentioned before. Additionally, this app offers all of the functionality included in the original YouTube application. YouTube Vanced is currently only available on the Android platform, although XDA devs have said that an iOS version of YouTube Vanced will be available soon.

How to install the YouTube Vanced app on your device

You may install this software on your smartphone in three different ways.

  1. YouTube Vanced for root devices
  2. Non-root devices
  3. Magisk Module

Magsik module is designed for rooted Android OS, non-rooted Android OS, and any OS.

Before installing YouTube Vanced, you must disable all automatic updates on your Android smartphone. If you forget, a new update will be loaded, rendering the YouTube Vanced app inoperable. As a result, you must disable all Play Store updates.

Installation of the Root APK

YouTube Vanced is available for download via websites such as XDA,, and Log in to these websites and download the program by choosing the root APK. After that, install it.

Disable Google Play Store updates and delete original YouTube applications.

In TWRP, flash the installation ZIP file.

Restart your phone, then launch the app for an incredible experience.

Installation of a non-root APK

Remove the official YouTube app from your device and disable Google Play Store updates.

From the official site, get YouTube Vanced Non-root APK.

After that, install the mini APK and then the Vanced APK.

Then, launch the Vanced app and sign in using your YouTube credentials.

Magisk Module

Utilize the aforementioned URLs to get the APK.

Then, through Magisk.plz, install

If not, make use of the Magisk module available in the download section.

Note for root/Magisk methods: Uninstall all YouTube updates and turn off Google Play Store auto-updates. The system-installed Vanced app will be superseded with the upgraded YouTube app. Even if the mod installation is successful, you will not be able to view it.

Why is it necessary to use a VPN with YouTube Vanced?

Websites have been blocked in some nations for a variety of reasons. Additionally, YouTube, a Google property, is utilized to generate revenue for Google. They make money by exposing their clients’ advertisements to their consumers. Advertising is another area of expertise for them. As a result, they do not allow the Vanced app to be published on the Google Play store, necessitating the usage of third-party websites.

To allow someone to browse the internet freely while being protected from hacker assaults, it is preferable to utilize a VPN service. And, most importantly, you may view the websites where the YouTube Vanced app is released and also download the software without a VPN. Because you can conceal yourself, you are your own privacy. It is critical to safeguard your data from hackers. Additionally, you may access blocked websites. When selecting a VPN, consider whether it is paid for or free, as well as its features. Because, despite the fact that there are several VPN services available, you will be unable to accomplish your objectives with just one. Then it is ineffective. If you’re looking to download the YouTube Vanced app, we suggest NordVPN.

Additionally, by downloading the YouTube Vanced app through VPN, you may view YouTube videos while ensuring that no one can access your private information or true geo-location. Simply stated, your information will not be shared with any other party.

Which VPN is the best for downloading YouTube Vanced?

You may have used a VPN before or never. It makes no difference, however if you have used, consider this. Was the VPN a good value for the money you paid?

You should have no reservations about downloading YouTube Vanced from the websites where it is offered. Because there is NordVPN, and you can rely on it completely.

Before you browse the internet for free, you should consider your safety. You can often get programs via third-party websites, and YouTube Vanced is one of them. However, if you have previously installed NordVPN, you need not be concerned.

NordVPN is compatible with all major operating systems and is very simple to use.

NordVPN costs $11.99 per month and also offers a one-year subscription. It is not a waste of money to invest in your internet. You are providing a superior and safer service at a reasonable price.

Additionally, there are a few other methods to get the NordVPN service for free.


By reading this, you’ve already gained information about how to watch YouTube videos without commercials. We suggest using NordVPN for viewing videos using the YouTube Vanced app for the aforementioned reasons, as well as its affordability and excellent services.

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