How to watch VRT online with a VPN from anywhere

As is the case with the majority of big streaming services these days, VRT is geo-restricted. If you try to use it from a location other than Belgium, you will get the following error: “Oei – Jammer genoeg is deze video niet beschikbaar. We beschikken momenteel niet over de rechten om deze video aan te bieden.”. This translates as “Oops – This video is now unavailable. We do not presently have the right to distribute this video.”

Despite this, the service’s geographical limitations are very simple to circumvent. All you need to do is establish a VPN connection to a Belgian server. This alters your IP address, making you seem to be in Belgium and fooling geo-restricted services such as VRT into allowing you to access them regardless of your real location. Additionally, the best VPNs encrypt your internet traffic, preventing your ISP, employer, or any other snoopers from monitoring your online activity.

VRT is region-locked, which means that if you want to continue using the service while traveling, you must connect to a VPN.

How to watch VRT from anywhere in the world using a VPN

Avoid panicking if you’re new to VPNs and uncertain where to begin. If you just follow the instructions below, you will soon be watching VRT live online.

  1. Your first step is to choose a VPN. NordVPN is recommended.
  2. Following that, download the VPN software and install it on any device that you often use. Most providers allow for multiple concurrent connections, but this number varies.
  3. Log in and establish a connection to a server located in Belgium.
  4. Simply visit VRT and try to watch one of the live broadcasts. It should begin playing immediately, but if not, we recommend clearing your cookies and cache before trying again. If the issue persists, contact the customer care staff for further assistance.

Selecting a VPN may be challenging, but it does not have to be. For the majority of individuals, the wisest course of action is to disregard marketing hype and opt for a well-rounded service rather than one that promises to be the greatest at one thing. In this manner, you can be certain that your VPN is capable of reliably handling daily activities such as streaming and torrenting. Today, we’re suggesting the following services:

  • Easily unblock VRT and related streaming services.
  • Provides Belgium-based servers with limitless bandwidth.
  • Utilize cutting-edge security measures and cryptography that is essentially uncrackable.
  • Refuses to keep information that may be used to identify you.
  • Provides applications for all popular operating systems.

The best VPN for VRT


NordVPN is our number one recommendation for anybody wanting to watch VRT outside of Belgium. It’s a well-known service with a track record of successfully accessing even the most obstinate streaming sites. Additionally, it provides access to over 50 Belgian servers and thousands of servers worldwide. Users may watch VRT across all of their devices thanks to outstanding speeds and a six-connection limit.

This service is one of the most secure options available. Along with the new WireGuard-based NordLynx protocol, it has 256-bit AES encryption, a configurable kill switch, and security against WebRTC, DNS, and IPv6 leaks. Best of all, NordVPN adheres to a strict no-logging policy, ensuring that your online actions remain completely secret at all times. Support personnel are available via email and live chat 24 hours a day.

NordVPN offers native applications for Android, iOS, Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. Additionally, it is compatible with a broad variety of supported routers and may be installed manually.

Choosing the best VPN for VRT

You cannot just use any VPN to watch. After all, some are quicker, some are more secure, and some are better at unblocking difficult platforms than others. To guarantee that we only suggest the best of the best, we considered the following criteria:

  • Speed: If you want to live broadcast, a fast connection is critical. We only suggest using a VPN provider that performs well in our monthly VPN speed testing.
  • Servers in Belgium: Without servers in Belgium, your VPN will be unable to unblock VRT. Additionally, the more available, the more dependable your speeds should be.
  • Streaming services: We routinely compare VPNs to the most popular streaming services, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and BBC iPlayer, to see what else they allow you to view besides VRT.
  • Value: We evaluate a VPN’s functionality and adaptability to determine if it is reasonably priced. If we think service is overpriced, we will simply not endorse it.
  • Ease of use: The services we suggest must be easy enough to use even for a complete novice. We favor those that offer an infinite number of connections and have robust cross-platform compatibility.
  • Security/Privacy: It is not sufficient to be able to watch VRT; you must also be able to do it securely. We seek a VPN that provides strong encryption, a kill switch, and leak prevention as a minimum. Without these capabilities, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may detect that you are streaming and limit your connection.

Streaming VRT from abroad: FAQs

Is it possible to unblock VRT using a free VPN?

It is extremely improbable that you will be able to view VRT when traveling overseas using a free VPN. To begin with, these companies cluster their computers in high-traffic areas such as the United States. Due to low demand for servers in Belgium, the nation is mostly ignored by most free providers. Even if you connect, you will be sharing limited resources with every other user requesting a Belgian IP address. In other words, you’re likely to have very poor streaming rates and may perhaps be unable to watch at all.

Additionally, free VPNs pose legitimate dangers. For example, many are just spyware designed to take advantage of your desire to watch from a foreign location. Unfortunately, there is no simple method to determine whether or not you are utilizing a secure service since 18 percent of tested free VPN applications use no encryption at all. To avoid these problems, we highly advise you to choose a VPN based on its security and privacy credentials, not on its price.

What is available on VRT?

VRT enables viewers to watch live broadcasts of four Belgian television channels: Eén, Canvas, Ketnet, and Ketnet Junior. Additionally, it has a large (and continuously updated) library of on-demand content. The following is a sampling of what you may see on VRT:

  1. Andermans zaken
  2. Dertigers
  3. Death in Paradise
  4. First Dates
  5. Green Wing
  6. Helden
  7. Man Over Woord
  8. Schitt’s Creek
  9. The Bay
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