How to stop online tracking

If you are unaware of your online activities, it is virtually certain that you will be followed and that the searches you do will be saved by search engines and websites. If you want to protect your privacy and stop internet monitoring, continue reading to learn about five simple methods to do so in less than ten minutes!

Surf the web with non-tracking search engines

For example, Google and Bing, monitor users and create profiles that they may subsequently use to educate marketers. However, there are search engines that have been built expressly to minimize monitoring and therefore protect your privacy. Startpage and DuckDuckGo are two search engines that do not monitor their users’ activities while online.

Examine the terms of service for applications

When you download applications to your phone or computer, it’s all too easy to skim the terms and conditions. However, if you wish to stop internet monitoring, you must read the agreements thoroughly. Not only will this notify you of the information that the app will include once downloaded, but it will also inform you of your rights if you discover that any of your personal information has been exposed.

Adjust your social media privacy settings

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are excellent for networking and advertising. They are, however, excellent tools for businesses to monitor you. To limit the amount of data collected about you while you’re online, change the privacy settings on social networking sites. You can control who sees your posts, tweets, and pictures simply by changing the settings—choose what you want, public, and what you want in private.

Clear cookies from your computer on a regular basis

You may disable third-party cookie settings and configure your cookies to expire when you close your browser; both of these options guarantee that you will not get any unwanted tracking cookies. Additionally, you should periodically delete any cookies that have been installed on your computer.

Purchase a VPN

Obtaining a VPN is an incredibly simple method to enhance your online privacy. Your IP address is masked by VPNs, ensuring that your searches and online history remain secret. Obtaining a VPN will only take a few minutes and will prevent internet monitoring.

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