How to watch Swiss TV online from abroad

With a few notable exceptions, such as Netflix, streaming services typically operate in just one or two countries. This implies that if you go overseas, you will very certainly have difficulties accessing Swiss services such as SRF, RTS, or RSI. Indeed, if you attempt to live stream RTS from outside Switzerland, you will see an error message (“Pour legal reasons, this video is only available in Switzerland.”) This translates as “This video is only available in Switzerland due to legal restrictions.”

The majority of region-locked services determine the user’s country of origin based on their IP address. The trouble is, when you connect to a VPN, websites can only see the IP address of the server you’ve selected. In other words, regardless of where you are on the globe, if you connect to a Swiss server, you will be able to view Swiss television. Additionally, since VPNs encrypt your connection, you may stream as much as you want without fear of your actions being monitored.

How to watch Swiss television when traveling abroad

While VPNs may seem scary at first, they are fairly simple to use. Simply follow the easy instructions outlined here.

  1. To start, you’ll need to choose a VPN (we recommend NordVPN).
  2. Following that, download the app. Ensure that you install it on every device that you plan to use to view Swiss TV (most providers allow five or so connections at once).
  3. Log in and establish a VPN connection to a Swiss VPN server. This will give you a Swiss IP address, which will fool services such as SRF into allowing you to view from outside Switzerland.
  4. Last but certainly not least, try to play a video on your selected service. If it does not start immediately, try deleting your cookies and refreshing the page. Are you still experiencing difficulty? Why not immediately contact your VPN support staff for detailed assistance?

Which Swiss television stations am I able to view from abroad using a VPN?

Consider the following list of Swiss streaming services that you can unblock using a VPN: Do not be concerned if the service you need is not mentioned; you should be able to access the majority of your typical services once connected to the VPN.

  • RTS
  • SRF
  • ZDF
  • ARD
  • RSI
  • TVM3
  • Rouge TV

How we selected the best VPN for viewing Swiss TV while traveling

There is no need to waste time agonizing about which VPN to use. While each provider has its own set of strengths and shortcomings, in general, a well-rounded VPN will beat a service that focuses only on one area. To guarantee that you get a dependable, adaptable VPN, we make our recommendations based on the following criteria:

  • Access to a number of Swiss servers
  • Is sufficiently quick to stream live HD videos without apparent latency
  • Can be used to unblock Switzerland’s most popular streaming services from overseas
  • Does not save any information that might be used to identify you
  • Utilizes almost unbreakable encryption and a variety of additional security features
  • Has applications for all major operating systems and mobile platforms

The best VPN for watching Swiss television outside of Switzerland


NordVPN operates 100+ high-speed Swiss servers and over 5,000 other servers in several additional countries. It’s not only useful for unblocking Swiss streaming services; it also works with notoriously difficult-to-access platforms like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. This, along with its fast speeds and multiple simultaneous connections, makes it a good choice to stream Swiss TV at home or on the road.

The service has a configurable kill switch, 256-bit encryption, automated malware scanning, an ad-blocker, and protection against DNS and IPv6 leaks. Additionally, users may connect to specially disguised servers for an additional degree of secrecy. Since NordVPN is a no-logs provider, your anonymity is almost assured. If you have any difficulties, you may contact assistance via live chat or email 24 hours a day.

NordVPN offers applications for MacOS, Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS. Certain wireless routers may be manually installed.

Can I watch Swiss television from abroad using a free VPN?

VPNs that are available for free are seldom as fantastic a bargain as they look. To begin with, they often have large user populations but just a few servers. This results in incredibly sluggish rates, practically prohibiting you from viewing anything online unless you’re ready to accept low-resolution video or wait an extended length of time for buffering. Additionally, there is no assurance that your provider will provide a Swiss server, and even if they do, free VPNs are nearly always blocked by big streaming providers.

While VPNs are intended to increase your anonymity, choosing the incorrect free provider might actively sabotage your efforts. According to research, app shops are infested with Trojans masquerading as free VPNs, and many of the applications tested did not employ any encryption. Major ISPs are not always safer; even industry heavyweight Hola was detected selling user bandwidth to assist in the operation of a botnet.

The best way to safeguard your online privacy is to utilize a reliable VPN with a well-written, privacy-first logging policy.

How else can a VPN help me?

VPNs are useful for more than unblocking streaming sites; they also enable you to overcome country-specific regional limitations. For instance, once linked, you may access your regular social media or internet services, even if they are not ordinarily available from your current location. Additionally, your VPN will encrypt your traffic, guaranteeing that it cannot be read by the local government, your company, or the operator of any public wifi hotspots to which you connect.

Often, online banking systems have automated fraud-prevention procedures that take effect when your account is accessed from a foreign location. If you’re concerned about being locked out of your Credit Suisse or UBS account, though, just connect to a Swiss VPN server beforehand. This decreases the likelihood that the system will recognize you are in a foreign nation and decreases the likelihood that you will need to contact your bank from overseas.

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