How to watch ANT1 from outside of Greece using a VPN

If you’ve ever attempted to view ANT1 when traveling outside of Greece, you’ll find that it’s inaccessible without a VPN, resulting in the following error message:

This program is not available outside of Greece through our website.

For licensing considerations, Antenna Group region-locks its ANT1 VOD service. This is to facilitate the distribution of its content to overseas streaming services. Outside of Greece, several foreign providers have the broadcasting rights to stream ANT1 content. As a result, Greek nationals who want to watch ANT1 from overseas will need a VPN.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is an online privacy solution that encrypts your web traffic and hides your geographic location from the websites you visit. A VPN’s encrypted tunnel protects you from online monitoring while also enabling you to spoof your location.

You can get a Greek IP address by connecting to a VPN server located in Greece. This deception fools the ANT1 website into assuming you have returned home. As a result, you’ll be able to watch all of your favorite programs while on vacation. Not all VPNs are compatible with watching ANT1. Many have been banned, while others are operating at a snail’s pace. This implies that you must use caution while selecting a VPN.

How to watch ANT1 from abroad using a VPN

Not all VPN providers provide fast servers in Greece that are compatible with ANT1. Our analysts combed the industry and identified a market leader that is both safe and suitable for watching Greek television.

How to broadcast ANT1 online from any location:

  1. Select a VPN that is recommended for ANT1. NordVPN is our preferred provider since it offers fast servers in Greece that are ideal for watching ANT1 from overseas.
  2. To get the best pricing, go to the VPN website using our link.
  3. Install the VPN app on your streaming device.
  4. Connect to a Greek VPN server and go to the ANT1 VOD website.
  5. Connect to ANT1 and choose a video.

Once your VPN connection is established, you should be able to view ANT1 without any problems. If the problem notice persists in your Chrome browser, clear your cookies and reload the page. This will disable any trackers that may be transmitting your true position to Antenna’s servers.

Hundreds of VPN companies are promoted online, and not all of them are suited for achieving online freedom and anonymity. We realize how difficult it is to choose a reputable provider, which is why we do market research to determine our best recommendations. The following table details the criteria we used to determine the best VPN for ANT1:

  • Can access ANT1, Alpha, Star, and other Greek services from abroad with confidence.
  • Has a worldwide server network that enables you to bypass internet restrictions and censorship.
  • Apps are available for all platforms, allowing you to broadcast ANT1 on any device.
  • AES encryption, DNS leak prevention, and a kill button are all included in the robust security features.
  • A no-logs policy that enables you to browse the internet completely anonymously.
  • Live chat and email support are available to assist you at any time.


Is it possible to utilize a free VPN with ANT1?

No. Free VPNs cannot match the speeds offered by commercial VPN services. This is because the VPN does not invest in Tier 1 servers. Additionally, free VPNs often have a high user base, causing those sluggish servers to become overloaded.

To mitigate this, free VPNs often impose bandwidth and download limitations. This increases the speed of such VPNs and eliminates them from being used for data-intensive operations like as streaming on ANT1.

Apart from performance concerns, we advise avoiding free VPNs for privacy and security reasons. Because free VPNs sometimes exaggerate their degree of safety, you have no way of knowing if the VPN is really safeguarding you from online monitoring, spying, and hacking.

Additionally, it has been shown that free VPN programs have serious flaws, data leakage, and even maliciously camouflaged malware. Additionally, they have intrusive privacy practices that enable them to collect your data in order to generate cash. As a result, such VPNs pose a significant danger to your digital health.

Why is ANT1 restricted in countries other than Greece?

ANT1 is quite aggressive in terms of licensing its content internationally. As a result, it has signed agreements with a slew of foreign streaming services located across the world. This includes Dish, Sling TV, Xfinity, Verizon, Foxtel, Optus, and Eutelsat, among others (to name a few).

In their respective areas, these third-party platforms have acquired the broadcast rights to ANT1 content. As a result, ANT1 is legally required to prohibit internet users in specified countries from accessing the ANT1 website for free.

To ensure that these agreements are followed, ANT1’s website verifies each visitor’s IP address. If the IP address is not in Greece, the website will display an error notice and will not allow them to watch any videos. However, by connecting to a VPN server in Greece, you may get a temporary Greek IP address, allowing you to watch ANT1 from outside the country.

What is available on ANT1?

ANT1 is the most popular television channel in Greece. It broadcasts a diverse range of programming, including comedies, dramas, news, current events, game shows, and entertainment programming. The channel is particularly well-known for its dramas such as Lampsi and Kalimera Zoi. Among the other popular programs are Wheel of Fortune (in Greek) and Oi Men Kai Oi Den. We’ve listed a list of upcoming concerts on their website below

  • Ilios
  • Agries Melisses
  • Parousiaste
  • Πέτα τη Φριτέζα
  • Μπρούσκο
  • Δίδυμα Φεγγάρια
  • Η Εκδρομή
  • Dancing with the Stars
  • 24
  • Alia
  • Bones
  • Criminal Minds
  • Desperate Housewives
  • Dirt
  • Greek
  • Grey’s Anatomy

How does an ANT1 VPN work?

A VPN is a kind of internet service that is mainly used to protect one’s online privacy. It operates by encrypting your web traffic and resolving DNS queries through a proxy server. This prohibits your ISP and local networks from monitoring your internet activity. Additionally, it stops websites from tracking your IP address, which, combined with incognito mode and privacy add-ons, contributes to the fight against surveillance capitalism.

A VPN does this by encrypting your online traffic and routing it via a VPN server located in a faraway location. A VPN’s mechanism of operation enables you to instantaneously get an IP address in any area where the VPN provider has a server.

VPN providers that are market leaders, such as the one mentioned in this article, have vast worldwide server networks. As a result, you may utilize the service to get an IP address in a variety of different places worldwide. This way, while on vacation, you may overcome local limitations, evade censorship, and access foreign services such as ANT1.

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