How to unblock DraftKings Fantasy Sports using a VPN

Off-work activities such as fantasy football were formerly restricted to your neighbor’s basement. Currently, paying to play Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) online is one of the fastest growing businesses on the web.

However, not everyone can engage freely, and access to sites such as DraftKings is limited to certain locations. For instance, DraftKings prohibits participants from several states, including Arizona, Hawaii, and Montana. These prohibitions may not necessarily correspond to a state’s prohibition of DFS, although they sometimes do.

If you live in a restricted state, you may circumvent DraftKings’ location restrictions by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). By changing your IP address using a VPN, you may create the illusion of being in a different place.

We’ll describe how to do so below, but before proceeding, you should check your local regulations to verify that you’re playing legally. Using a VPN to access DraftKings’ services should not be seen as participating in online fantasy sports illegally.

How to play DraftKings from any location using a VPN

For demonstration purposes, we’ll demonstrate how to access DraftKings over a VPN on a desktop web browser. Take note that procedures may vary for Draft Kings mobile applications.

When you create a DraftKings account on a PC, you must download a plugin called “Player Location Check” from Geocomply to validate your location. Although DraftKings refers to this as a plugin, it is really a separate Windows application, not a Chrome or Firefox extension. A VPN will alter the app’s reported location to one of your choices.

A VPN routes your internet traffic via a secondary server to another location and provides you with an IP address from that server. You get to pick the server’s location, which allows you to pretend to be anywhere. This implies that regardless of your location, DraftKings will believe you are in an area where play is permitted. Unblock DraftKings by following the instructions below.

  1. Choose an appropriate VPN and subscribe. For this reason, we recommend NordVPN. It is fast and trustworthy and has a money-back guarantee.
  2. Download the VPN app for your device from the VPN website or the relevant app store.
  3. Connecting to the VPN in a region where DraftKings is legal and accessible is the first step.
  4. Log in or create a new account on the DraftKings website.
  5. Draft Kings will use the Player Location Check app to determine your location. If you do not already have the app, you must download it.
  6. As usual, log into your DraftKings account.

When you create your account and each time you log in, you’ll need to connect to the VPN. Always log in from the same country. In our testing, NordVPN had no difficulty circumventing location checks.

Again, before proceeding, ensure that DFS is not prohibited in the state where you are located.

Notably, if you’re having trouble, it’s crucial to verify that DraftKings is still functional in the state to which you’ve moved. Because the legal landscape around DFS is constantly shifting, services like DraftKings may modify their policies with little or no warning.

For privacy concerns, remember to remove Geocomply if you are no longer using DraftKings and to disable it in your startup services if you are.

How to unblock DraftKings with NordVPN

Have you never used a virtual private network (VPN) before? It’s rather straightforward. We’ll walk you through the process of signing up here for NordVPN and accessing DraftKings from anywhere.

  • To begin, create a NordVPN account. There are numerous membership choices available, but you’ll save money by signing up for a longer period. Take note that all packages have a money-back guarantee, which means you can always request a refund if you are dissatisfied with the service.
  • After selecting a plan, you’ll be prompted to provide your email address and pick a payment method.
  • After successfully creating and verifying your account, download and install the NordVPN app. When signed in, you’ll see a drop-down list of locations with a search box at the top. Simply type “United States” into the box and then choose a US server in an unblocked state for DraftKings.
  • The location indication should change to green to indicate that you are connected. You should now have full access to DraftKings.

(Note: You may also pick Canadian servers if you believe they would be quicker due to their proximity to your geographical location.)

Why has DraftKings Fantasy Sports been blocked?

DraftKings prohibits play in seven states at the moment: Arizona, Hawaii, Idaho, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada, and Washington. You may still register in these states, but you will be unable to compete for rewards.

DraftKings, on the other hand, is accessible in the most popular sports betting states, including Nevada, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. It’s all about gaming legislation. Fantasy sports leagues fall into a legally murky area, and each state in the United States has its own set of laws governing how such activities are monitored, taxed, and regulated.

There are certain exclusions, so you should see the DraftKings terms and conditions for complete information. Idaho citizens who live outside the state may, for example, make deposits and compete for rewards.

At the moment, the only players permitted to play for prizes on DraftKings outside Canada are those who reside in Canada. If you reside elsewhere, you may get the dreaded “We are unable to locate you” warning the next time you attempt to deposit.

Whether DraftKings Fantasy Sports is strictly categorized as gambling is a question that the courts have not resolved definitively. As a result, the rules vary by location and continue to evolve.

PrivacyExplore does not condone the unlawful use of a VPN to access gambling websites in countries or jurisdictions in the United States where such activity is prohibited.

Is it possible to unblock DraftKings using a free VPN?

While there are several free VPNs available, they do not offer the kind of security required to use DraftKings safely. Free VPNs offer dubious privacy regulations that enable data harvesting. They profile this data and sell it to other parties, such as marketing firms and data brokers. This is the opposite of what a credible VPN accomplishes, which is to safeguard its customers’ privacy.

Additionally, numerous free VPNs have been discovered to have app vulnerabilities, DNS leaks that allow your ISP to monitor your online activity, IP leaks that allow websites to determine your true location, poorly implemented encryption that exposes your data to hackers and eavesdroppers, and even apps that are purposefully loaded with spyware and tracking libraries.

As if these massive security flaws and questionable practices weren’t enough, free VPNs are also extremely slow, have download limits that prevent you from using them more than a few times per month, and impose bandwidth restrictions that prevent you from streaming or performing other data-intensive tasks.

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