How to boost your VPN speed

While a VPN is the greatest tool for viewing all websites and safeguarding your online privacy, it may cause your internet connection to slow down when used.

In general, the performance of a VPN is dependent on the speed of your internet connection. There may be some speed loss during the data encryption process, which is usually between 10% and 20% slower than without a VPN.

Additionally, some VPN services have additional problems. If you’re using a free VPN, it likely has a high number of users, congested servers, and slow speeds.

Users often point the finger at VPN service providers, but you can speed things up on your own! Here, we’ll discuss seven methods for increasing the speed of your VPN connection.

1, Ensure that your internet connection is fast

If your internet connection is slow, do not expect the VPN to be quicker. Therefore, before starting the VPN application, you should ensure that your internet connection is strong enough. If the problem is only with the internet, you simply need to increase your internet package.

2, Reboot your router or modem on a regular basis

After some time of using the router/modem, your internet speed will deteriorate owing to memory leakage. This issue may be resolved by restarting the router or modem.

3, Experiment with several VPN servers

If you are located a significant distance from the VPN server to which you are connected, the VPN will slow down correspondingly. As a result, while connecting to VPN servers, please try to connect to the nearest one.

4, Connect through a wired connection

The Wi-Fi connection will throttle your internet speed. The strength of the Wi-Fi signal is dependent on the reception conditions of numerous devices. As a result, a wired connection may offer a quicker internet connection.

5, Disable your computer’s local security program

Anti-virus software and firewalls will upload and download data throughout the VPN’s operation, slowing it down. When utilizing a VPN, temporarily deactivate anti-virus software; this will improve the VPN’s performance.

6, Bring your device up to date

After two or three years of usage, the performance of a router, an Android phone, an Apple phone, or a PC will degrade. Both the responsiveness of the device and the speed of the network connection will deteriorate. The only way to resolve this issue is to perform a device upgrade.

7, Restart your device

Finally, if your computer or smartphone has been operating for an extended period, it will get stuck. Rebooting your device will improve your experience.

These techniques may assist you in increasing your VPN speed. Kindly notify us if you know of any more techniques.

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