How to watch CNN Go Live outside the U.S. using a VPN

CNN Go, like many other streaming services, is region-locked, which means that you can only view it if you’re in a certain nation. If you attempt to view CNN Go live from another country, you will see the following error: “This live broadcast is only accessible in the United States of America.” has highlights of the incident. ” Fortunately, there is a simple method for spoofing your location and watching CNN Go from abroad: just connect to an American VPN server.

This works because the majority of geo-restricted services detect the user’s location based on their IP address. When you connect to a VPN, however, you are assigned a new, region-specific IP address, and CNN Go is unaware that you are truly in another country. Another significant benefit of VPNs is that they encrypt your traffic, preventing snoopers from seeing what you’re doing online and decreasing the likelihood that your Internet Service Provider would limit your connections (ISP).

How to watch CNN Go live abroad with a VPN

VPNs may at first seem scary, but they are fairly easy to use. We’ll guide you through the process of unblocking CNN in the sections below. Traveling abroad in stages:

  1. To start, sign up for the VPN mentioned below (we particularly recommend NordVPN).
  2. Install the appropriate version of the app on your device and then log in.
  3. Connect to an American server for your VPN.
  4. CNN Go may be accessed at You may watch the first 10 minutes without registering, but after that, you’ll need to log in using your cable provider’s data to continue viewing. Additionally, you may check in using a PlayStation Vue account to sign up for a free five-day trial and cancel it if it expires to watch CNN Go for free while traveling. This option requires a payment method associated with a United States of America address.
  5. Finally, you may want to check out the CNN Go live stream. It should begin playing automatically, but if not, clear your browser’s cache and cookies, and then refresh the page.

With so many VPNs available, it may be tough to determine which one is the best fit for you. However, in our experience, the best VPNs are sufficiently adaptable to handle practically any circumstance, rather than being purpose-built to unblock a single service. That is why, while determining the best VPN for watching CNN Go overseas, we evaluated only providers that met all of the following criteria:

  • Provides stable connections and sufficient bandwidth for high-definition live streaming.
  • Can unblock CNN Go and comparable services in other countries on a constant basis.
  • Does not maintain a database of personally identifiable information.
  • Utilizes almost uncrackable encryption and has a variety of other security features.
  • Has applications for all major operating systems and mobile platforms.

Which VPN service is the best for watching CNN Go outside the United States?


Our best option for a CNN Go VPN is NordVPN. It has a large network, with over 5,000 high-speed servers in several countries, including over 1,700 in the United States. The service is well-known for its ability to unblock obstinate streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, so CNN Go should cause no issues. Due to NordVPN’s multi-connection limit, you can secure all of your most frequently used devices concurrently.

This VPN has a plethora of security features. 256-bit encryption, a kill switch, security against DNS, WebRTC, and IPv6 leaks, an ad-blocker, and a malware scanner are included. If you want even more secrecy, you may connect to Tor using VPN or multi-hop servers. NordVPN adheres to a strong no-logs policy, which ensures that your online actions cannot be traced back to you. If you need assistance, help is accessible 24/7 through live chat.

NordVPN offers client software for Linux, Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS. This service may be set up manually to operate on home routers.

Can I watch CNN Go outside the US with a free VPN?

You may be tempted to watch CNN Go over a free VPN, but we strongly advise against it. These services often have a far higher user base than their restricted networks can sustain, resulting in poor speeds and the near impossibility of viewing live broadcasts. Additionally, since free VPNs are often blocked by popular streaming services, you may be unable to access CNN Go when traveling, even with a relatively fast connection.

Free VPNs are often less secure than their premium counterparts. Indeed, one research discovered that almost 40% of 283 free VPN programs included spyware, and over 80% exposed personal information through IPv6. To compound things, 18 percent did not employ any encryption at all, implying that their customers were no safer than when surfing normally. Even utilizing a well-known service does not ensure your security; we’ve seen Hola, a popular free VPN service, sell user bandwidth to assist in the operation of a botnet.

The most effective strategy to secure oneself online is to utilize a reliable VPN with a well-defined logging policy and a track record of prioritizing its customers’ privacy.

What is available on CNN Go?

CNN Go enables you to see considerably more than simple news (although there are several such shows available). Additionally, it has a diverse selection of films on topics such as politics, humanity, and the status of the globe. The following are just a handful of the free titles available on CNN Go:

  1. United Shades of America
  2. Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown
  3. Anderson Cooper 360°
  4. CNN Tonight with Don Lemon
  5. The Redemption Project
  6. Inside Politics
  7. The Movies
  8. Chasing Life with Dr. Sanjay Gupta
  9. American Woman
  10. City of Tomorrow
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