How to watch SVT Play abroad with a VPN

Geo-restriction methods are often used by streaming services to prohibit you from viewing outside of their broadcast zone. SVT Play is no exception when attempting to stream live video from a location outside Sweden, resulting in the following error message: “Programmet kan bara ses I Sverige.” This translates as “The program is not available outside of Sweden.”

This is a significant issue for travelers hoping to catch up on their favorite programs while on vacation. Fortunately, there is a workaround: by connecting to one of your VPN’s Swedish servers, you may convince the website that you are indeed in Sweden. Additionally, since VPNs encrypt your traffic, internet service providers, network administrators, and hostile third parties cannot monitor it.

It is critical to choose the appropriate VPN for a certain purpose. There are several providers, but they vary significantly in terms of speed, security, customer service, and other critical aspects. To determine the best VPN for SVT Play, we examined those that satisfied the following criteria:

  • Manages a large network made up of many Swedish servers.
  • Provides steady connections that are fast enough to broadcast live video.
  • Unblocking SVT Play and related services is possible.
  • Utilizes strong encryption and incorporates extra security measures.
  • No personally identifying information is logged, or better yet, nothing is logged at all.

How to access SVT Play when traveling internationally

Are you new to VPNs? Unblocking geo-restricted websites and services is very simple; just follow the instructions below and you’ll be able to watch SVT Play from anywhere on the globe.

  • Join the VPN mentioned above (we recommend NordVPN).
  • Download and install the VPN program. There will be many different versions, so make sure you download the one that corresponds to your operating system.
  • Connect to a Swedish server for your VPN. If you want to unblock a service that is located in another nation, you may do so by connecting to a server in that country. To unlock SVT Play, for example, you’d use a Swedish server; to unblock ITV Hub. You’d use a British server.
  • This service does not require registration, so you can just try loading a movie from SVT Play. It should load immediately, but you may need to refresh the page to see any changes.

If you’d like to see a certain program live, we suggest going through the procedures above before the show starts. By planning, you’ll guarantee that you have enough time to call your VPN’s customer care service if you run into any problems.

Is it possible to stream SVT Play with a free VPN?

While free VPNs may seem appealing, we strongly advise against using one for various reasons. To begin with, they’re often unsuitable for streaming; free VPNs typically have massive user numbers and far too few servers to deliver adequate speeds to everyone. In reality, this means that you’ll have lengthy loading times and choppy quality, which are two significant drawbacks for anybody seeking to watch live TV online. You may even find yourself unplugged from the VPN and browsing the internet unsecured on your device unintentionally.

As with every company, free VPNs exist to generate revenue. However, since they do not charge their consumers upfront, companies must make revenue via other means. While your free VPN may integrate advertisements into the sites you browse, others go far further. By continuing to track cookies on your device, companies may create a highly comprehensive consumer profile for you that they can sell to the highest bidder without your knowledge. We use VPNs to preserve our privacy. Yet with these dubious revenue-generating practices, free VPN services violate the technology’s fundamental tenets.

With the increased use of VPNs, hackers are capitalizing on people’s desire to keep secure online. Indeed, a 2016 investigation discovered that more than 38% of assessed “free VPN” programs included malware. Among those who did not, 18% did not encrypt any user communication at all. Your safety is not assured even with a well-known provider, since one recently sold idle bandwidth to a botnet. Regarding internet security, you can never be too cautious. That is why we advocate using a trustworthy VPN provider with a customer-first privacy policy.

What is available on SVT Play?

SVT Play not only lets customers watch hundreds of programs on-demand, but also allows them to live stream five channels (SVT1, SVT2, SVT24, Kunskaps Kanalen, and Barn Kanalen). The following are some of the platform’s most popular titles:

  • Atlantic Crossing
  • Tunna blå linjen
  • Svenska nyheter
  • Trevlig Helg
  • Carina Bergfeldt
  • Uppdrag granskning
  • Sportnytt
  • Vinterstudion
  • Greta Gris
  • Klassen
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