How to watch Sportsnet Now while abroad using a VPN

If you’ve attempted to access Sportsnet Now from outside Canada, you’ll discover that it is region-locked. Fortunately, there is a workaround for this; it involves using a VPN. We demonstrate how to use a VPN to pretend to be in Canada and live stream Sportsnet Now from any location.

Sportsnet offers five regional channels through cable and satellite television subscriptions. Sportsnet Now is Sportsnet’s online edition. This service is free for people who currently subscribe to Sportsnet as part of their home television bundle. Those who do not already have Sportsnet may subscribe to Sportsnet Now and watch the station live online.

The channel’s websites are located at and The site is accessible through a smartphone or computer from any location with an internet connection. However, the website is only accessible to residents of Canada. To view Sportsnet Now in the United States or elsewhere, you’ll need the assistance of a VPN.

How to watch Sportsnet Now abroad

Is this your first time using a VPN? Getting started couldn’t be easier. Simply follow our step-by-step instructions below and you’ll be watching Sportsnet from overseas in no time.

  1. Choose a VPN company with servers in Canada that is suitable for you. We suggest NordVPN in particular.
  2. Subscribe to your preferred VPN service (or take advantage of their free trial) and download the VPN software for your device.
  3. Open your VPN application and connect to a server located in Canada.
  4. Clear the cache and cookies from your browser and then reload the Sportsnet Now page.
  5. After logging into your account (or creating one), you should now be able to watch Sportsnet live from anywhere!

If you continue to have problems viewing Sportsnet, contact the customer care of your VPN provider. We recommend that you test your VPN to resolve any difficulties before going to any major sporting events.

If you are using a VPN, you may access Sportsnet Now from the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Australia, or any other country in the world. The Virtual Private Network (VPN) creates the illusion that you are physically located somewhere else. However, not all VPNs are equally adept at concealing your location. A VPN for Sportsnet should satisfy the following requirements:

  • Rapid transmission rates for live streaming.
  • Servers located in Canada.
  • Constant availability.
  • Simple to use.

At the time, hundreds of VPN services were available, and you can learn more about the technology later in this article.

When selecting a VPN service, it is critical to ensure that it is compatible with the gear you already own. These facts are contained in the provider profiles that we propose. You may find further information about our technique lower down this page.

How we discovered the best VPN for Sportsnet Now

We understand that you’re looking for a VPN that will unblock Sportsnet Now from any location. That was our starting point when determining the best VPN for viewing Sportsnet Now. However, it is just one component of our process, which is detailed below.

  • Servers in Canada: Sportsnet Now is exclusively accessible in Canada. As such, it is critical that each VPN included in this article has servers in Canada. After that, you’ll be able to get a Canadian IP address and access Sportsnet Now from any location.
  • Speed: If you want to watch without experiencing lag or buffering, you’ll need a VPN with fast connections and no bandwidth limiting. By doing our own tests, we discovered the fastest VPN for Sportsnet Now.
  • Unblocking: Interested in streaming DAZN, ESPN, and TSN as well? The good news is that we only choose a VPN with comprehensive unblocking capabilities. As a result, regardless of your location, you may access a diverse selection of websites and services.
  • Security: To begin with, a VPN must provide advanced encryption and safeguard you from data breaches. We also perform our own leak tests on each VPN! This way, we can ensure the security of your data. This is especially critical if you are connected to public wifi.
  • Privacy: While the aforementioned security measures help safeguard your privacy, it’s also critical that your VPN does not keep any records that may be used to identify you. We analyzed over 100 VPN logging policies to determine which ones you can trust.
  • Ease of use: Are you new to VPNs? Then you want to avoid being disoriented and being unable to connect to a server. The finest VPN provides an instant connection to a server. If you run into any difficulties, 24/7 live chat and email help are accessible.
  • Value for money: Due to the abundance of competitive VPNs on the market, there is excellent value to be obtained. With the VPN we’ve chosen, you’ll find a variety of subscription choices. As an extra bonus, you may save even more money by using our discount coupons!

Our VPN testing approach includes extensive investigation into a VPN’s performance, security, and other characteristics. By combining this information with what we know about Sportsnet Now and what you’re looking for in a VPN, we’ve been able to provide a precise and relevant recommendation.

Sportsnet Now Access

If you currently have Sportsnet channels at your house, you may watch Sportsnet Now for free via the internet. However, if you go outside of Canada, you will be unable to access the website. Similarly, if you subscribe to a solo streaming service in Canada, you will be unable to view content from outside the country. If you already live overseas, you will be unable to access the website to subscribe.

If you attempt to visit the site from a country other than Canada, you will see an error notice stating that “Sportsnet Now is not available in your region.” The website includes a map of your present location to emphasize the message.

If you are located inside Canada, you should have no difficulty accessing the website.

Restrictions on location are frequent on video streaming websites. However, the introduction of Sportsnet Now is a touch excessive. Typically, video streaming services allow you to browse normal websites and see information such as programming schedules and even explore the video collection. Generally, access restrictions for international visitors take effect only when you attempt to play a video.

