How to watch KIJK outside the Netherlands

Have you tried to view KIJK from a location other than Holland? To view your favorite programs when traveling overseas, you’ll need the assistance of a KIJK VPN. We’ll show you how to access your favorite streaming services while on vacation and which VPN is best for KIJK.

KIJK is SBS Broadcasting’s free internet streaming service in Holland. Unfortunately, attempting to view SBS 6, NET 5, or Veronica while on vacation will result in the following error message:

Helaas kan de video niet worden afgespeeld

Mogelijk is deze niet meer beschikbaar, wordt de browser niet ondersteund of kijk je vanuit het buitenland.

This translates into English as Unfortunately, the video cannot be played. It may no longer be available as the browser is not supported or you are watching from abroad.

KIJK is region-locked by SBS Broadcasting for licensing reasons. This implies that you must be a resident of the Netherlands to broadcast on the site. Fortunately, these geo-restrictions may be circumvented.

Through the use of a VPN for KIJK, you may connect to a VPN server in Holland, thus obtaining a Dutch IP address. Due to the VPN connection, you may watch KIJK or any other Dutch television channel, whether on vacation or on business.

Not every VPN provider has servers in the Netherlands that are capable of streaming KIJK. This implies that you must use caution while selecting. We describe the full procedure in this article, as well as propose a VPN for KIJK that works and is fast enough to watch in HD. Additionally, we will demonstrate how to configure your VPN so that you can watch KIJK from anywhere.

How to watch KIJK in countries other than Holland using a VPN

The most challenging aspect of streaming KIJK while on vacation is locating a working VPN. Not many VPNs are fast enough to view HD-quality Dutch television in its entirety—and even fewer have servers compatible with KIJK. Our specialists have identified a VPN for KIJK that has not been blacklisted by SBS in this guide. Simply follow the instructions outlined below.

  1. Select a VPN that is recommended for KIJK. We recommend NordVPN since it is quite affordable and offers fast servers in Holland.
  2. Subscribe by following the link to the VPN’s website.
  3. Install the VPN client on your streaming device. Our suggestions include applications for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.
  4. To begin, connect to the VPN and choose a server in Holland.
  5. Once the VPN is connected, go to the KIJK website and begin streaming.

You should now be able to see KIJK without encountering any errors. If you encounter any problems, delete your browser’s cookies and cache and then reload the page. This will prevent KIJK from employing trackers to determine your true location.

Choosing a VPN might be a pain, since there are hundreds of options. VPN service providers make grandiose promises about being the most secure, the finest for streaming, or the quickest. Regrettably, these assertions are usually, invariably false.

We don’t want you to squander time or money on PrivacyExplore. That is why we test and analyze VPNs to ensure they are safe, feature-rich, and capable of streaming KIJK (as well as other foreign services like Netflix, iPlayer, or Dutch TV platforms).

We used the following criteria to determine the best VPN for KIJK:

  • Servers located in the Netherlands that are used to broadcast KIJK internationally.
  • Reliable applications and servers that give sufficient bandwidth to broadcast KIJK in high definition.
  • Apps for all platforms that have a robust encryption layer and a strict no-logs policy.
  • Outstanding customer service to assist you when you are in need.
  • A money-back guarantee allows you to evaluate the service and compare it to other offerings.


Is it possible to use a free VPN to access KIJK?

No. Unfortunately, we have yet to discover a free VPN with Netherlands-based servers capable of unblocking Dutch television platforms such as KIJK, Canvas, Ketnet, and Ziggo Go. Additionally, free VPNs are overloaded, resulting in sluggish and congested servers. As a result, they are absolutely inappropriate for streaming HD television programming.

Apart from the speed concerns associated with free VPNs and their dearth of servers optimized for streaming, free VPNs pose a threat to your privacy. The majority of free VPNs earn money by collecting their customers’ data and selling it to other parties. This is the polar opposite of what a privacy service should do, which implies that utilizing a free VPN exposes you to increased degrees of surveillance capitalism.

Furthermore, researchers discovered that the majority of free VPNs exaggerate their degree of security, lack encryption, suffer from data breaches, and even embed malware in their applications. All of this makes using a free VPN an incredibly dangerous proposition, and we strongly advise you to instead choose for a reputable VPN with a reputable privacy policy.

Can I use a VPN to watch KIJK at work or school?

Yes. If you try to use KIJK or any other streaming platform while in Holland and are denied access, it is because the local network administrator has placed restrictions on it.

Numerous organizations, institutions, and public Wi-Fi networks ban gaming servers, YouTube, and television platforms, among other things, in order to minimize the quantity of data passing via their network.

The good news is that you may use a VPN to circumvent any local Wi-Fi network’s restrictions. This means you may watch KIJK from anywhere, and nobody would know you did so because of the anonymity offered by the VPN.

What else may a VPN for KIJK be used for?

A VPN is first and foremost intended to protect your privacy. It works by rerouting your DNS queries so that your ISP is unaware of your online activities. Additionally, by encrypting your data to prevent it from being accessed by eavesdroppers—whether companies, government organizations, or cybercriminals.

The benefit of this anonymity is that you may use the internet without fear of discrimination or persecution or the necessity for self-censorship.

Additionally, a VPN enables you to circumvent any internet limitations or censorship, providing you with new levels of online freedom. That means you may use the internet without being constrained by overreaching governments and without being trapped in the propaganda bubble upon which many authoritarian countries depend to keep control.

We’ve given a list of some of the tasks that a VPN may do below:

  • Access to international streaming services such as BBC iPlayer, ABC, NBC, Netflix, and Hulu.
  • From overseas, you can access Dutch online banking services and other critical geo-restricted services.
  • Connect to public Wi-Fi hotspots without being concerned about hackers.
  • Utilize the Tor browser for an added degree of secrecy.
  • Privacy-protected torrenting prevents hackers from obtaining your IP address (which could lead to ports being scanned and your network being penetrated).
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