How to prevent your email from being hacked

Despite many awareness campaigns about the vulnerability of email accounts to hacking, hackers continue to hack millions of emails. Yahoo said in an article in the New York Times that almost one billion user accounts were stolen in 2014. The hackers obtained sensitive information that might have been used to reset the password during the assault, including dates of birth, telephone numbers, and unencrypted security questions.

Today, we’ll look at four methods to keep your email secure from hackers.

Evaluate your online customer interactions

Keeping in contact with consumers has become easier as a result of increasing internet connections throughout the world and technological advancements. However, you risk exposing your email to horrible customers that are just interested in your email account and not in your goods or services. According to Dark Reading, although maintaining effective contact with customers is critical for your business, you must exercise caution not to overdo it. By clicking on a link included in a fake email, you may inadvertently install malware on your computer.

Avoid logging in from unknown computers

Public computers, particularly those located in coffee shops and libraries, have been known to contain harmful software designed to collect information on anybody who uses them to surf the internet. If you need to use one of these machines, refrain from logging into your email account. According to a Huffington Post article, any computer that you do not maintain, even those of your coworkers, may be infected with malware.

Create a strong and unique password

While you may believe your password is unique and unbreakable due to the presence of numerous strange characters, it may not be strong enough if it is short. In theory, the longer and more unique a password is, the more difficult it is to break. The password should not appear on any list of popular passwords or be connected to your business in any way.

Two-step verification enabled

The majority of email service providers, such as Google and Yahoo, use a two-step verification procedure that adds another degree of protection to email communications. By enabling this verification, you will receive a unique code on your phone, which you must input after entering your username and password to have full access to the account.

These simple techniques are very successful in preventing email hacking. To be on the safe side, begin hugging them immediately.

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