How to watch Indonesian TV from abroad

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably discovered that your preferred Indonesian television stations are unavailable in other countries. Regrettably, this kind of region-locking is becoming more prevalent as streaming services negotiate complicated international licensing agreements. However, there is a workaround: since most platforms determine your location based on your IP address, you may access your home services simply by using a VPN.

When you connect to a VPN, all your internet activity is encrypted and routed via a server located in a different country. This not only keeps your online activities private but also substitutes your IP address with that of the servers. In other words, if you connect to an Indonesian server, you will get an Indonesian IP address and be able to watch Indonesian television.

How to unblock Indonesian TV stations when traveling

The good news is that unblocking and watching Indonesian television stations while on vacation is simpler than you may imagine.

  1. Begin by registering for the VPN mentioned below (we recommend NordVPN).
  2. Following that, install the VPN software on any device you want to use to watch TV. Generally, you’ll be limited to five or fewer simultaneous connections, although this varies per provider.
  3. Connect to an Indonesian server using the VPN software to get an Indonesian IP address.
  4. Refresh your browser and try to visit your chosen channel. You should see the stream begin to load instantly. If not, delete the cookies from your browser and reload the page. For further help, contact the customer support staff for your VPN.

Which Indonesian television stations are available to watch online?

Indonesian viewers enjoy a plethora of choices for viewing television online, with the majority of the country’s main networks providing free live streaming. In the majority of instances, users are not even required to establish an account! The following are a few Indonesian channels that you may watch online:

  • ANTV
  • Indosiar
  • SCTV
  • GTV
  • Trans TV
  • RTV

Choosing the best VPN for Indonesian TV

Selecting your first VPN may rapidly become daunting owing to the sheer number of providers competing for your attention. However, avoid being tempted by companies who promise to be the quickest or the most secure: it’s generally preferable to pick a well-rounded service since you’re less likely to come into an issue it can’t manage. This is why our VPN recommendations adhere to the following criteria:

  • Provides a large number of servers, including at least one in Indonesia.
  • Provides enough bandwidth for perfect live streaming
  • Is capable of unblocking major Indonesian streaming services when accessed from outside Indonesia
  • Safeguards you with a plethora of sophisticated security features
  • Does not keep track of any personally identifying information
  • Comes pre-installed with applications for all major operating systems

The best VPN service for viewing Indonesian television from overseas


NordVPN offers access to more than a dozen fast Indonesian servers, as well as thousands of servers in several countries. It excels at circumventing perplexing regional limitations and consistently unblocks Netflix US, ANTV, and SCTV when traveling. Even better, with consistent speeds and multiple simultaneous connections, you can stream at the best possible quality regardless of your location.

NordVPN’s security is one of its strong points. Automatic ad filtering and virus scanning are included, as is 256-bit encryption and security against IPv6 and DNS leaks. Additionally, there is a configurable kill switch that prevents data transmission if your connection breaks unexpectedly, as well as obfuscated servers for circumventing very severe geo-blocking. NordVPN adheres to a strict “no-logs” policy. Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through email and live chat.

NordVPN offers client software for Mac OS X, iOS, Windows, Android, and Linux. Additionally, customers have the option to manually install the VPN on specific routers to secure their entire network.

Indonesian television streaming: FAQs

Is it possible to watch Indonesian television with a free VPN?

While it is theoretically feasible to view Indonesian television using a free VPN, we strongly advise against it. These services are often not very adept at circumventing regional limitations to begin with, and their small network sizes make it very simple for streaming platforms to discover and ban their servers. Additionally, with so few servers, they are often overloaded, resulting in significant network slowness and stuttering, choppy visuals. This also implies that they are unlikely to have an Indonesian server.

Regrettably, not all of these services are completely secure. Indeed, a study of 200+ similar applications found that over 37% included malware. Perhaps more worrisome is the fact that a sizable percentage of ostensibly reputable applications did not encrypt user data. This implies that surfing with a VPN is no more secure than browsing without one. Depending on the user’s location, this is not just careless on the part of the app’s developers; it may be very hazardous. To ensure your online safety, it is recommended that you utilize a reliable no-logs VPN instead.

Is it unlawful to use a VPN to unblock streaming services?

There is no need to be concerned; viewing region-locked content through a VPN does not constitute a violation of any laws. That said, it is almost certainly against the terms of service for the service you are using, so keep that in mind. While many streaming providers retain the ability to prohibit customers, this is a very improbable scenario. Typically, the worst-case scenario is that you’ll be asked to switch off your VPN before streaming.

What may an Indonesian IP address be used for?

There are many reasons why you may need an Indonesian IP address. For example, you may want to browse your regularly visited websites when traveling overseas. You may just want to access your Bank Mandiri, BRI, or BTN online banking services from a distant location without being considered a foreign hacker.

Changing your IP address also has significant security advantages since it helps isolate you from your online activity. Because VPNs encrypt your communication, they’re an essential tool for anybody who often uses public wifi. Normally, an attacker would be able to view everything that passes via a public hotspot, including the websites you browse and perhaps your login credentials. However, if you use a VPN, your data is unreadable.

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