How to access BT Sport outside the UK with a VPN

BT Sport is a popular streaming service in the United Kingdom, with its television channel and website covering sports such as football, rugby, cricket, tennis, and Formula One 24 hours a day. Regrettably, the complete selection of sports is only accessible to anyone connected through a UK-based IP address. This means that British citizens going overseas are unable to simply open a browser or the companion app and check in as they would usually. In this situation, BT Sport will limit access.

You may be met with the following message:

“This content is only available to viewers in the UK”.

The most effective method of circumventing BT Sport’s geo-restricted access is to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). If you’re unfamiliar with what it is, do not worry. A VPN is basically a robust piece of software designed to encrypt all internet traffic to and from your device and tunnel it via a server located outside your present location.

Because of this function, you are allocated an IP address linked to the country in which the VPN server is situated. Using a VPN ensures anonymity and privacy while also enabling access to a slew of geo-restricted content, including Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and BeIN Sports.

How to watch BT Sport from abroad using a VPN

The implicit assumption here is that you are a current BT Sport subscriber attempting to access the service from a location outside the United Kingdom. If you have not yet signed up for the service, you must do so before proceeding with the suggestions in this section.

  1. Subscribe to the VPN service mentioned in this article. We suggest NordVPN in particular.
  2. After registering and paying, you may download the applications to your phone or PC/Macbook.
  3. Clear your browser’s cookies and cache to eliminate outdated location markers, and then restart your device.
  4. Log into the VPN app and choose a server in the United Kingdom. Once that is complete, open your browser—Chrome or Firefox should do—and go to BT Sport as usual.

Which VPN is the best for BT Sport?

In this part, we’ll look at a VPN provider that is specifically built to work with BT Sport. They are evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Service responsiveness and dependability.
  • Servers in the United Kingdom.
  • Encryption standards that are robust enough to avoid data leakage.
  • Excellent value for money.
  • Android and iOS applications.


NordVPN is our top recommendation for watching BT Sports. It offers lightning-fast speeds and robust encryption. NordVPN is compatible with a wide variety of online streaming providers, including Netflix, Hulu, and the BBC iPlayer. The organization has been in operation for more than a decade, which has aided in the delivery of a successful solution. It’s an excellent solution for consumers seeking a fast VPN that adheres to all security requirements.

NordVPN has a no-log policy. It keeps no records of user sessions, traffic, or timestamps. This policy has previously served it well. The firm acknowledges that it has been contacted by government authorities to pass along consumer data but has been unable to do so due to a lack of data on its computers. Additionally, it is incorporated in Panama, which exempts it from any obligatory data retention rules and keeps it out of the reach of Western authorities.

The firm maintains over 5,000 servers in several locations, giving it a viable option for almost every kind of digital activity. In the United Kingdom alone, there are 700+ server sites. Power users will like the fact that it assists you in selecting a server that is optimized for your unique needs—these may include anti-DDoS, video streaming, Double VPN, Tor over VPN, or dedicated IP.

By default, the firm encrypts all communication using the 256-bit AES protocol and 2,048-bit SSL keys. Protection against DNS leaks is enabled.

There are versions available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, and Android.

What about the BT Sport mobile application?

The official BT Sport app is available for Android and iOS, which means it is compatible with a wide variety of smartphones and tablets. If you want to stream media on any of these devices, you must first download the companion VPN software and then follow the instructions indicated in the preceding section, being sure to deactivate your GPS. Of course, there is no longer any need to open a web browser—the BT Sport app will suffice.

Is it necessary to utilize a free VPN to watch BT Sport?

While you may be tempted to use a free VPN, the fact is that you will only get a fraction of the standards offered by commercial alternatives.

Free VPNs profit by inundating you with intrusive advertisements, encrypting your data, and selling it. That is because they are investing substantial sums of money in developing and maintaining the service and want a return on their investment. It serves as a harsh reminder that when the product is free, you become the product.

The VPN mentioned features hundreds of servers located across the globe, and developers are continually optimizing the product. Free VPN providers provide just a sliver of the same experience. Your selection will be limited to broadband throttling and will be subject to data limitations.

Why isn’t my VPN compatible with BT Sport?

There are a few possible reasons why your VPN may be incompatible with BT Sport. To begin with, the service may still be obtaining historical location data prior to your VPN connection. Simply erase your cookies and reload the website to avoid this.

If this does not resolve the issue, switch to a different UK server. If difficulties remain despite these procedures, we suggest contacting your VPN provider directly for assistance. They may be able to direct you to a working server.

What is the cheapest method of subscribing to BT Sport?

If you’re an EE member, text “SPORT” to 150 to get three months of BT Sport for free. Simply remember to cancel on time since this will automatically renew at a cost of £10 each month afterwards.

Have you already subscribed to BT broadband? In such a situation, access to the BT Sport app is available for £15 per month. Otherwise, you will be charged the full £25 every month. There is no long-term commitment, but there is also no trial period.

Certain VPNs to avoid

If you want to use a VPN to view BT Sport, you want to be certain that your privacy and data will not be compromised. That is understandable. People respect their privacy today, which is a significant reason for the existence of VPNs. The issue begins when VPN providers violate these standards and voluntarily send up customer data when they come under fire. We strongly advise you to avoid such services.

The following are two VPN companies that we suggest you should avoid:


While details about the case are still emerging, recent media reports indicate that VPN service PureVPN worked with the FBI to identify Massachusetts resident Ryan Lin.

Ryan, a PureVPN user, was suspected of stalking a 24-year-old woman who has not been identified. He purchased the program in order to conceal his activities.

The suspect gained access to the anonymous woman’s personal iCloud and Google Drive accounts and attempted to extort money using them.

While PureVPN has maintained that no content for chats was captured, business may have been far more open.

Hola VPN

Hola, situated in Israel, was formerly home to a 50 million-strong user base for its renowned Chrome VPN add-on. However, it used this wholly immoral situation to its advantage by converting individuals into a large botnet.

This effectively converted a portion of each Hola user’s bandwidth into a piece. The critical mass was used to launch assaults on other websites, pushing pornographic content and copyrighted content.

We strongly advise you to avoid them at all costs.

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