How to access blocked websites by the US government

Although the World Wide Web is “global,” it is not uniformly distributed. You may be unable to access some websites depending on your location and who you are. Which is unjust. Why should you be unable to plan a vacation because the US government has chosen to exclude American businesses from operating in your country? It occurred in Iran, and the victims were not politicians, but ordinary citizens. That is why today we will discuss how to access websites that have been banned by the US government, whether they are located in Iran or another country.

How to access blocked sites by the US government

When the US imposes limitations on countries, whether justified or not, and those restrictions compel American companies to refrain from doing business in those countries, you are severely restricted.

In Iran, planning vacations and even basic activities like playing video games have been impacted by the US government’s efforts.

Fortunately, there is a straightforward method for accessing US government-blocked websites, since such restrictions do not apply in the majority of countries.

Are you in need of access to US government-blocked websites? An encrypted virtual private network (VPN) can help.

VPNs provide two significant advantages. They let you circumvent geo-blocks by digitally altering your location, whether it’s to access US government-banned websites or to expand your Netflix options.

What about the second significant advantage? That enables you to use the internet safely and securely. When you connect to a VPN, your IP address is altered, and your connection is secured to the greatest degree possible.

However, this is not as straightforward if you want to access US government-blocked websites that are similarly restricted in other countries that do not ban them. And that is what we will discuss below.

How to unblock streaming services blocked by the US government such as Netflix

Netflix and other streaming services often need more than just connecting to a VPN server. In most instances, if you wish to access US government-blocked websites that are streaming platforms, you must connect to the correct server, just as you would if you were in the UK and tried to access American Netflix.

This is because streaming services often have to intervene to prevent VPN servers from functioning.

NordVPN has a convenient tab that displays all available servers in your area.

How to access blocked sites by your government

While the US government may ban certain sites to prevent businesses from operating in your country, your government may also restrict sites.

This is particularly prevalent in China when it comes to American social media, which we addressed and suggest you read about, since it is much more complicated than China’s banning of content and involves a lot of data.

If you wish to access websites that your own government has banned and you reside in a country that prohibits VPN services, you’ll need to utilize a Stealth VPN.

For example, ordinary VPN connections are identifiable because they vary in appearance from normal internet traffic. Countries such as China are adept at detecting conventional VPNs. Meanwhile, Stealth VPN enables you to blend in with regular traffic, allowing you to easily access restricted websites.

The general concept is the same as for accessing US government-blocked websites. All you need to do is establish a connection to a country that does not restrict access to a website.

Naturally, if you want to watch Netflix in countries such as China, you’ll also need to connect to the correct VPN server, since not all servers support all services. Indeed, the majority do not. That is why NordVPN covers the majority of Netflix countries, while other providers offer thousands of additional servers.

Is accessing blocked sites by the US government legal?

If you are in a restricted country and use a VPN to access a banned American website, you are not violating American law since you are not physically in the United States. However, if the country in which you are now located has declared VPN services illegal, you should proceed with caution.

If your country prohibits the use of VPNs, the key to being secure is to be completely shielded. The problem is that the majority of individuals utilize VPN services without having the necessary expertise to secure themselves completely.

This is why we have compiled a concise checklist of critical items to watch for:

  1. Does the VPN client you’re using have security features like IPv6 Leak Protection or DNS Leak Protection?
  2. Is the VPN client that you’re using equipped with either an Application Guard or a Kill Switch?
  3. Is your VPN server located in a country that adheres to stringent privacy laws?

With regards to 1 and 2, these are fundamental characteristics that have a significant impact in terms of your safety since they guarantee that nothing you do is ever inadvertently disclosed. In terms of number three, the location of your VPN is often the most critical factor in determining your level of security. When it comes to this, you definitely do not want to use a VPN located in the US. While VPN services may help keep you secure online, they act as a buffer between your data and the outside world, and if a VPN keeps records, those logs can be exploited to expose you. NordVPN? Panama is the country where it is headquartered. This is an area with some of the strictest privacy regulations in the world, which means they cannot keep records, and which means you will never be exposed.

That is how to unblock US government-blocked websites

To be honest, it’s very easy.

It is far more straightforward than setting up Hulu outside the United States. Simply establish a VPN connection and, if necessary, use a Stealth VPN.

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