How to watch TVNZ abroad (outside of New Zealand) using a VPN

If you attempt to view TVNZ overseas without a New Zealand IP address, you’ll be prohibited from progressing further. The easiest approach to bypassing this limitation is to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to make it look as though you’re in New Zealand. In this post, we’ll explore how to unblock the service and identify the best VPN for TVNZ.

VPNs disguise your true physical location by encrypting all the traffic traveling to and from your device and tunneling it through an intermediate server. Even if you’re not present in New Zealand, merely joining up with a VPN service and picking a server in the nation can assist you in acquiring a local IP address. A VPN will allow you to watch TVNZ in France, Canada, Australia, the US, Japan, the UK, or anywhere else on the globe.

There are plenty of VPN services available on the internet, but they don’t all fall into the same category. To aid you in coming to a choice, we’ve suggested the best VPN to watch TVNZ. They’ve been examined based on the following factors:

  • Speed and consistency of service, especially when it comes to streaming HD video.
  • Servers in New Zealand.
  • Ability to unlock geo-restricted content.
  • Strong encryption settings.
  • Apps for Android and iOS.
  • Provision for simultaneous connections.

Best VPN to watch TVNZ live


NordVPN is a wonderful option if you’re seeking a fast connection that works with HD video effortlessly. This provider is a renowned favorite among privacy activists as well.

The Panama-headquartered firm presently provides more than 5,000 servers in several countries. New Zealand is featured on the list and hosts 21 servers. The program works with several streaming providers, including US Netflix and TVNZ. Some clever features include a server record that indicates the current latency and server load so you can choose and choose the best-suited one.

NordVPN is an example of a logless VPN service—the firm doesn’t save any customer data.

Apps for both Android and iOS are available, as well as desktop programs for Windows and MacOS. A single membership gives access to multiple devices at the same time.

Should I use a free VPN to view TVNZ?

As we’ve attempted to explain in this post, you can only watch TVNZ if you have an IP address from New Zealand. This implies you either need to be local to the nation or have access to a high-quality VPN service that properly obfuscates your location. Free VPN services can come across as enticing for ordinary users, particularly when you consider that there isn’t any upfront financial purchase required. However, that’s where the charm generally stops.

Such services don’t provide the same levels of encryption, speed, or customer support as commercial VPNs do. They’ll ship with the option of just one or two servers, routinely inducing bandwidth limits and imposing wait periods for connections when there’s network congestion. You will probably probably get a ton of obtrusive advertisements, so be prepared for a mediocre streaming experience.

In addition, free VPNs have, in the past, been accused of data pilferage, converting idle user bandwidth into botnet armies, and propagating malware. Our suggestion is to avoid free VPNs. It’s advisable to pay a little money and acquire a premium VPN service for peace of mind.

I’m receiving an error notice for TVNZ. What should I do next?

Attempts to visit TVNZ from an unsupported location will be met with the following error message:

“Whoops! It seems like you’re attempting to watch from outside of New Zealand. Due to rights issues, our videos are only accessible to view inside New Zealand.

Regular TVNZ streamers don’t need to register for the service before signing on. But that’s because it’s a state-funded broadcast service. Even if you regularly watch TVNZ from inside New Zealand, there’s no grace period for you to be allowed to access it overseas for a few days before you are shut out. Every user is exposed to the same limitations. If you wish to continue streaming outside of New Zealand, you’ll have to acquire a VPN. Just sign up with our suggested VPN provider, fake your location, and sit back to view your favorite content.

What content can I watch on TVNZ?

The internet version of TVNZ transmits full-length programming, movies, and live broadcasts of individual stations. Some prominent titles are:

  • 2 Broke Girls
  • A Place to Call Home
  • Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures
  • Baby Mama’s Club
  • Bob the Builder
  • Border Patrol
  • Built to Shred
  • Coast New Zealand
  • Darwin and Newts

Why is TVNZ geo-restricted?

Television New Zealand is the state broadcast broadcaster. That implies it gets support from the government and its roster of content is solely designed to be viewed by New Zealand taxpayers. It’s also probable that TVNZ has secured rights to broadcast programming based on this precise goal – if it were to enable its platform to be accessible from anywhere in the globe, then that would likely lead to copyright and licensing concerns. As such, it needs to apply geo-restriction measures.

How to watch TVNZ on Chromecast, Android Box, Apple TV, and other devices

Other than PCs, Macs, iOS devices, and Android smartphones, TVNZ is also compatible with Sony Playstation 3 & 4, Apple TV, Android TV, Xbox One, Chromecast, and various smart TV applications.

These devices don’t provide native support for VPN applications, so you can’t merely download the program and follow the step-by-step instructions. However, there are workarounds.

One approach to acquire VPN functionality is by setting one to a virtual router—this is feasible since every PC with a WiFi card may also send its own wifi signals, similar to how smartphones can set up WiFi hotspots.

You may wish to read our guides on how to set up a VPN on a virtual router for Windows and Mac devices.

If you’re wanting to install a VPN on Chromecast, you may read our article on how to do precisely that.

You can also set up a VPN on a physical router if the firmware supports it. One such firmware is DD-WRT, a free and open-source solution that works on a broad variety of router types. Premium VPN providers also give lessons on how you may set up their unique programs on routers; further information is available on their sites.

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