How to watch ITV Hub from anywhere with a VPN

Are you interested in viewing UK programming, such as the famous soap operas Coronation Street or Emmerdale, or your favorite ITV series, such as I’m a Celebrity or Britain’s Got Talent? Or are you hoping to catch up on athletic events like Euro 2020 or the Six Nations? This content is available on platforms such as ITV Hub (formerly known as ITV Player) and the BBC. However, it is geo-locked, making it inaccessible outside the United Kingdom. Fortunately, for vacationers going overseas, these limitations may be circumvented by connecting to a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

VPNs encrypt your network communication and route it via a server located in another location with a separate IP address. This implies that if you connect to a UK server, it will appear as if you are in the UK. As a result, you may have full access to ITV, the BBC, and more when traveling overseas, whether in the United States of America, Spain, France, Dubai, Australia, or anywhere else on the globe. Additionally, since your communication is encrypted, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is less likely to limit your internet connection speeds.

As we’ve previously discussed the best VPN for accessing the BBC iPlayer, this post will concentrate on the best VPN for the ITV Hub Player. To determine which service is compatible with this platform, we searched for a VPN that met the following criteria (we’ll discuss our testing procedure later):

  • Has servers in the United Kingdom.
  • Provides robust network connections and high-speed internet access.
  • No records of personal identifying information are kept.
  • Secures data using advanced encryption and security mechanisms.
  • Supports several platforms (Mac, Windows, Android, and iPhone).
  • ITV Hub has been tested and is operational.

How to access ITV Hub from abroad using a VPN

Unblocking services such as the ITV Hub while traveling is a breeze with the correct VPN. Simply follow the instructions outlined below.

  1. Begin by subscribing to the VPN mentioned above (we recommend NordVPN).
  2. Download the VPN software, ensuring that the version you download is compatible with your device.
  3. Connect to one of your VPN’s British servers (note that if you connect to a Scottish server, you’ll need to use the STV Player rather than the ITV Hub).
  4. Make an attempt to broadcast a video from the ITV Hub. It should load promptly, but if not, many difficulties may be resolved by emptying your browser’s cache and cookies and then reloading the page.

VPN Error Codes for ITV

So you’ve selected a VPN, connected to a British server, and sat down to watch, only to be met with the following error message:

“Oops! There seems to be an issue. Please reload the page or visit our ITV Hub Help.”


“Sorry! The video is not currently available. Additional fantastic programming may be found in our Shows section.”

These errors are not very useful, but they were considerably worse before recently, merely saying “Error ref: 006” or “Error 2000” with no more information. The reason you’re seeing these is straightforward: either you’re outside the United Kingdom, or ITV Hub has discovered that you’re using a VPN—which is particularly prevalent if you attempt to stream using a free provider.

Typically, deleting your cookies and connecting to a British VPN server can resolve these concerns. However, if issues continue, it’s a good idea to contact the support staff for your provider for more help. If they are unable to assist you, you may choose to explore another VPN from the list above.

Can I watch ITV with a free VPN?

We strongly advise against using a free VPN to watch ITV, even more so if you want to view live programming. Free VPN services often have a higher user base and fewer servers than commercial VPN services, which they try to offset by imposing bandwidth limitations and waiting periods. As a result, you’re left with a sluggish, unreliable connection that’s unsatisfactory.

Consider the revenue model for a free VPN service. Because they manage your network traffic, they can display advertisements on every website you visit, implant tracking cookies to monitor your actions, and sell your browsing history to third parties.

Unfortunately, free VPN providers have a history of engaging in these dubious methods. Recently, we’ve seen instances of VPNs being packaged with malware, users’ bandwidth being sold without their consent, and customers being misled about the kind of records retained. To ensure your safety, we suggest that you use a reliable VPN provider that has transparent logging and privacy policies.

What are the distinctions between ITV and STV?

ITV truly maintains distinct channels for each region of the United Kingdom. ITV is the primary broadcaster in England and Wales. STV is Scotland’s equivalent of ITV. This is critical when utilizing a VPN for a variety of reasons.

