How to watch Canadian TV from abroad with a VPN

Are you looking for information on how to watch Canadian television in the United States or anywhere in the world? We’ll demonstrate how to watch your favorite Canadian television programs from anywhere on the globe using a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

VPNs encrypt your network traffic, allowing you to access the internet anonymously without the fear of hackers, network administrators, or your Internet Service Providers (ISPs) watching your actions. ISPs have always throttled customers who stream regularly, but since they can’t see what you’re doing when you use a VPN, throttling has become increasingly difficult to explain.

However, there is another advantage to watching with a VPN: it enables you to access geo-restricted content from other countries. When you connect to a VPN server, a temporary, region-specific IP address is issued to you. Because many streaming services use your IP address to determine whether you are inside their broadcast region, obtaining access becomes relatively straightforward when using a VPN.

Can I watch Canadian TV from the United States or another country?

You most certainly can! Simply configure a VPN and you’ll be able to get a Canadian IP address and view Canadian television programs from anywhere in the world. Are you new to VPNs and uncertain where to begin? Simply follow the methods below to circumvent geo-restriction and watch Canadian television from any location.

  1. To begin with, choose an appropriate VPN service (we recommend NordVPN).
  2. Install the VPN app and make sure you get the correct version for your device.
  3. Log in with your credentials.
  4. Connect to a Canadian server for your VPN. This will provide you with a Canadian Internet Protocol (IP) address.
  5. Attempt to load the video on your selected website. It should begin playing nearly immediately, but if it does not, delete your browser’s cache and cookies.

If you’re hoping to watch a certain program live, we highly advise you to follow the procedures above before the show’s airing. This way, if your VPN fails to function properly, you’ll still have time to contact customer assistance and may avoid missing anything.

Choosing the best VPN for Canadian TV streaming

It’s sometimes tough for newbies to choose a VPN. After all, there are several options, and each service is unique. For instance, some providers provide bigger networks, while others emphasize the quickest speeds or the most robust security measures. To determine the best VPN for viewing Canadian TV from overseas, we looked at the following criteria:

  • Allows you to access famous Canadian services such as CBC, TVA, and Sportsnet.
  • Has a large network, preferably with numerous servers in Canada.
  • Utilizes strong encryption and incorporates a variety of other security features.
  • Maintains no logs containing personally identifiable information, or, better yet, maintains no records at all.
  • Has strong cross-platform compatibility, with just minor functional differences between desktop and mobile applications.

Can I watch Canadian TV while traveling overseas with a free VPN?

While free VPNs may be enticing, we do not suggest them, especially if you want to stream. These services often operate on tiny server networks with high volumes of users. This results in significant slowdowns, as seen by poor surfing speeds and constantly stuttering video that takes an inordinate amount of time to buffer. Additionally, many free VPNs are unable to circumvent geoblocking on popular streaming sites, which means you may be unable to view anything.

Unless you are well-versed in computer networking, it may be difficult to determine if you are using a valid VPN or not. A 2015 assessment of 283 free VPN applications discovered that over 38% had malware and that 84% of those did not leak data across IPv6. Worse, 18 percent of organizations never encrypt user traffic at all. Even well-known services pose vulnerabilities, as the Hola botnet case demonstrated.

The best way to safeguard your online privacy is to utilize a reliable VPN that does not log personally-identifying information and has a track record of protecting its customers’ privacy.

This is how we discovered the best VPN for Canadian TV.

Not every VPN is compatible with live streaming, and even fewer are suitable for viewing Canadian television. This is because services such as Crave, Global TV, and DAZN all have robust geo-restriction methods. The following is a short breakdown of the key aspects we looked for while selecting the best VPN for viewing Canadian television:

  • Canada-based servers: The majority of your standard streaming providers demand that you have a Canadian IP address. That is why it is critical to have Canadian servers, with a larger number giving a more consistent experience overall.
  • Streaming ability: We evaluate our best VPN streaming capabilities against all of Canada’s most popular streaming services, including Crave, Global TV, Netflix, HBO Max, and Disney Plus. This way, you’ll always have a selection of shows to choose from.
  • Performance: To ensure that your VPN is fast enough to handle everything you throw at it, we conduct hundreds of speed tests on a daily basis. Only VPNs with remarkable speeds get a position on our list, but we also consider their consistency.
  • Security and privacy: At the bare minimum, our best VPN must have 256-bit encryption, a kill switch, a no-logs policy, and protection against IPv6 and DNS leaks. However, since security is a priority for us, additional features such as stealth modes are always welcome.
  • Ease of use: Everyone should be able to securely navigate the web. That is why we look for cross-platform compatibility, well-designed applications, and customer service through live chat. Naturally, any additional features that make the service even more inviting are a major plus.

Using a VPN to stream Canadian TV: FAQs

Which Canadian channels and services am I allowed to access with a VPN?

If you normally reside in Canada but are presently overseas, there is virtually nothing that a VPN cannot access. Simply connect with your cable provider’s credentials if prompted, and you’ll be able to begin streaming instantly. CTV, CityTV, Space, and Sportsnet all provide live internet broadcasts that may be accessed from outside the country in this manner.

Do you not have cable television? There is still a wealth of Canadian programming available on outlets such as CHCH, CP24, TVA, and CBC. These streams are free to view and do not require registration, but they are often geo-blocked, which means you will still need to utilize a VPN to watch them.

Additionally, certain streaming services, like Netflix, offer separate content libraries for each nation, so if you’re traveling and discover that something you want to watch isn’t accessible, you can simply connect to a VPN and check whether it’s available in your home country’s library.

Additionally, how might a VPN assist me?

If you travel regularly, a VPN may be used for purposes other than streaming. For instance, logging into your RBS, Bank of Montreal (BMO), or CIBC bank account from a foreign country may trigger automatic fraud detection systems. However, if you connect to a Canadian server first, you will have no problems accessing your bank account from overseas.

Traveling might cause issues with your regular services. You may be unable to wager on your preferred gambling site due to geo-blocking, or you may find yourself locked out of your favorite games due to a fresh login in a different location. VPNs not only help in mitigating this danger, but also enable you to secure yourself while using public wifi networks.

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