How to choose a good VPN Chrome extension

Nothing worthwhile is ever completely free. While a VPN Chrome plugin may have a $0 price tag, can you truly believe it? Are you a pessimist or an optimist?

I’m a cynic, and for good reason—you can never accept anything on the internet at face value. When anything is advertised as “free,” there is almost always a catch. However, how does this relate to a VPN Chrome extension? The problem is that Chrome VPN is touted as being completely free.

The data-selling problem

As TechCrunch notes, “free VPNs are detrimental to your privacy.” Why?

“As the adage goes, if something is free, you are the product… selling your internet traffic to the highest bidder to serve you targeted advertisements while connected to the VPN. Other complimentary VPN services have been accused of inserting advertisements into the websites you visit. ”

You must have complete confidence in your VPN. It’s a no-go if they’re gathering, evaluating, and selling your data. It not only jeopardizes your security but also substantially degrades the quality of your online experience.

Rather, you may pay a small monthly subscription for a much more secure connection. However, can you trust a sponsored VPN? According to the same source, sometimes no—in 2020, a VPN’s user data was fully disclosed on the internet due to an event.

You need a VPN with a reputable no-logs policy. As shown by their Sealed Server Technology, NordVPN places a premium on this and ensures that all of your activity is safe.

Appropriately installing VPN Chrome extension

Now that you’ve decided to invest in a premium VPN, you’ll want to learn how to download it. Extensions for Chrome must be downloaded directly from the Chrome Web Store. After you’ve subscribed to a VPN package, you’ll need to purchase it from this shop.

Why is this significant? To be honest, many people who download the extension from the web store are puzzled when they discover that they must have a paid account to use the VPN. They think that since the download is free, the service must also be complimentary.

While this may not affect your privacy, there are frequent misconceptions about “free” VPN plugins.

How to spend your money wisely on a quality VPN

Selecting a premium VPN is a significant decision, even more so if you were hoping for something free. Now that you’re aware that “free” is not an option, how can you ensure you’re making a wise purchase? You need a VPN with superior functionality and a strong commitment to privacy.

NordVPN’s primary focus is on your online experience. They just want to improve it, from security to streaming.

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