How to watch Polish TV online from abroad (outside of Poland)

If you go outside of Poland, you’ll discover that some of your favorite Polish television stations and home streaming services are region-locked. This includes Polsat, WP Pilot, TVN Player, and TVP VOD, among others. Fortunately, there is a way for you to watch Polish television while traveling. Simply subscribe to a VPN service and establish a connection to a server in Poland.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a kind of internet service that encrypts data sent over the internet. They’re quite handy for circumventing geographical limitations; for example, while connecting to a VPN server in Poland, you’ll obtain a Polish IP address. This creates the illusion that you’re surfing the web in your native Poland, even though you’re really in another nation. VPNs also increase your internet security by preventing hackers and snoopers from seeing your online activity.

How to watch Polish TV from abroad using a VPN

Now, we’ll demonstrate how to use a VPN to watch Polish television from overseas (outside Poland). The whole procedure should take no more than a few minutes.

Here’s how to watch Polish TV online from a foreign country:

  1. To begin with, choose the VPN service mentioned in this article. As you’ll see, we’re quite fond of NordVPN.
  2. Following that, download and install the proper VPN application for the device on which you want to watch Polish television from abroad.
  3. Connect to a server in Poland by logging into the VPN app. You should now have a Polish IP address, which you may use to unblock and watch Polish television from outside.
  4. Navigate to the website or app of the Polish television station or streaming service you want to watch. Now that the content has been unblocked, it should be accessible!
  5. If the limitations persist, try emptying your browser’s cache and cookies. You may need to contact the customer service of your VPN provider for more help.

Thus, how do you choose a VPN? We compiled a list of the qualities that the best VPN for viewing Polish television should have. Among them are the following:

  • Servers in Poland that are fast and trustworthy for lag-free streaming.
  • Unblocks Polish television stations such as Polsat.
  • Provides the greatest degree of encryption for your data.
  • Does not maintain any records that might be used to identify you.
  • User-friendly desktop and mobile applications.
  • Money-back guarantee allows you to give it a try risk-free.

FAQs about streaming Polish TV abroad

Is it possible to watch Polish TV from abroad using a free VPN?

While a free VPN may work to unblock certain Polish television services, it may not work for others. By and large, free VPNs are unreliable for unblocking content. Additionally, the majority of free VPNs are considerably too sluggish for streaming. Offering insufficient servers in comparison to the large number of people they attract results in poor speeds, as well as significant buffering and lag.

Apart from performance concerns, free VPNs also provide security concerns. This is often as a result of the absence of critical security measures such as encryption or a kill button. However, some free VPN providers are insufficiently secure and may record or sell your data (including your browsing history). This is why we suggest that you use one of the trusted VPN companies mentioned in this post.

Which Polish TV networks can I watch for free online?

By connecting to a VPN server in Poland, you can unblock and view free Polish television stations. Among them are the following:

  • Polsat
  • WP Pilot
  • TVN
  • TVN24
  • TVP1
  • TVP2
  • TV4
  • TVP Info
  • Puls 2
  • TV6

Which Polish content am I able to view using a VPN?

Once you’ve obtained a Polish IP address with a VPN, you’ll be able to watch the following Polish television series from abroad:

  • Czas honoru
  • Ojciec Mateusz
  • Świat według Kiepskich
  • Na dobre i na złe
  • Korona królów
  • M jak miłość
  • Dancing with the Stars: Taniec z gwiazdami
  • Familiada

What else can I do with a VPN?

VPNs enable you to view Polish television programs and entertainment from abroad, and they also offer a variety of other useful functions. They may be used to circumvent web filtering while connected to public wifi networks or when visiting a country with strong internet restrictions.

This enables you to access prohibited news, educational materials, gambling websites, gaming servers, and anything else that the government has blocked.

Due to the encryption of your communication, you may utilize Polish financial services without fear of hackers or eavesdroppers. Additionally, you may access your internet banking from a foreign country if necessary.

Best of all, a VPN ensures your anonymity while you browse the web. It prohibits your ISP from tracking your activities, the government from watching your every online move, and local networks such as employers from monitoring your online behavior.

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