How to download geo-restricted apps for Android and iOS

“Geo-restriction” is a phrase used to describe applications and online content that are restricted to certain nations or areas. It is a method for restricting access to and use of certain applications inside a geographical region. A well-known example is Netflix US, which is exclusively available to US citizens.

When you attempt to download a restricted app, however, your location becomes available to the app’s server. The server determines whether your location falls inside the banned areas and then denies you access to the software download.

The server of the application retrieves your geographical data from any of the following sources:

  • Your IP address.
  • Your device’s GPS (Global Positioning System).
  • The Radio Frequency Identification of your device.
  • The Wi-Fi location to which you may be connected.

If you’re wondering why some applications are only accessible in certain regions, here are a few explanations:

  • Restrictions imposed by an Internet service provider for reasons such as X-rated content, political reasons, or government rules, etc.
  • For example, Firefox’s Beta versions and a number of programs and popular games were released in stages dependent on geography.
  • Lack of availability of payment options within the area
  • Licensing: Before making their services accessible to the citizens of a country, content streaming businesses must secure the appropriate licensing rights. In some instances, content providers must get TV and Internet rights.
  • Copyright agreements: In some instances, content providers select which areas may access their content based on licensing concerns. This is a major limitation for streaming service providers such as Hulu, the BBC, Netflix, etc.
  • Geo-restrictions may be used to make inhabitants of specific nations or areas pay extra for services due to price discrimination.
  • Geo-restriction is a popular practice in the United States for limiting geographical access to certain events, particularly athletic events.
  • This is a typical occurrence in the United Kingdom, since the majority of television programming is confined within the nation’s borders.

Simple access to regionally restricted applications

  • Utilize VPN services: VPN services are private networks that route your requests securely via tunnels, hiding your IP address and altering your location. NordVPN is one of the greatest VPN service providers available, allowing you to circumvent any regional limitations and get access to any prohibited applications.
  • Utilize the Onion Router (Tor Browser): With the Tor browser, you may bypass any geo-restrictions and access any geo-blocked applications. Your IP address and digital traces are concealed, and your data flow is routed via many onion nodes.
  • Proxy servers: Proxy servers are servers that function as an intermediary between you and the server you’re attempting to connect to. It functions by routing your requests to the relevant server. It does so using its IP address and geographical location.
  • Smart DNS services: Smart DNS services replace the geolocation of your DNS address with that of an address outside of your country of residence. Smart DNS intercepts your request and replaces any data that compromises your geolocation with fresh geolocation information.

How to access geo-restricted applications on Android

Method 1: Use Tor Browser

Using the Onion Network, this approach lets you get geo-restricted applications from Google Play on your Android devices (Tor browser).

Note: a Tor browser is not required to access geo-blocked iTunes applications.

Follow the steps below to download geo-restricted applications from the Google Play Store:

  • Install the Tor browser from the Google Play Store.
  • Download and install the Orbot application, which is a Tor proxy.
  • Open Orbot and choose a location, ideally “United States”.
  • To connect to the Tor Proxy, press the “Start” button.
  • Launch the Tor browser and go to to access the Android Play Store.
  • Download a geo-restricted app, such as the Spotify music app.
  • It may be necessary to validate your email address.

This does not function on modern Android devices such as Android 9.0.

Method 2: Use UnOfficial Play Store Repository

Geo-restricted applications may be downloaded and installed via third-party app stores such as Aptoide and Apkmirror.

Tor may be used to download and install any geo-restricted program from a third-party app store.

Allow ‘Installation of Unknown applications’ in the security settings of your smartphone.

How to access geo-restricted iOS applications

iOS’s geo-restrictions are region-based as opposed to IP-based. This implies that changing your device’s region to any place in the globe where the geo-restricted app is accessible is sufficient.

There are hundreds of applications available in Apple’s iTunes store, with regular additions. Some of these applications are restricted to inhabitants of certain countries, meaning that non-citizens are automatically denied access.

Follow the steps in this article to discover how to circumvent limitations put on applications like Hulu Plus and other geo-restricted apps. You will be able to access applications using this.

  • In the device’s settings, choose iTunes & App Store.
  • Tap your Apple ID and pick the View Apple ID option.
  • Enter your Apple ID password to log in.
  • Tap ‘Country/Region’ on your account dashboard and choose ‘Change Country or Region.’
  • Scroll through the selections and choose the desired nation, such as the United States.
  • To accept Apple’s Media Services Terms and Conditions, tap ‘Agree’ on the agreement message that appears.
  • You must complete the ‘BILLING ADDRESS’ field on the displayed page. Provide a billing address in the nation of your choice.
  • Tap ‘Next’ in the upper-right corner of ‘ACCOUNT.’
  • Note that you are not required to provide your credit/debit card information; just choose “None” for both the PayPal and credit card fields.
  • Launch iTunes and search for the geo-restricted app of your choosing.
  • If the app cannot be located in the iTunes store, you may need to use a search engine and the app’s store URL to locate it.


With the aforementioned workarounds, you can download any geo-restricted application. The good news for iOS device users is that changing their nationality has no impact on the app’s performance on their device. To get access to geo-restricted applications, however, you must use a reputable VPN service provider such as NordVPN.

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