How to unblock Spotify with NordVPN

Spotify is popular among internet users who like to listen to music. They were forced to abandon their dreams and confront the reality of the situation. Spotify is not accessible in all nations.

If you have been wondering all along what Spotify music is, we will now provide a quick explanation. This should help you understand why Spotify unblocking is so crucial.

Spotify is a music streaming application that was introduced in 2006. It is not the first music app, but it was one of the first music streaming apps to change the industry.

What distinguishes Spotify and gives it a desired position amid other streaming services? Well, if you’re space-constrained, you don’t have to download your favorite music on your device. Additionally, you are not required to pay for each song you stream if you opt to download it. You just need to listen to your favorite songs on Spotify.

How can you enjoy streaming music from Spotify?

There are two different methods to stream Spotify songs.

  1. By paying $10 per month for Spotify’s premium ad-free version, one may avoid advertisements.
  2. If you don’t mind the ads, you may use Spotify’s free service. It is not fully filled with advertisements since you may listen to between three and five songs before an ad breaks. It’s a fair exchange since you don’t pay to use Spotify’s music streaming services, but advertisements cover the cost.

What you must understand about Spotify?

More than 40 million songs are available to stream on Spotify, which is accessible in about 80 nations. However, the availability of content differs by country due to copyright restrictions. This indicates that you may not be able to get your preferred music in your country, even if Spotify is accessible.

In addition, Spotify is geographically limited in several nations owing to copyright and payment difficulties. If you live in a country where Spotify is geo-restricted, the good news is that you can still access Spotify and listen to whatever song you want.

How can you get Spotify in a nation where it is geo-restricted?

Using a VPN is the most effective method for accessing Spotify’s extensive music catalog. VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a secure private network to which you may connect for a safer and more private internet experience.

VPN secures and hides your location and IP address by rerouting your data traffic requests.

Which is the best VPN for accessing Spotify?

NordVPN is among the top VPN services for accessing Spotify’s infinite music catalog. When using one of the top VPNs available, such as NordVPN, to access the internet, your data request is routed via a VPN server in any location of your choosing.

VPN employs a secure virtual tunnel to protect data flow from eavesdropping, interference, and also to circumvent limitations. Using a VPN service with Spotify in a geo-restricted region allows you to circumvent geo-restrictions since your location and IP address are faked to indicate a place where Spotify is not geo-restricted.

How to bypass Spotify blocks using NordVPN

Follow the steps below to access Spotify and take advantage of additional NordVPN perks.

  • Visit the official website for NordVPN.
  • Register with NordVPN and get an activation code from NordVPN.
  • Subscribe to any NordVPN package to enjoy unlimited Spotify music streaming.
  • The activation code will be sent to your registered mailbox.
  • Install the Windows version of the NordVPN application.
  • Utilize Spotify by opting for the premium version.
  • When requested for an activation code, enter the one supplied to your registered email address.
  • Connect to any of NordVPN’s servers located in countries with Spotify access. I recommend connecting to one of NordVPN’s servers in the United States to get Spotify’s greatest features.

Advantages of utilizing the NordVPN service

  • With NordVPN, you may protect your data flow and conceal your location by causing the internet (Spotify) to believe you are situated at the NordVPN server.
  • The AES-256 and OpenVPN protocols are used by NordVPN to encrypt and secure data flow between your device and its servers. In addition, its kill-switch technology ensures data encryption and safety even if the VPN connection is lost.
  • With NordVPN, you may access the web from a coffee shop or a public Wi-Fi network without compromising your privacy and security.
  • With NordVPN, you may deceive the internet into assuming that you are connecting from a different location. This is crucial for accessing restricted or forbidden content depending on geo-location, particularly if you often travel and use streaming services such as Spotify, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Pandora, etc.
  • NordVPN is user-friendly and extremely compatible with different platforms and devices.
  • With NordVPN, you have access to 24/7 tech support through live chats and emails to assist you in resolving any installation-related difficulties.

Why should you choose NordVPN?

When you choose a NordVPN package, you get the following benefits:

  • Free trial
  • Connect no more than six devices
  • A 30-day money-back assurance
  • Unlimited volume limit
  • Unlimited bandwidth availability
  • No traffic logs exist
  • Simple and user-friendly UI


To access Spotify, a premium VPN service is required to circumvent geo-restrictions imposed by Spotify, government agencies, employers, and schools.

By subscribing to NordVPN, you can enjoy premium VPN services such as unlimited bandwidth, secure tunneling and encryption, and access to servers in locations without geo-restrictions.

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