How to stream Eén from anywhere

Due to licensing limitations, the Belgian television station Eén is only accessible in Belgium and Holland. The good news is that you may circumvent these limitations by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). A VPN server in Belgium will supply you with a Belgian IP address that will allow you to watch Eén from outside the country. The same holds true for a server in Holland to get an IP address there (to broadcast Eén on Ziggo).

If you go overseas for business or vacation and attempt to watch Eén without a VPN, the following error notice will appear:

“Door bepaalde rechten kunnen we sommige programma’s enkel in Belgie vertonen”

This translates as “You can’t watch this here. Due to certain rights, we can only show some programs in Belgium.”

Similarly, if you attempt to watch Eén from outside the Netherlands using the Dutch provider Ziggo GO, you will get an error notice stating that it is unavailable.

Not all VPNs are compatible with Eén since streaming providers make a concerted effort to restrict them. This implies that you must use caution while selecting a VPN for Eén.

Fortunately, there are still a few VPNs that allow you to watch Eén while traveling. Therefore, if you’re itching to catch up on your favorite program, you may use this approach to reclaim access from any location.

How to watch Eén when traveling outside of Belgium using a VPN

While not all VPNs are capable of streaming Eén, we have combed the market and identified providers that are. Our suggestion is to have servers that are fast enough to stream Eén in high definition from anywhere on the globe. Simply follow the instructions below to configure your VPN:

  1. Choose a VPN service for Eén. We definitely suggest NordVPN since it is fast and provides servers in countries where Eén is available for streaming.
  2. Utilize our link to buy the VPN at the lowest feasible price using our automated coupon.
  3. Download and install the VPN app on your smartphone. Our VPN recommendations include desktop and mobile applications for Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android.
  4. Connect to the VPN and choose a server in Belgium or the Netherlands, depending on whatever streaming service you often use to watch Eén. (We’ll provide links to all of the platforms where you may watch Eén later in this guide.)
  5. Once the VPN is connected, go to one of the streaming providers and choose either the live stream of Eén or a catch-up program.

The stream should now function normally. If you continue to get an error, delete your browser’s cookies and cache and then reload the page. This will prevent previously-lodged trackers from determining your true location.

There are over a hundred consumer-facing VPN services available, and not all of them are suited to enhancing online privacy and accessibility. Numerous VPNs are too sluggish to view content without buffering, while hundreds of firms scrimp on security or use obsolete software.

We use a data-driven testing process to guarantee that we only propose the top best VPN for each specific job. We look for DNS and IP leaks, as well as effective encryption and sophisticated privacy features such as a kill switch and obfuscation.

Below, we’ve given a summary of the key factors we utilized to determine the best VPN for Eén:

Servers in Belgium and Holland are used to transmit Eén and other Dutch television stations to international audiences.

  • Rapid streaming in high definition.
  • Completely featured apps for all platforms.
  • A no-logs policy that ensures your privacy in the present and future.
  • Responsive customer service through live chat agents.
  • A money-back guarantee allows you to evaluate the service and compare it to other offerings.


Can I view Eén with a free VPN?

No. We have yet to come across a VPN with servers in Belgium or the Netherlands capable of streaming Eén. Additionally, free VPNs are often congested and include a small number of sluggish servers that are unsuitable for streaming. Since a consequence, they are inappropriate for streaming, as they will cause persistent buffering.

Apart from these performance concerns, a free VPN is a terrible decision due to the associated privacy and security threats. Free VPNs earn money by gathering and selling its users’ data. To do this, they have intrusive privacy practices that enable them to follow and profile everything you do online.

Additionally, investigations have showed that free VPNs often misrepresent the amount of encryption they provide (or worse yet, have none). And their applications have been discovered to include major vulnerabilities and even adware. As a result, the majority of free VPNs pose a significant danger to your digital privacy.

Where can I watch Eén online for free?

If you want to watch Eén online, you have a few possibilities. Bear in mind that each streaming service is only accessible inside the area for which it is licensed. This means that you’ll need to connect to a VPN in that country in order to view Eén from a different location.

  • VRT NU  – Belgium only
  • Telenet TV – Belgium only
  • Yelo Play – Belgium only
  • Proximus Pick – Belgium only
  • Ziggo GO  – Netherlands only

While you may use a VPN to access any of the services listed above, it’s worth noting that some of them require membership and/or a monthly charge.

Additionally, some services demand that you log in using valid cable television credentials, a Belgian phone number (to receive SMS messages), or the Flemish government’s My Citizen Profile.

Is it possible to unblock Eén in Belgium and the Netherlands using a VPN?

Yes. Certain local network administrators disable streaming platforms to prevent their usage. If your job, landlord, local library, school, or any other place restricts access to VRT NU, Ziggo Go, or any other platform, you may simply regain access using a VPN.

Most importantly, a VPN encrypts your traffic, ensuring your online privacy. This implies that you may watch Eén on the restricted network without informing the administrator. This privacy ensures that you may access anything without worry of having your privacy violated, whether by ISPs, Wi-Fi providers, or government snoops.

Is Eén available for free viewing?

VRT NU, a Belgian streaming platform, is available for free viewing. This makes it an attractive choice for anybody who is opposed to paying for access to Dutch-language material.

Regrettably, the Dutch service Ziggo Go is a subscription-based service. As a consequence, you will be required to pay a membership fee in order to watch Eén. Anyone who lives in or visits Holland, however, may opt to view it on VRT Nu over a VPN if they like.

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