To begin using ITV Player, you must first register for an ITV Hub account. The issue is that there are distinct websites for ITV and STV players, and these accounts cannot be used in conjunction. You’ll need to make sure that you’re using the correct player for the area of the server to which you’ve connected.

ITV and STV both broadcast comparable high-quality programming, however, their programming is not always identical. The news is the most prominent example here, with STV covering Scottish problems. However, on rare occasions, individual episodes are shown at a different time on STV than on ITV.

UTV is Northern Ireland’s equivalent of British television network ITV. Northern Ireland viewers do not have their players or even complete access to ITV Player. As a result, we suggest that you avoid Northern Irish server locations if you want to watch ITV.

How to register for and access ITV Hub content

If you attempt to access the ITV Player from outside the United Kingdom without using a VPN, you will receive a notice that reads “We’re sorry.” The video is not currently available. Additional fantastic programming may be found in our Shows section.”

This can be easily resolved by connecting to an English-speaking VPN server. However, there are a few further procedures you must follow before you can view anything.

To begin, click the Sign-in option in the top-right corner of the screen. Following that, click Sign up today. On the next page, enter your name and email address in the form. Following that, you’ll be required to input your postcode.

The ITV Hub will use this postcode to link you to the appropriate online player, so ensure that you use a valid UK postal code. While some, such as the one used by Buckingham Palace, are banned, you can easily get a working postcode by right-clicking on any random English street on Google Maps and selecting the “What’s here?” option.

Click Submit after you have accepted the terms and conditions. You should now be able to view as many ITV channels as you like. It’s worth noting that ITV’s on-demand content and live broadcasts include advertisements. While some of these advertisements may be blocked with a premium membership, this requires a British bank account, which is not as readily available to international visitors.

ITV Hub streaming continue to fail?

If you’ve followed the procedures above but are still being sent to another player or are being refused access completely, consider the following recommendations:

Ascertain that your registration includes a UK postal code and that your VPN is linked to a UK server location.

Consider using a different web browser. Occasionally, websites will use cookies to save your location. If you add such a cookie before activating your VPN, the ITV Player may not register your new IP address. If the player is working successfully on another browser, you should be able to address this issue by navigating to the settings menu of your default browser and removing the cookies.

Clear the cache to delete any data that the ITV website may have stored. You may either erase the whole cache (which deletes all cached information from all websites you’ve visited) or only the ITV cache by holding down the CTRL key and hitting F5.

If the ITV Player works on your browser but not on another device when using an app, the secondary device may be forced to use your ISP’s DNS settings rather than the VPN’s. This may be overcome by utilizing a virtual router or by directly installing your VPN on your wireless network rather than via the app.

How we discovered the best VPN for ITV Hub

With so many VPN providers providing servers in the United Kingdom where ITV Hub is accessible, you’re probably wondering how we compiled our list. Our process for determining the best VPN for ITV Hub requires that it provide the following:

  • Servers in the United Kingdom: Because the ITV Hub is only accessible in the United Kingdom, each VPN provider must provide UK servers. By connecting to one of these servers, you’ll get a UK IP address that will allow you to access the ITV Hub from overseas. The VPN mentioned in this article has servers in dozens of locations, allowing them to unblock a large variety of geo-restricted content.
  • Speed: Streaming live and on-demand ITV Hub programming requires unrestricted bandwidth. This is especially true if you want to see it in high definition. We conducted speed testing to determine the top VPN for streaming. One thing they all have in common is unlimited bandwidth, which means you can watch ITV Hub without experiencing latency or buffering.
  • Unblocking: Not all VPNs function with the ITV Hub, and some have issues with other streaming services like BBC iPlayer and Now TV. Each VPN has been tested against a diverse selection of geo-restricted websites and services to guarantee it provides dependable unblocking. As a result, you may go overseas and continue to view most of the information normally.
  • Security: We inspect each VPN to guarantee it adheres to specified security criteria. There should be 256-bit AES encryption, a kill button, and security against DNS leakage (we test each VPN for leaks ourselves). You’ll note that the VPN we’ve suggested has extra capabilities like dual VPN servers.
  • Privacy: Certain VPNs keep track of user activity and sell it to other parties. Others claim that they provide no-log policies, even though this is not the case. We’re certain that after examining over 100 VPN logging policies, we’ve identified those that best safeguard your privacy. In certain instances, you may even use Bitcoin to make a purchase anonymously.
  • Ease of use: We could evaluate a variety of different VPN applications and determine which one is the most user-friendly. Setup should take no more than a minute or two, and in all situations, you may connect to a server with a single click. Even better, the best VPN for ITV Hub has 24/7 live chat and email assistance.
  • Value for money: You may save even more money if you use the VPN discount code included in this article. The VPN provides both long-term and short-term plans, allowing you to choose the one that best meets your requirements. Additionally, each VPN comes with a money-back guarantee, allowing you to test it risk-free.

