How to remove yourself from the internet

What if you want to completely disappear from the internet? What factors do you need to examine, and how are you going to address them?

Perhaps the reason you want this action is as follows:

  • Account information that has been hacked
  • Theft of identity
  • Bank robbery
  • Blackmail, extortion, harassment, threats to one’s life

Whatever your reason for wanting to remove yourself from the internet, there are many methods available. Although we will never be able to completely remove your traces because our personality is revealed to the “public” and we have no idea who our profile’s audience is. However, we can delete some, but not all, of your internet traces by following the steps below:

Consider carefully what you will lose

This is the fundamental step that you must take before making any significant choice like this. The act of deleting oneself from the internet is irreversible. You’ll lose access to internet information, marketing accomplishments, and potential jobs or prospects. You are not permitted to duplicate your account or create a new one using the same name and email address as previously used. Additionally, you may explore alternative possible solutions to the issue other than eliminating yourself. And then consider if the risk is worth the gain.

Make a list

If you have no reservations about taking this step, you may begin by compiling a list of online sites on which you have developed, participated, or joined. This way, you’ll have the option to delete all of your online accounts, which will assist you in avoiding missing a site you’ve joined. However, keep in mind that this maneuver will never be mastered. Additionally, you may forget about certain websites that you joined years ago.

Deactivate your internet accounts/delete your social media accounts

If you believe you are prepared, then let us begin. The majority of social media accounts have one thing in common with you, and that is:

  • Email address
  • Username
  • Password

This is how they secure your account, and it is one of the most important things to remember while deleting all the sites in which you have participated. While it is unlikely that you will remember every network site, attempt to remember as many as possible.

You must remove or deactivate your accounts:

  • Websites dedicated to social media. Each and every one of whom you were a part of. For instance, on Facebook, if you want to be deactivated for a little time, you may choose the duration of the deactivation.
  • Advertisement networks, online service providers, and online auction sites.
  • Sites for online shopping and banking. These sites are almost certain to contain your bank information, which you cannot leave behind.
  • Alma Mater locations. If you have ceased enrollment.
  • Websites devoted to games. Remove all your data, including virtual goods and accomplishments accumulated over time. Transfer your item to another player if the gaming site permits it.
  • Sites that are related. Close any third-party apps that are aiding in your usage of social networking platforms.
  • Google lookups. You may erase your Google search history by adjusting your settings.
  • Accounts from the past. Even the ones that are seldom used, if you can recall everything.

Additionally, you may want to seek assistance from applications or websites that can provide instructions and erase your accounts for you. If you’re having difficulty canceling your account, just change the username and password to something fictitious or totally odd.

All email accounts should be closed or terminated

Each of the websites in which you participated required you to provide your email address. And removing this will result in the loss of all your digital transactions, including those with potential jobs, banks, ease of communication, and other digital services.

Gmail and Yahoomail are the most popular email providers. You may modify your account’s settings and terminate or delete them. However, ensure that you have considered everything thoroughly before proceeding.

Utilize a VPN service

Here is another tool that may alleviate your internet-related concerns. At this point, you may have deleted ALL of your accounts, but the reality remains that you need internet access. This is the primary function of the VPN—to conceal the critical point that you want. This is an excellent place to start if you want to have private surfing and avoid being monitored, particularly when it comes to banking or commercial transactions.

Always keep in mind that there are certain things that we cannot erase. Therefore, be cautious with what you post online, since you never know who is watching.

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