Regional limits are used to refer to access restrictions depending on geography.

How are regional limits implemented?

Sportsnet Now’s web server follows industry-standard processes that are used by almost every reputable video streaming service in the world. These inspections are referred to as “regional restrictions” and are often based on national boundaries.

All internet communications, like the postal system, have addresses. With genuine mail, it is impossible to have two residences with the exact same address. Otherwise, how would Postie know which residence to visit while delivering letters?

Some individuals would like to include a return address on the reverse side of the letters. This is a required practice on the internet. Thus, all that is required of the Sportsnet Now server is to read the return address associated with a web page request. If the address does not originate from Canada, the server returns to the blocking page. If the address is inside the borders of Canada, the requested page is returned. The procedure is quite straightforward and takes just a split second to execute.

How can VPNs circumvent geographical restrictions?

The IP address format used on the internet is called an “IP address.” Your internet service provider (ISP) provides your machine with an IP address. If you have a wifi router at home, the router receives the public IP address, and any laptops, tablets, and smartphones that connect through the network get a private IP address behind the router. However, all of the gadgets in your house will be represented on the internet by the same public IP address.

A VPN operates in the same manner as a router. It uses its own IP address as the return address for all outgoing communications (referred to as “packets”). Therefore, if you connect to a VPN server located in Canada, all of your internet traffic will be routed via that server as if it were your home network. Sportsnet Now sees the public IP address of the VPN server in Canada, not yours.

When Sportsnet Now checks for access, it detects the VPN’s Canadian IP address and provides the requested page rather than the blocked website.

Why is Sportsnet Now blocking me while I’m traveling?

According to Sportsnet, you may watch the channel for free online since you already pay for it at home. Regrettably, that guarantee is violated the moment you fly overseas. Why are you unable to use the service for which you have paid regardless of where you are in the world? The argument is that Sportsnet Now is legally obligated to adhere to the terms of the contracts it enters into with copyright holders.

Contracts are signed to exhibit at events in the company’s native market. It could acquire the rights to broadcast games in China, Peru, and Timbuktu. But without a concentrated marketing campaign in those countries, it would never draw enough spectators to pay for the cost of acquisition. It is just more cost-effective for the firm to remain focused on its core business of broadcasting live events and films in Canada.

Access is denied based on the viewer’s current IP address, not on their actual address or method of payment. Thus, Sportsnet Now’s licensing precludes the station from displaying programming in other nations to Canadian passport holders. Corporations are legally limited to showing films to those physically situated within the boundaries of Canada, but a VPN allows them to circumvent this limitation.

Is it possible to use a free VPN to access Sportsnet Now?

No. Although there are several free VPNs available, most of them are frauds that compromise your privacy rather than preserving it.

Setting up a VPN capable of bypassing regional limitations is prohibitively expensive. Why would somebody invest that much time and effort if they are never going to gain money from it? The explanation is that this VPN reduces their expenses to the point where they are no longer effective and generate revenue via other means. One of the most common ways for free VPNs to earn money is to monitor your online behavior and sell that information to other parties.

Thus, free VPNs act as honey traps, mining your connections for data that may be sold. Additionally, they insert advertisements and tracking cookies into the pages you visit, granting access to your computer to third parties.

Other free VPNs offered by respectable VPN providers have restrictions on speed and data throughput, rendering them ineffective for streaming live video streams.

Now is the time to get a VPN for Sportsnet.

The VPN we suggest is now offering special prices, which makes it even more attractive. We’ve suggested a top VPN service for Sportsnet Now that provides the most value for money.

Even better, each of these services comes with a money-back guarantee, so you won’t have to worry about trying them and discovering they don’t work. They do, and each of these businesses is prepared to demonstrate it. Therefore, give any of them a try and get access to Sportsnet Now, even if you are not in Canada.

VPN FAQs for Sportsnet Now

Are Sportsnet Now games blocked out?

Yes, some games are unavailable on Sportsnet Now. It’s fairly uncommon for local networks to hold exclusive rights to certain games, implying that the content is unavailable in your area. Fortunately, by connecting to a server in another location using a VPN, you may escape such bans.

Is it safe to access Sportsnet Now from the United States?

While Sportsnet Now is only accessible in Canada, it may be unblocked in the United States with the use of a VPN. Indeed, this is possible from anywhere on the globe as long as you connect to a Canadian server and get a Canadian IP address. It is completely safe to do so, albeit it may violate the terms and conditions of Sportsnet Now.

How can I prevent my Internet Service Provider from slowing Sportsnet Now?

By using a VPN, you can circumvent ISP throttling. Your internet traffic is encrypted, ensuring that your ISP cannot track your online activity. It can’t therefore discriminate based on whether you’re watching Sportsnet Now or not. Notably, the best VPN for Sportsnet now has limitless bandwidth, allowing you to watch without being constrained by such limits.

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