How to watch French TV online from abroad

If you’re not in France and attempting to watch your favorite programs from your home country, you’re likely to run into some limitations. Regrettably, a large number of French streaming services are geo-blocked and so unavailable from overseas. Additionally, if you’re visiting a foreign nation, you’re likely to use public wifi more often, which introduces new hazards to your online security and privacy.

A VPN or Virtual Private Network, solves the aforementioned issues. It protects you from hackers and snoopers by bypassing your internet traffic via an encrypted server. Additionally, if you connect to a VPN server located in France, you will be assigned a French IP address. This deceives websites into believing you are in France, enabling you to access geo-restricted content from any location.

How to watch French television from abroad using a VPN

VPN does not require any technical expertise to utilize. Indeed, the method of utilizing a VPN is practically the same whether you connect to a server in France or Japan.

  1. To begin with, create an account with a trustworthy VPN company that has servers in France. We suggest NordVPN in particular.
  2. Download the VPN application that is most suited for your device. Additionally, the VPN feature provides Chrome and Firefox browser plugins.
  3. Connect to a server in France using freshly installed VPN software. This is how a French IP address is obtained.
  4. Before refreshing your browser, we suggest that you delete your browser’s cache and cookies. This guarantees that websites are unaware of your prior IP address and geographic location.
  5. Navigate to the streaming provider or platform of your choice to view French television. All geo-restricted content should now be available for viewing!

Choosing the best VPN for viewing French television while traveling

Are you unsure of where to begin? Given the abundance of VPNs with servers in France, we’ve reduced the field to save you time. The following is the list we utilized to conduct our study and rate them.

  • Servers in France that are both fast and dependable for streaming
  • Unblock popular channels such as TF1, 6Play, and France 2
  • Encrypted security
  • With a no-logs policy, it safeguards your privacy.
  • Applications that are simple to use on a range of operating systems
  • Money-back guarantee allows you to give it a try.

The best VPN for French TV


With over 200 servers in France, NordVPN gives you plenty of options. Additionally, some of them specialize in peer-to-peer file sharing, while others (Double VPN) provide double the amount of encryption for added protection. This VPN boasts a large network of over 5,000 servers, spread across several countries. This means that you may watch French television on France 2 and France 3, as well as foreign streaming services like Netflix and BBC iPlayer.

You may use NordVPN with confidence, knowing that your personal information is secure. This is because it adheres to a rigorous no-log policy and protects your data with 256-bit AES encryption. Additionally, you are secured against DNS and IPv6 leaks, and a kill switch guarantees that no data will be exposed if a VPN connection is lost accidentally. A NordVPN membership enables you to connect to multiple devices simultaneously, and it also includes 24/7 live chat assistance.

With NordVPN applications for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, and Android TV, you may watch French television from abroad. Chrome and Firefox browser extensions are available for download. NordVPN is compatible with compatible routers, although settings are required manually.

Is it possible to watch French TV from abroad using a free VPN?

While a free VPN may seem appealing, many free VPNs are more of a hassle than they’re worth. To begin with, free VPNs are infamous for their inability to access geo-restricted content. This is especially true for popular streaming providers like Netflix. Additionally, the majority of free VPNs have a limited number of servers and may even reduce your bandwidth. As a result, you’re likely to experience significant latency when streaming.

We do not advocate using free VPNs due to their poor performance. However, they also fall short in terms of security. Many, in particular, do not encrypt your data. As a result, your data may be compromised owing to a lack of security safeguards. To earn money, some free VPN services record user data (including your browsing history). This information is then sold to other parties, often without your knowledge or permission.

What French content am I able to access with a VPN?

Once connected to a French VPN server, you’ll be able to view a variety of French television series, including the following:

  • Astrid et Raphaelle
  • Le Voyageur
  • Parlement
  • Sauver Notre-Dame
  • Plus belle la vie
  • Tropiques Criminels
  • Fort Boyard
  • Stalk
  • C Politique
  • Monsieur Flap

Where can I watch free French TV shows?

Numerous French television networks are available for free viewing. However, you will often be required to register an account, and most of these services are not accessible outside France (unless you use a VPN). The following is a brief list of French streaming services that are completely free to use:

  • TF1
  • 6Play
  • France 24
  • Arte
  • France 2
  • France 3
  • Euronews
  • RTBF
  • BFM TV
  • Gulli
  • TV5Monde

How can I get French Netflix when traveling?

If you want to access the French Netflix collection, you’ll need to convince the service that you’re really in France. This may be accomplished by utilizing a VPN to establish a French IP address and then signing in as usual to Netflix. If you are experiencing difficulties, we suggest that you clear your cookies to delete any previous location data. In the absence of this, you may choose to inquire with your VPN provider about dedicated servers to unblock Netflix France.

Where can I get French TV programs with English subtitles?

Netflix is the greatest alternative in this situation, even if you are unable to access the French library. All of its original content is available in French and enables seamless switching between French and English subtitles. If you want to watch live television, you may activate English subtitles on TV5Monde’s live stream.

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