How to watch 3sat abroad (outside of Germany) using a VPN

If you’ve previously attempted to watch 3sat from a foreign country, you’re undoubtedly familiar with the following message:

“Diese sendung ist nur in Deutschland, Österreich und der Shweiz ferfugbar”.

This translates as “This item is available exclusively in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.”

You may view 3sat outside of Germany using a VPN. VPN, which stands for Virtual Private Network, encrypts your internet traffic and sends it via one of the company’s servers located across the globe. This enables you to effortlessly change your IP address and access region-restricted services from any location: for example, by connecting to a VPN server in Germany, you’ll get a German IP address. This will enable you to access 3sat from overseas in the same way that you would if you were browsing from Germany.

How to view 3sat when traveling overseas using a VPN

Utilizing a VPN with 3sat is straightforward. We’ll walk you through everything you need to do here:

  1. Choose the best VPN for 3sat—we highly suggest NordVPN if you live outside Germany, Austria, or Switzerland and want to view 3sat.
  2. Subscribe to the VPN service and download the appropriate software for your operating system.
  3. Install and launch the VPN client before connecting to a German server. You’ll then have a German IP address that may be used to unblock 3sat.
  4. Navigate to the 3sat website and click on the desired content. It should now be accessible!
  5. Is it ineffective? Clear the cache and cookies from your browser. Otherwise, try another server or contact your VPN provider’s customer service.

The best VPN for watching 3sat from abroad


NordVPN distinguishes itself from the competition because of its broad network of over 5,000 servers, including over 200 in Germany. These servers are designed for peer-to-peer file sharing and circumventing online censorship in countries with stringent online censorship. NordVPN’s speeds are sufficient for continuous viewing, and it is capable of unblocking a wide variety of region-locked websites and services, including 3sat, Netflix, and HBO.

There are several applications available, and with up to six concurrent connections allowed, you may safeguard all of your devices simultaneously. This VPN provides outstanding customer assistance through live chat and email 24 hours a day. NordVPN is a no-logs VPN company based in Panama. 256-bit AES encryption, DNS and IPv6 leak prevention, and a user-configurable kill switch are included as security features.

Apps for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, Amazon Fire TV, and Android TV are available for download. Additionally, NordVPN provides Chrome and Firefox browser extensions. Routers must be configured manually.

Our process for finding the best VPN for 3sat

It’s infuriating to go overseas and then discover that your favorite websites and services, such as 3sat, are geographically restricted. Additionally, you may notice that your connection is throttled, resulting in slowness and buffering. Fortunately, with the best VPN for 3sat, you won’t have such troubles. Our process for locating them is as follows:

  • Servers in Germany: To begin with, it is essential for a VPN to have servers in Germany. Otherwise, you will be unable to watch content in your area due to geo-blocking. By connecting to a German server, you’ll get a German IP address, which should resolve the issue.
  • Speed: It is fairly unusual for your ISP to throttle your bandwidth. Indeed, public wifi is often insufficiently fast for streaming. The finest 3sat VPN services include both high-speed connections and limitless capacity. In severe circumstances, you may even see an increase in speed as a result.
  • Unblocking: While a VPN may be able to unblock 3sat, this does not guarantee that it will function with other streaming services such as Netflix or BBC iPlayer. Indeed, some are more difficult to unblock than others, which is why you need a VPN with robust unblocking capabilities and a large pool of available IP addresses.
  • Security: If you browse and stream often, you’re undoubtedly already aware of certain security threats, such as adware or phishing efforts. It is critical, then, that your data be encrypted and protected from leaks using a VPN. Additionally, some VPN providers provide Double VPN servers for an additional layer of protection.
  • Privacy: Certain VPNs (particularly free VPNs) are untrustworthy, especially those that track and sell your data to other parties. If you’re concerned about outsiders learning about your internet activities, a strict no-log policy will help. We studied over 100 VPN logging policies to determine the best.
  • Ease of use: Whether this is your first time using a VPN or you are an expert, there is no need for the service you are using to be too complicated. You should anticipate responsive and simple-to-use applications. If you need assistance, live chat and email support should be accessible 24 hours a day.
  • Excellent value for money: Not sure how much to spend on a VPN? To be sure, some VPNs are very pricey! We’ve looked for VPNs that provide excellent prices without sacrificing quality. Even better, you may save money on a subscription by using our VPN discount code.

Of course, searching for VPNs that provide the aforementioned characteristics is just the beginning. We do not accept these services at face value. Rather, we test them for ourselves as part of our VPN testing approach.

Is it possible to stream 3sat outside of Germany using a free VPN?

While you may watch 3sat from overseas using a free VPN, we do not suggest it. Streaming using free VPNs is sometimes an unpleasant experience. Due to a shortage of servers and a large user base, there are many disruptions in the form of buffering and latency. Additionally, you may discover that the free VPN deliberately limits your bandwidth.

Free VPNs are notorious for their inability to unblock content. While some are capable of unblocking 3sat, the majority of free VPNs are unable to bypass Netflix’s anti-VPN efforts, for example. Free VPNs are notorious for having a restricted feature set. This implies you will most likely be unable to maintain numerous concurrent connections or contact customer assistance in the event of a problem.

Last but probably not least, free VPNs seldom safeguard your online privacy. Others do not employ AES encryption to protect your data, and some do not even provide a kill button. Worse still, free VPNs are free because they earn money in other ways. This might include spamming you with advertisements or recording your activities and selling the information to other parties.

What is available on 3sat?

3sat is well-known for its diverse selection of cultural television programming. The majority of the content is comprised of documentaries, live music performances, and indie flicks. On 3sat, you may view the following:

  • Nano
  • Mythos
  • Kulturzeit
  • ZIB 2
  • Extrem
  • Tagesschau
  • Heute
  • Sommersby
  • 10 vor 10
  • Die Fremde und das Dorf
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