How to watch Danish TV abroad (outside of Denmark)

If you live outside of Denmark, you’ll notice that a significant portion of your favorite Danish television shows are region-locked, most often for copyright concerns. This category includes well-known Danish television stations such as DR1 and TV 2. Fortunately, you may unblock and watch Danish television from abroad by connecting to a Danish Virtual Private Network (VPN) server.

A virtual private network (VPN) is a service that encrypts your internet traffic, therefore safeguarding your privacy and online identity. By connecting to a server in a certain nation (for example, Denmark), you’ll get a new IP address associated with that country. From the outside, this enables you to simply get a Danish IP address and access popular Danish streaming services.

How to watch Danish television from abroad using a VPN

Is this your first time using a VPN? Don’t be concerned! We’ll walk you through the process of setting up a VPN to watch Danish television from abroad.

  1. To begin with, choose the VPN mentioned below. As you can see, we highly recommend NordVPN.
  2. Following that, you’ll want to download one of the VPN’s applications. Ascertain that the version you are installing is the proper one for your operating system.
  3. Connect to a server in Denmark by logging into the VPN app (or browser extension). You may view Danish television from overseas by getting a Danish IP address.
  4. You may now access the Danish television platform or streaming service of your choice. The content should be unrestricted.
  5. Is access to content still restricted? Clear the cache and cookies from your browser. Otherwise, we suggest that you contact the customer service of your VPN provider for further assistance.

Choosing the best VPN for viewing Danish television while traveling

With so many VPNs available, determining which one is the best fit for your requirements may be difficult. We identified the best VPN for viewing Danish TV from abroad by evaluating its ability to provide the following:

  • Denmark’s fast servers are ideal for streaming Danish televisions from overseas.
  • Unblocks Danish television networks such as TV2 and DR1.
  • Secures your data with state-of-the-art encryption.
  • Does not maintain any records that might be used to identify you.
  • Simple-to-use desktop and mobile applications.
  • Allows you to connect numerous devices concurrently.

The best VPN for Danish television


NordVPN offers more servers in Denmark than the majority of other VPN providers. Over 70 of the company’s almost 5,000+ servers are situated in Denmark. This makes it quite simple to unblock the majority of Denmark’s geo-restricted websites and services, including television stations such as DR1 and DR2. Several of its servers in Denmark are configured for P2P activity. Furthermore, you may use NordVPN to access restricted content on streaming services like Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Netflix.

This VPN provider provides several user-friendly applications and browser extensions, ensuring that there are several methods to connect to its servers. If you need help, live chat and email support are accessible 24 hours a day. NordVPN is based in Panama and is thus exempt from statutory data retention rules. Regardless, it adheres to a strict no-logging policy and has 256-bit AES encryption, DNS and IPv6 leak prevention, and a kill button.

Connect to a server in Denmark using the NordVPN client software, available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and Android TV. Additionally, you may download the Chrome and Firefox browser extensions. Manual configuration of compatible routers is possible.

Is it possible to watch Danish television from abroad using a free VPN?

Typically, free VPN services offer a small number of servers and a large number of customers. This often leads to streaming performance issues such as severe latency and buffering. Additionally, although some cheap VPNs may be able to access Danish web content, they will almost certainly struggle to unblock popular streaming services such as Netflix and Disney+.

Additionally, you’ll discover that a free VPN is restricted in terms of functionality. To begin with, free VPNs will not include specialized servers, such as those suited for torrenting. If you run into difficulty with a free VPN, there is probably virtually no customer assistance available to assist you.

Regarding security, free VPNs suffer. Some do not encrypt your data or safeguard you against data breaches. However, some free VPNs monitor your activity (including your browser history) and sell it to other parties without your knowledge. If you want to surf the web anonymously and watch videos without interruption, free VPNs are best avoided.

FAQs about watching Danish television abroad

Which Danish television networks are available online?

You may get a Danish IP address by connecting to a VPN server located in Denmark. This enables you to view a variety of geo-restricted content when traveling, including the following Danish television channels:

  • DR1
  • TV 3
  • DR2
  • TV 2 Zulu
  • TV 2 Charlie
  • DR Ramasjang
  • TV 2 News

Which Danish television series am I able to access using a VPN?

With a VPN, you may access a range of Danish television series. Denmark is particularly well-known for its high-quality drama series, a few of which are mentioned below:

  • The Bridge
  • Borgen
  • The Killing
  • Follow the Money
  • Rita
  • The Legacy
  • 1864
  • Badehotellet
  • Ride Upon the Storm
  • Those Who Kill

Is Danish Netflix different from American Netflix?

Yes—if you visit Denmark, you’ll note that quite a few titles that are exclusive to the United States are absent, like My Fair Lady and What Lies Below.

The other significant difference is in pricing. At the moment, the basic plan costs 79 kr., or around $9.25. In comparison, the identical package costs only $7.99 in the United States. Despite this, Denmark has a far smaller catalog, with little more than 3,800 titles compared to Netflix US’s 5,500.

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