We search for and test the aforementioned features as part of our VPN testing approach to guarantee we’re suggesting the absolute best VPN available.

ITV Player FAQs

Is it legal to watch ITV Hub programming outside the United Kingdom?

While streaming ITV Hub outside the United Kingdom is against the platform’s terms of service, it is not illegal. That is why, even though ITV Hub has VPN detection tools, ITV has never taken anybody to court or prosecuted anyone with a crime for accessing ITV Hub outside of the UK.

Why is my smart TV’s ITV Hub constantly freezing?

There are as many distinct models of Smart TVs as there are possible causes of this issue, which makes diagnosis exceedingly complex. Given ITV Hub’s popularity, though, it’s much more probable that this is an issue on your end.

If you haven’t previously, try upgrading the app and clearing the cache on the TV through the settings menu. Additionally, you may want to try removing any current Smart DNS services to see if they are the source of the problem. If you’re still having trouble streaming ITV Hub, we suggest contacting the manufacturer of your television through its online forums or directly contacting your VPN service provider for assistance (assuming ITV works fine with the VPN disabled).

Is ITV’s Catch Up available for free?

Yes, ITV Hub allows you to view as much on-demand television as you like for free. Indeed, unless you want to watch live television, you do not need a television license to do so. All you need to do is make an account: just provide your name, email address, date of birth, and postcode (any will do).

What television shows am I able to watch on ITV Hub?

ITV transmits a wide variety of programming, and customers may watch it all live online for free through the ITV Hub. Naturally, newly-aired titles are added to the on-demand library regularly, so don’t fret if you miss a program you were looking forward to. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular programs available to watch on ITV Hub below:

  • Emmerdale
  • The Voice
  • The Only Way is Essex
  • Good Morning Britain
  • The Chase
  • Judge Rinder
  • Lorraine
  • Love Island
  • Saturday Night Takeaway
  • Take Me Out

Will using a VPN prevent my ISP from restricting access to ITV Hub?

If your ISP is slowing down your internet connection when you use services like Netflix or ITV Hub, a VPN may assist. These not only enable you to impersonate your location when traveling to access these services, but they also encrypt your communication.

Therefore, why is this significant? Simply said, for your ISP to limit your connection whenever you use ITV Hub, it must first be able to determine when you’re streaming. Generally, this is not difficult, since they can search for certain data patterns that suggest you’re viewing a video.

However, once connected to a VPN, all of your traffic seems to be identical. ISPs cannot just throttle all of your bandwidth; after all, the majority are legally compelled to offer a certain level of service in the majority of cases. As a result, they’re compelled to cease restricting your bandwidth, allowing you to stream as much as you want.

Is my IP address checked by ITV Hub?

Yes, ITV Hub checks your IP address each time you come to determine if you are in the United Kingdom or not. If you are, you will be able to view it without any problems; but, if you are located elsewhere in the globe, movies will fail to load. Naturally, resolving this issue is straightforward: just connect to a British VPN server and you’ll be able to use this service from wherever.

Why does ITV restrict VPN access?

ITV does not own the worldwide rights to all of its programming. As a result, content on the ITV Hub platform is geo-restricted outside the United Kingdom. This is done to ensure that no copyright or license agreements are violated. Fortunately, by connecting to a VPN server in the UK, you may still watch ITV Hub when traveling overseas. This will provide you with a UK IP address that will enable you to watch ITV Hub from anywhere in the globe.

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