How safe are Roblox games for children?

Would you let your children play Roblox games?

If you are the parent of a teen or preteen, you have undoubtedly heard about Roblox. During the pandemic, the game’s popularity skyrocketed, resulting in a massive user base of more than 42 million individuals. Additionally, in the first quarter of 2021, players spent 9.7 billion hours playing Roblox games. Over half of these users were children. Although this software has been available since 2006, it has lately risen to prominence as one of the most popular game applications for children.

Are you curious as to why?

To begin, let me explain what Roblox is and why children like it.

About Roblox games 

The Roblox company describes itself as a worldwide platform dedicated to uniting people through play. While Roblox is an online video game, it is not identical to Minecraft or Fortnite. It is a repository of approximately 40.000 multiplayer online games created by novice gamers.

Roblox’s most popular online games are Adopt Me, Tower of Hell, and Meep City. Individuals may join Roblox and then play Roblox games with their friends and strangers from all around the globe. Users are not charged for playing the game. However, there are in-app payments available to unlock extra features.

Based on the Play Store description,

“It’s a virtual platform for creating, sharing experiences with friends, and transforming into whatever you want. Accompany others and immerse yourself in the range of experiences created by a worldwide community! “

Why do children love Roblox games?

The following are some of the reasons why youngsters pick Roblox to play or create.

Roblox is free to use

Children may download and play Roblox games for free. However, certain in-app transactions require youngsters to spend their unique currency, Robux.

Simple to play

Roblox is a gift for people who are new to the world of video gaming. Its features and functions are very user-friendly. Whether wanting to play Roblox or develop their games, no one will be dissatisfied. It’s an ideal atmosphere for trying new things.

Earning potential

As previously stated, children and other users are not limited to just playing Roblox online games; they may also develop them. They may also get cash compensation if their game gains popularity.

Roblox maintains a social media presence

Children just like accessing harmful social media sites, which is why they gravitate toward Roblox chat rooms.

You’re probably wondering about the game’s age rating at this point.

Roblox age rating

The majority of content on the Roblox online platform is created by users, which is presumably why Roblox games do not face the same stringent content regulations that commercial businesses do.

Age rating for iOS

  • Appropriate for children aged 12 and above.
  • Contains brief instances of minor violence inspired by cartoons, reality, or imagination.

Age rating for Android

  • Appropriate for children aged 10 and above.
  • This work contains imagined violence.

Despite its age classification, I believe you should not allow your kid under the age of 13 to play this game alone.

Dangers involved with Roblox games

Our team of experts tested this program and discovered numerous flaws that youngsters should be aware of when playing Roblox.

Interactions that are confusing

The online chat function provides a glimpse into potentially troublesome aspects. Yes, this functionality may be disabled, however, there are also third-party chat windows that seem to be integrated into the game. It may result in cyberbullying or contact with any unwelcome stranger.

Sexually explicit content

Certain user-created characters are completely inappropriate for children. They are trained to engage in sexual or degrading behavior throughout the game.

In-game purchases

To accomplish anything above the very minimum on Roblox, one must spend a significant sum of money. I’m curious as to the name of the premium Roblox membership.

Roblox Premium has three subscription tiers available:

  • $4.99, which includes 450 Robux
  • $9.99, which includes 1000 Robux
  • $19.99, which includes 2200 Robux

There is a possibility that your children may make some costly payments without your knowledge.

Any online multiplayer game serves as a portal to the internet’s hazards. That is when parental restrictions become necessary. Is Roblox equipped with much-needed parental controls?

Yes, Roblox games have built-in parental controls to help keep this gaming software secure.

What are Roblox parental controls and how can they be enabled?

Roblox has built-in parental controls that allow you to manage the content your children encounter and create a list of age-appropriate games. By activating the game’s parental controls, you can ensure that all avatars are dressed appropriately. Additionally, it employs chat filters to filter out slang and other objectionable content. Additionally, Roblox allows you to monitor your child’s private and public conversation histories, as well as their friends and followers. Additionally, you can see their purchase history, game creations, and most recently played games.

Three basic actions are required to activate Roblox parental controls:

  1. Join Roblox. After starting the game, a gear icon will appear in the upper right area; click on it.
  2. Select Settings and then Security.
  3. Toggle the Account Restrictions slide to the ON position.

Now, allow me to explain how you can utilize these parental controls and other tips and techniques to keep your child secure when using this program.

How to make Roblox safe for children?

  • Naturally, the first step is to activate parental controls on Roblox games.
  • Even if your child is over the age of thirteen, you must register them for this gaming application as they are under the age of thirteen. This will automatically activate content filtering to prevent improper content from being accessed.
  • Make no hesitation in blocking or reporting any disruptive element.
  • Engage in play with your child. It will improve the quality of your parent-child relationship and enable you to track their activities more efficiently.
  • Limit your screen time with Roblox’s built-in parental controls. This does not include the ability to set time restrictions. Set an overall time restriction for this game using the finest parental controls, such as Mobicip. Additionally, it may help you keep their schedule by preventing them from playing this or any other harmful game at bedtime, meals, or study time.
  • If possible, disable voice conversations.

Roblox games: Final thoughts

Roblox is an excellent place for adolescents and tweens to express their creativity. By creating and playing Roblox games, kids can exercise their creativity, improve their social skills, and learn to code. However, there is too much danger associated with it if youngsters play it unsupervised. My suggestion would be to let your children play but maintain vigilance. There is nothing wrong with helicopter parenting if it means protecting your child from critical dangers such as internet bullying, data theft, and harassment.

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